Journalism School Boys and Girls
Part Three

Ginny Good, A Mostly True Story:

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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Gerard Jones


Yale University

Steven Brill

Anne Fadiman

Verlyn Klinkenborg (Gmail Blocked)

Meghan O'Rourke

University of Connecticut
Department of Journalism

Marie K. Shanahan, Department Head

Steven G. Smith

Julie Serkosky

Scott Wallace

Amanda Crawford

Martine N. Granby

Steve Kalb

Rhode Island

Brown University
Nonfiction Writing Program

Mary-Kim Arnold

Carol DeBoer-Langworthy

Ed Hardy

Emily Hipchen

Austin Jackson

Nell Lake

Jonathan Readey

Elizabeth Rush

Kate Schapira

Lawrence Stanley

Michael Stewart

Grace Talusan

Robert P. Ward

New Jersey

Princeton University
Program in Journalism

Joe Stephens, Director

Deborah Amos

John McPhee

Tera W. Hunter

Esther Schor

Yiyun Li

Margo Bresnen

Abdul Wahid Wafa

Rutgers University
Journalism and Media Studies Department

Amy Jordan, Chair

Melissa Aronczyk

Neal Bennett

Jack Bratich

Mary D?Ambrosio

Lauren Feldman

Juan Gonzalez

David Greenberg

Susan Keith

Youngrim Kim

Deepa Kumar

Dafna Lemish

David Love

Regina Marchi

Steve Miller

John Pavlik

Caitlin Petre

Jorge Reina Schement

Khadijah White

Todd Wolfson


Harvard University
Nieman Foundation for Journalism

Ann Marie Lipinski

James Geary

Ellie Lottero

Nicole Arias

Laura Colarusso

Natalie De Rosa

Laura Hazard Owen

Sarah Scire

Joshua Benton

Hanaa? Tameez

Steve Almond (Gmail Blocked)

Jacqui Banaszyski

Boston University
College of Communication

William McKeen, Chair


A. Sherrod Blakely

Amy Saltzman

Anne Donohue

Bill Marx

Brooke Williams

Caitlin Healy

Emerging Media Studies

James Katz, Director

James Cummings

Kelsey Prena

Chris Chao Su

Chris Wells

Media Ventures

Cathy Perron

Jodi Luber

Asad Butt

Film & TV

Adam Lapidus

Amy Geller

Barry Brodsky

Bruno Guarana

University of Massachusetts
Journalism Department

Brian P. McDermott, Chair

Joshua Braun

Kathy Roberts Forde

Greeley A. Kyle

Karen List

Nicholas C. McBride

Kelsey Whipple

Rodrigo Zamith

Maureen Turner

Jim Foudy

Brad Tuttle

Brandeis University
Journalism Program

Neil Swidey, Director

Iris Adler

Mark Dellelo

Maura Jane Farrelly

Fred Barbash

Catherine Elton

Jacob Feldman

Adriana Lacy

Ann Silvio (666)

Rachel Raczka

Eileen McNamara

Emerson College

Janet Kolodzy, Chair

Paul Mihailidis, Director

Angela Anderson-Connolly

Michael Brown

Gino Canella

Gina Gayle

Lina Giraldo

Azeta Hatef

Roger House

Mark Leccese

Paul Niwa

Zhao Peng

Tim Riley

Cindy Rodriguez

Douglas Struck

Gerald Lanson

Northeastern University
College of Arts, Media and Design

Mike Beaudet

Matthew Carroll

Myojung Chung

Meredith Clark

Charles Fountain

Caleb Gayle

Meg Heckman

Carlene Hempel

Marcus Howard

Jeff Howe

Chenyan Jia

Jonathan Kaufman

Dan Kennedy

Laurel Leff

Dan Lothian

Emily Ndulue

Jody Santos

Jeb Sharp

John P. Wihbey

Dan Zedek

Smith College

Anaiis Cisco

Naila Moreira

Steve Waksman

Tufts University
Media Studies

Tasha Oren, Director

Jennifer Burton

Khary Jones

Natalie Minik

Don Schechter

Tina Wasserman


Michigan State University
College of Communication Arts and Sciences, School of Journalism

