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Gerard Jones

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GINNY GOOD: A Mostly True Story, including The Audio Book of Ginny Good

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SUPER GROOVY JUJU and Whatever Else May Come to Mind

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Book Publishing

UK & Canadian Literary Agents

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UK & Canadian Editors & Publishers

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Propagandaville: (Magazines, Broadcasting, etc.)

Part One: New York

(Updated 12/30/10)

Part Two: New York

(Updated 1/6/11)

Part Three: New York

(Updated 2/26/11)

Part Four: New York, Washington, D. C.

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Part Five: Washington, D. C., California

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Part Six: California, Georgia, New Jersey

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Part Seven: New Jersey, Oklahoma, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts

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Part Eight: Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina, Missouri, Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Colorado

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Part Nine: Virginia Washington, Maryland, Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Other Planets

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Part Ten: UK, Canada, Ireland

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Propagandaville: (Newspapers)

Part One: New York

(Updated 12/24/10)

Part Two: New York, Washington, D. C., California

(Updated 12/20/10)

Part Three: California, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania

(Updated 2/3/11)

Part Four: Massachusetts, New Joisey, Florida, Minnesota, Texas

(Updated 2/9/11)

Part Five: Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina, Nevada, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, Michigan, Indiana, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Delaware, Utah

(Updated 2/17/11)

Part Six: Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Ohio, Tennessee, Hawai`i, Nebraska, South Carolina, Iowa, Rhode Island, Montana, Oklahoma

(Updated 2/20/11)

Publicists and Booksellers

(Updated 1/12/11)

Book Awards and Literary Boys and Girls

More Literary Boys and Girls

Even More Literary Boys and Girls

(Updated 10/11/14)

Film School Boys and Girls

More Film School Boys and Girls

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Advice to Writers, Reviews, Articles, Links & Sundry Bloggers

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Movie Making

Chronological Ranting & Raving



What the Heck Exactly is Anti-Semitism Anyway?

Starry-eyed Picture of Me

Quotes, What People Say
(and what I say back)

Give Me Money
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