Journalism School Boys and Girls:
Part Four

Ginny Good, A Mostly True Story:

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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Gerard Jones


Middlebury College

Julia Alvarez

Jay Parini

Robert Cohen

Spring Ulmer

Megan Mayhew-Bergman

Karin Gottshall


Bowdoin College

Guy Mark Foster, Chair

Aviva Briefel

Brock Clarke

Morten Hansen

Alex Marzano-Lesnevich

Meredith McCarroll

Marilyn Reizbaum

Hilary J. Thompson

Colby College

Michael Burke, Director

Adrian Blevins

Sarah Braunstein

Debra Spark

Mira Ptacin

Arisa White

New Hampshire

Dartmouth College

Peter M. Orner, Director

Alexander Chee

William M. Craig

Katherine A. Crouch

James E. Dobson

Aden Evens

Alexandra Halasz

Alexis Jetter

Andrew L. McCann

Thomas O'Malley

Donald E. Pease

Jeff Sharlet

University of New Hampshire

Tom Haines

Nora Draper

Kevin Healey

Michael Soha

Joseph Terry

Kate Zambon

Lin Zhang

Washington, DC

Georgetown University
Journalism Program

Rebecca Sinderbrand, Program Director

Ann Oldenburg

American University
School of Communication, Journalism

Amy Eisman, Director

Terence Bryant

Jane Hall

Charles Lewis

Wendy Melillo Farrill

Jill Olmsted

Jeremiah Patterson

Lynne Perri

Rodger Streitmatter

John Sullivan

Margot Susca (Gmail blocked)

John Watson

Sherri Williams

George Washington University
School of Media and Public Affairs

Silvio R. Waisbord, Director

Catie Bailard

Barbara Benitez-Curry

Kerric Harvey

Matthew Hindman

Jesse J. Holland

Lee Huebner

David Karpf

Steven Livingston

Efrat Nechushtai

Jason Osder

Patricia Phalen

Ethan Porter

Steven V. Roberts

Frank Sesno

Rebekah Tromble


University of Texas Austin
Department of Journalism

David Ryfe, Director

Kathleen McElroy

Rosental Alves

Mary Bock

Iris Chyi

Renita Coleman

Tracy Dahlby

Dennis Darling

Diana Dawson

Kate Winkler Dawson

Donna DeCesare

Celeste Gonzalez de Bustamante

Tom Johnson

Jeff Linwood

Jo Lukito

Gina Masullo

Christian McDonald

Dhiraj Murthy

Paula Poindexter

Chase Quarterman

Robert J. Quigley

Stephen D. Reese

Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

Amy Kristin Sanders

John Schwartz

Erna Smith

Joe Straubhaar

Sharon Strover

Raymond Thompson

Anita Varma

S. Craig Watkins

Kate West

Samuel Woolley

Baylor University
Journalism, Public Relations and New Media

Mia Moody-Ramirez, Chair

Amber Adamson

Curtis Callaway

Robert Darden

Sharon Gripp

Kevin Tankersley

Alec Tefertiller

Maxey Parrish

Carol Perry

Texas A&M University
Journalism & Media Practices

Tom Burton

Angelique Gammon

Jonathan Guajardo

Larry Lemmons

Joseph Lopez

Dale Rice

Xiaofei Song

Richard L. Street

University of North Texas
Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism

Andrea Miller, Dean

James Mueller

Thorne Anderson

Dorothy Bland

Mark Donald

Tracy Everbach

Randy Loftis

Brittany McElroy

Gwen Nisbett

Steven Ackermann

Christina Childs DeWalt

Bryan Lochhead

Christian McPhate

Trinity University
Department of Communication

Althea Delwiche

Jennifer Jacobs Henderson

Zhaoxi Liu

Camille Reyes

Patrick Keating

Melissa McMullen


University of Oklahoma
Gaylord College


Robert Kerr, Head

Mike Boettcher

Ashley Caballero

David Craig

Imran Hasnat

Kathleen Johnson

Julie Jones

Glenn Leshner

John Schmeltzer

Elanie Steyn

Melanie Wilderman

Professional Writing

Deborah Chester

Mary Anna Evans

Mel Odom

Creative Media Production

Ralph Beliveau, Head

Kyle Bergersen

Scott Hodgson

Kathleen Johnson

Colleen Thurston

Graduate Strategic Communication

Carly Carson

Gill C. Duff

Michael Bagalman

Kimberly Hill

Meta Carstarphen

Katie R. Place

Nate Fisher

Pam Campbell

Pattye Moore

Robert Pritchard

Xiaochen Angela Zhang

Doyle Yoon

Dallas Diggs

Yoon Hi Sung

Carla Holmes

Debbie Yount

Oklahoma State University
School of Media and Strategic Communications

Joey Senat

Yiben Benetta Liu

Jared L. Johnson

Max Andrews

Daniel Crutcher

Jack Hodgson

Shane Hoffman

Asya Cooley

Ray Murray

Andy Wallace

West Virginia

University of West Virginia
Reed College of Media

Joel William Beeson

Bob Britten

Dana Coester

Heather Cole

Emily Hughes Corio

Julia Daisy Fraustino

Joseph Jones

Ashton Marra

Mary Kay McFarland

David Smith

John Temple

Steve Urbanski

Jesse Wright

North Carolina

University of North Carolina
Hussman School of Journalism and Media

Raul Reis, Dean

Deb Aikat

Andy Bechtel

Francesca Dillman Carpentier

Paul Cuadros

Patrick Davison

Jules Dixon

Deen Freelon

Rhonda Gibson

Chad Heartwood

Gary Kayye

Steven King

Susan King

Allison Lazard

Tom Linden

Shannon C. McGregor

Erin Siegal McIntyre

Terence Oliver

John Robinson

Laura Ruel

C.A. Tuggle

Lisa Villamil

South Carolina

University of South Carolina
College of Information and Communications

Tom Reichert, Dean

Shannon A. Bowen

Yingying Chen

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Augie Grant

Sabrina Habib

Van Kornegay

Tara Marie Mortensen

David Moscowitz

Leigh Moscowitz

Rick Peterson

Jason Porter

Eric Robinson

Andrea Tanner

Eileen Waddell

Ernest L. Wiggins

Anli Xiao

Furman University
Department of Communication Studies

John A. McArthur, Chair

Selena Dickey

Alyson Farzad-Phillips

Brandon Inabinet (Gmail Blocked)

Cynthia King

Janet Kwami

Richard Letteri

Camille Lewis

Mary Sturgill

Mai Nou Xiong-Gum


Vanderbilt University
Communication Studies

Jeffrey A. Bennett, Chair

Neil S. Butt

Bonnie J. Dow

Claire Sisco King

Bohyeong Kim

John P. Koch

Kassian A. Kovalcheck

John M. Sloop

Paul Stob

Angela Sutton

Courtney Caudle Travers

Isaac West

Dustin A. Wood

University of the South

Matthew Irvin, Chair

Stephanie L. Batkie

Thomas Carlson

Elizabeth Elkin Grammer

Ian K. Jensen

Wyatt Prunty

Lauryl Tucker

Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

Kevin Wilson

Virginia Ottley Craighill


University of Arkansas
Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

Larry D. Foley, Chair

Kara J. Gould

Stephen F. Narisi

Bret J. Schulte

Robyn M. Starling-Ledbetter

Rick Stockdell

Hayot Tuychiev

Jan LeBlanc Wicks


University of Mississippi
School of Journalism and New Media

Andrea Hickerson, Dean

Marquita Smith

Debora Wenger

Joseph B. Atkins

John Baker

Vanessa Charlot

Mark K. Dolan

Michael Fagans

Vanessa Gregory

Iveta Imre

Cynthia Joyce

Charlie Mitchell

Darren Sanefski

Alysia Steele

Kristen Alley Swain

Kathleen Woodruff Wickham

Allison Estes

Stefanie Goodwiller

Timothy Ivy

Ellen Kellum

Ellen Meacham

LaReeca Rucker

Curtis Wilkie

Patricia Thompson


University of Alabama
College of Communication and Information Sciences

Brian S. Butler, Dean

Michael Bruce, Chair

Lars Anderson

Noor Ghazal Aswad

Andrew Billings

Robin Boylorn

Dianne Bragg

Rick Bragg

Sarah Bryant

Maya Champion

Chandra Clark

Brandon Colvin

Nathan Dains

Camille DeBose

Anna Embree

Bill Evans

Hengyi Fu

Teresa Gawrych

Andy Grace

John Haley

Jiyoung Lee

Wilson Lowrey

Jessica Maddox

Mark Mayfield

Kaitlin Miller

Landon Palmer

Elliot Panek

Scott Parrott

Robert B. Riter

Chris Roberts

Sean Sadri

Nora Stone

Miriam Sweeney

Zachary Tigert

Alyxandra Vesey

Kristen Warner

Auburn University
School of Communication & Journalism

Justin C. Blankenship

Jennifer Johnson

Andrea Kelley

Elizabeth Wilhoit Larson

Hollie Lavenstein

Autumn Linford

Paul McCormick

Eleanor Patterson

George Plasketes

Gheni Platenburg

Kevin Smith

Andrew Young

Ed Youngblood


University of Georgia
Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication

Charles N. Davis, Dean

Karin Assmann

Amanda Bright

Emuel Aldridge

Sanghoon Lee

Kyla Sterling

Dodie Cantrell-Bickley

Nick Chiles

Keith Herndon

Andrea Hudson

Janice Hume

Lori Johnston

Thomas E. Kadri

Ivanka Pjesivac

Chris Shumway

Bartosz Wojdynski

James Biddle

Kate Fortmueller

Matthew Nolte Evans

Jay Hamilton

Jeffrey P. Jones

Anandam Kavoori

Nathaniel H. Kohn

Neil Landau

Booker T. Mattison

Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed

Keith Wilson

Emory University
Narrative Writing

T Cooper

Tayari Jones

Hank Klibanoff

Joseph Skibell

Megan Clark

Anne Corbitt

Andrew Plattner

Agnes Scott College
Writing and Digital Communication

Mina Ivanova, Director

Melissa Fay Greene

Nell Ruby

Anna Cabe

Alan Grostephan

James Stamant


Louisiana State University
Manship School of Mass Communication

Len Apcar

Sara Bongiorni

Cindy Carter

Roxanne Dill

Christopher Drew

Josh Grimm

John Maxwell Hamilton

Yongick Jeong

Robert Mann

Stanley Nelson

Tad Odell

Lisa Frazier Page

Lance Porter

Meghan Sanders

Jennifer S. Davis

Lara Glenum

Maurice Carlos Ruffin

Joshua Wheeler

Tulane University

Kate Baldwin

Constance J. Balides

Kiran Bhatia

Krystal Cleary

Nathan Halverson

Benjamin Han

Eric Herhuth

William Saas

University of Louisiana

Lucian Dinu, Department Head

Philip J. Auter

Maniko A. Barthelemy

Lauren Auverset

Lindsay Hobbs

Patricio Salinas

Stephenson Waters


University of Florida
College of Journalism and Communications

Hub Brown, Dean

Ted Spiker, Chair

Matthew Abramson

James Babanikos

Moni Basu

Derek Beaudoin

Clay Calvert

Janet Coats

Mike Foley

John Freeman

Rachel Grant

April Hines

Harrison Hove

Katie Hyson

Evan Kropp

Yu-Hao Lee

Mark Leeps

Norman P. Lewis

Herbert Lowe

Mindy McAdams

Jasmine McNealy

Seungahn Nah

David H. Ostroff

Churchill Roberts

Andrew Selepak

Jieun Shin

Tim Sorel

Heather van Blokland

Denise Vickers

Frank Waddell

Maria Celeste Wagner

Kim Walsh-Childers

Wayne Wanta

Randy Wright

Kun Xu

Iman Zawahry

University of Miami
School of Communication

Journalism and Media Management

Erin Brown

Alberto Cairo

Paul Driscoll

Michel Dupagne

Ana Francois

Bruce Garrison

Jon Gorchow

Trevor Green

Hiram Henriquez

Daniel Hicks

Sallie Hughes

Edward Julbe

Antonio Mora

Gina Presson

Jyotika Ramaprasad

Mitchell Shapiro

Sigman Splichal

Randy Stano

Sam Terilli

Boriana Treadwell

Robert T. Treadwell

Joseph B. Treaster

Tsitsi Wakhisi

Yanfang Wu

Cinematic Arts

Anthony Allegro

Grace Barnes

Margaret Cardillo

Sanjeev Chatterjee

Scott Eyman

Terri Francis

Ali Habashi

Sana Haq

Shane Kinsler

Konstantia Kontaxis

Christina Lane

Barbara Leibell

Betsy Mateu

Thomas Musca

Bill O'Dowd

William Rothman

Rafal Sokolowski

John Soliday

Ed Talavera

Rechna Varma

Jim Virga

Benjamin Zuiderweg

Florida State University
College of Communication & Information

Malia Bruker

Juliann Cortese

Katherine R. Dale

Arienne Ferchaud

Andrew Opel

Arthur Raney

Ulla Bunz

Jonathan Adams

Toby Graves

Brian Graves

Michelle Laurents

Donna Marie Nudd

University of South Florida
Journalism Department

Casey Frechette, Chair

Chris Campbell

Miyoung Chong

Edgardo Dangond

Deni Elliott

Mark Jerome Walters

Elliott Wiser

Natacha Yazbeck

G. Michael Killenberg

Tony Silvia

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