Serena Miller, Chair

Lucinda D. Davenport, Director

Tim P. Vos, Director

Sue Carter

Mike Castellucci

Rick Epps

Stacey Fox

Eric Freedman

Bob Gould

Darcy Greene

Joe Grimm

Amy Haimerl

Troy Hale

Stephen Lacy

Rachel Mourao

Christina L. Myers

Rola Nashef

Kenneth Ray Nelson

Josh Neufeld

Perry Parks

Amol Pavangadkar

Esther Thorson

Judy Walgren

Lisa Whiting-Dobson

Geri Alumit Zeldes

Tara Jean Mesyn

University of Michigan
Communication Studies

Anthony Collings

Susan Douglas

Hollis Griffin

Germaine Halegoua

Ariel Hasell

Yanna Krupnikov

W. Russell Neuman

Devon Powers

Faith Sparr

Derek W. Vaillant

Wallace House Center for Journalists

Lynette Clemetson

Robert Yoon

Jayson Rose

Melissa Riley

Patty Meyers-Wilkens


University of Pennsylvania
Annenberg School for Communication

Michael X. Delli Carpini

Kathryn Claire Higgins

Sarah J. Jackson

Victor Pickard

Aswin Punathambekar

Barbie Zilizer

Chelsea Butkowski

Frances Corry

Katerina Girginova

David Grazian

Woori Han

John L. Jackson

Yuval Katz

Klaus Krippendorff

Jessa Lingel

Julia Ticona

Joseph Turow

Guobin Yang

Pennsylvania State University
College of Communications

Pearl Gluck

Richard Sherman

Alex Fattal

Russell Frank

Kevin Hagopian

Matthew Jordan

Matthew McAllister

Jessica Myrick

Mary Beth Oliver

Anthony Olorunnisola

Patrick Plaisance

Robert D. Richards

Ford Risley

Michelle Rodino-Colocino

Michael Schmierbach

Bu Zhong

Temple University
Klein College of Media and Communication

David Boardman, Dean

David Mindich, Chair

Saleem Ahmed

Osei Alleyne

Jillian Bauer-Reese

Geoffrey Baym

Deborah A. Cai

Amy Caples

Alice Castellini

Erin Coyle

Sherri Hope Culver

Fabienne Darling-Wolf

John DiCarlo

Edward Dress

Jan Fernback

Matt Fine

Edward L. Fink

Paul Gluck

Rebecca Gollihur

Bruce W. Hardy

Lindsay Hargrave

R. Lance Holbert

Andrew Iliadis

Tom Jacobson

Denise James

Peter Jaroff

Tricia S. Jones

Carolyn Kitch

Jack Klotz

Joseph Kraus

Heather LaMarre

Sarah Landwehr

Yvonne Latty

Matthew Lombard

Christopher Malo

Larisa Mann

George W. Miller III

Logan Molyneux

Patrick Murphy

Neil Ortiz

Wazhmah Osman

Aron Pilhofer

Hector Postigo

Clemencia Rodríguez

Soomin Seo

Adrienne Shaw

Claire Smith

Larry Stains

Edward Trayes

Karen M. Turner

Betsy Leebron Tutelman

Barry Vacker

Linn Washington

Kristine Weatherston

Andrea Wenzel

Laura Zaylea

Allegheny College
Journalism in the Public Interest

River Branch

Michael Crowley

Michael Keeley

Benjamin Slote

Muhlenberg College
Media & Communication

Elizabeth Nathanson, Chair

Michael Buozis

Amy Corbin

Anthony Dalton

Susan G. Kahlenberg

Paul A. McEwan

Jefferson Pooley

Kate Ranieri

John L. Sullivan

David Tafler

Lora Taub

Lehigh University
Department of Journalism

Kathy Olson, Chair

Mariana De Maio

Jennifer Midberry

John Vilanova

Jack Lule

Sharon Friedman

Haiyan Jia

Jeremy Littau

Matt Veto

Wally Trimble


Ohio University
E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Eddith Dashiell, Director

Aimee Edmondson, Director for Graduate Studies

Hans Meyer

Hebah Abdalla

Andy Alexander

Josh Antonuccio

Surin Chung

Ken Collins

Craig Davis

Bernhard Debatin

Jane Elizabeth

Kelly Ferguson

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Joe Higgins

Parul Jain

Sheila Lalwani

Victoria LaPoe

Kyle Ranally

Bill Reader

Mary Rogus

Tim Sharp

Audrey Siegel Mevorah

Jatin Srivastava

Thomas Suddes

Andi Teggart

Tony Telloni

Mark Turner

Nerissa Young

Kent State University
School Of Media And Journalism

Amy Reynolds, Dean

Emily Metzgar, Director

Luke Armour

Abraham Avnisan

Evan Bailey

Candace Perkins Bowen

Karisa Butler-Wall

Roseann Canfora

Tara L. Conley

Danielle Sarver Coombs

Kathryn Cooper

Michele Ewing

David A. Foster

Jeff Fruit

Scott Hallgren

Gretchen Hoak

Karl Idsvoog

Mike Jackson

Christopher Knoblock

Cheryl Ann Lambert

Jacqueline A. Marino

Mitch McKenney

Stefanie Moore

Tim Roberts

Matt Rollyson

Becky Rolnick

Connie Schultz

Stephanie D. Smith

Tang Tang

Thor Wasbotten

Dana White

Susan Kirkman Zake

Bowling Green State University
School of Media and Communication

Joshua D. Atkinson

Phil Beskid

Rick Busselle

Jose Cardenas

Chris Cavera

Jasmine S. Crighton

Bailey Dick

Jim Foust

Radhika Gajjala

Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Tom Mascaro


University of Virginia
Department of Media Studies

Andrea Press, Chair

Aniko Bodroghkozy

Kevin Driscoll

Elizabeth Ellcessor

Jack Hamilton

Aynne Kokas

William G. Little

Lana Swartz

Kate Sweeney

Siva Vaidhyanathan

Tyler Solon Williams

Patrick Cribben

Elliot Majerczyk

Matt Marshall

Wake Forest University
Journalism Program

Justin Catanoso

Maria Henson

Ivan Weiss

Barry Yeoman

Phoebe Zerwick

Peter Gilbert

Woodrow Hood

Melissa Painter

Cara Pilson

Mark Rabil

Chris Sheridan

Joel Tauber

Washington and Lee University
Journalism and Mass Communications Department

Adedayo Abah

Mark Coddington

Aly Colon

Kevin Finch

Toni Locy

Alecia Swasy

Claudette G. Artwick

Douglas O. Cumming

Pam Luecke

Virginia Commonwealth University
Robertson School of Media and Culture

Tim Bajkiewicz

Alix Bryan

Veronica Garabelli

Aloni Hill

Karen McIntyre

Vivian Medina-Messner

Marcus Messner

William G. Oglesby

Mallory Perryman

Jeff South

William and Mary University
Media Studies

Varun Begley

Keith Johnson

Elizabeth Losh

Richard Lowry

Katherine A. Rowe

Kevin Smith

Tanya Stadelmann


Iowa State University
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication

Jeff Ames

Michael Bugeja

Deni Chamberlin

Daniela Dimitrova

Tracy Lucht

Angela Powers

Gary Sawyer

Brenda Witherspoon

Maria Charbonneaux

University of Iowa
School of Journalism

Venise Berry

Stephen G. Bloom

David Dowling

Frank Durham

Gigi Durham

Brian Ekdale

Jeff Grisamore

Kylah Hedding

Tracy Hufford

Brett Johnson

Lillian Martell

Don McLeese

Charles Munro

Kevin Ripka

Alex Scott

Sujatha Sosale

Melissa Tully

Stephen Berry

John Erickson

Jane Singer

Kenneth Starck


University of Kansas
William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Ann M. Brill, Dean

Scott Reinardy

Hyunjin Seo

Lisa McLendon

Genelle Belmas

Jeff Conlin

Teri Finneman

Angie Hendershot

Carol Holstead

Janet Rose

Eric Thomas

Judy Watts

Mike Vrabac

Kansas State University
A. Q. Miller School of Journalism

Greg Paul, Director

Alan Boyer

Raluca Cozma

Sean Eddington

Jacob Groshek

Tom Hallaq

Nick Homburg

Danielle LaGree

David Levy

Colene Lind

Nikhil Moro

Nancy Muturi

Sam Mwangi

Huyen Nguyen

Katie Olsen

Ian Punnett

Heather Woods


University of Nebraska, Lincoln
College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Jessica Fargen Walsh

Chris Graves

Michelle Hassler

Maria Marron

Barney McCoy

Anna Sims

Nora Tarte

Joe Weber


Indiana University Bloomington
The Media School

Bear Brown

Stephanie DeBoer

Craig Erpelding

Joan Hawkins

Norbert Herber

Susan Kelly

James Krause

Joshua Malitsky

Ryan Powell

Susanne Schwibs

Gregory Waller

Raiford Guins

Julien Mailland

Rachel Plotnick

Harmeet Sawhney

John Velez

University of Notre Dame

Roy Scranton

Dionne Bremyer

Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi

William O'Rourke

Austyn Wohlers

Butler University
College of Communication

Cutler Armstrong

Scott Bridge

Gary Edgerton

Lee Farquhar

Allison Harthcock

Tatsiana Karaliova

Rong Ma

Carrie Rector

Ann Savage

Kristin Swenson

Christine Taylor

Ball State University
Department of Journalism

Johnny Sparks, Director

Dan Waechter

Robin Blom

Adam Kuban

Natalee Seely

Leo Caldwell

Kate Elliott

Jennifer Palilonis

Alex Lukens

Kevin Moloney

Josh Fisher

Tong Li

Mark Masse

David E. Sumner

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