Journalism School Boys and Girls
Part Two

Ginny Good, A Mostly True Story:

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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Gerard Jones


University of Oregon
School of Journalism and Communication

Journalism Master's Program

Todd Milbourn, Director

Jesse Abdenour

Mark Blaine

Charlie Butler

Andrew DeVigal

Tim Gleason

Torsten Kjellstrand

Peter Laufer

Regina Lawrence

Seth Lewis

Ed Madison

Gabriela Martínez

Dan Miller

Dan Morrison

Seungahn Nah

Julianne Newton

Sung Park

Wes Pope

Damian Radcliffe

John Russial

Lori Shontz

Brent Walth


Ifanyi Bell

MacGregor Campbell

Nikki Dunsire

Emily Harris

Steven Kray (Gmail Blocked)

Danny Pimentel

Oregon State University
New Media Communications

Julia Bradshaw

Daniel Faltesek

Finn John

Todd Kesterson

William Loges

Alina Padilla-Miller

Joshua Reeves

Carmen Tiffany

Lewis & Clark College
Media Studies

Mitch Reyes, Chair

Kundai Chirindo

Daena J. Goldsmith

Melanie Kohnen

Bryan Sebok


University of Washington
Department of Communication

Christine Harold, Chair

Kirsten Foot

Benjamin Mako Hill

Patricia Moy

Andrea Otáñez

Matthew Powers

Adrienne Russell

Meg Spratt

Janine Slaker

John Tomasic

Ekin Yasin

Doug Underwood

Washington State University
Journalism, Media & Writing

Benjamin Shors

Gabriella Bedoyan

Alison Boggs

Jordan Foley

Jennifer Henrichsen

Douglas Hindman

Lawrence Pintak

Wendy Raney

Tracy Simmons

Lisa Waananen Jones

Rebecca L. Cooney

Courtney Flatt

Thomas Kokenge

Peter Chilson

Bryan Fry

Rebecca Goodrich

Dene Grigar

Jon Hegglund

Jeff Jones

Debbie Lee

Buddy Levy

Meagan Lobnitz

Laura Powers

Lauren Westerfield

Bill Condon

Diane Gillespie

Camille Roman

Gonzaga University

Susan English

John Kafentzis

Matt McCormick

Shannon Overbay

John Collett

David Gracon

Fr. Robert Lyons

Seattle University
Communication and Media

James Clune

Victor D. Evans

Tomás Guillén

Sonora Jha

Jiangmeng Helen Liu

Tyrah Majors

Rick Malleus

Christopher Paul


University of Montana

Lee Banville, Director

Jule Banville

Jason Begay

Denise Dowling

Joe Eaton

Ray Fanning

Keith Graham

Jeremy Lurgio

Dennis Swibold

Nadia White

Jacob Baynham

Courtney Cowgill

John Twiggs


University of Utah

Avery Holton, Chair

Suhi Choi

Kevin Coe

Glen M. Feighery

Isabelle Freiling

Rachel Alicia Griffin

Michael Keith Middleton

Jacob Nelson

Kent Alan Ono

David J. Vergobbi

Sara K. Yeo

Brigham Young University

Ed Carter, Director

Kristoffer Boyle

Joel Campbell (Gmail blocked)

Dale Cressman

Quint Randle

Miles Romney

Robert Walz


University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies

Kevin Stoker, Chair

Stephen Bates

Jason Beatty

Gregory A. Borchard

Benjamin Burroughs

Julian Kilker

Gary Larson

Benjamin Morse

Jennifer Ream

Ashton Ridley

T. R. Witcher

Charles Zobell

Paul J. Traudt

University of Nevada, Reno
Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism

Alan Stavitsky, Dean

Kari Barber

Melissa McClinton

Benjamin Birkinbine

Nico Colombant

Beryl Lipton

Caesar Andrews

Claudia Cruz

Amber Walsh

Larry Dailey

Howard Goldbaum

Donica Mensing


Arizona State University
Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Battinto Batts, Dean

Allysa Adams

Melanie Alvarez

Pauline Arrillaga

Steven Beschloss

Rebecca Blatt

Torie Bosch

Sharon Bramlett-Solomon

Peter Byck

Michael Casavantes

Sarah Cohen

Steve Crane

Nonny de la Pena

Stephen Doig

Leonard Downie

Heather Dunn

Michael Fairwell

Kristin Gilger

Dan Gillmor

Dawn Gilpin

Susan Goldberg

Mark Hass

Andrew Heyward

Retha Hill

Syed Hussain

Jim Jacoby

Brett Kurland

K. Hazel Kwon

Christina Leonard

Susan Lisovicz

Emmanuel Lozano

Andres Martinez

Frances Matera

Elizabeth Mays

Nikki McClaran

John Misner

Lauren Mucciolo

Rodmanned Nikpour

Mi-Ai Parrish

Jessica Pucci

Kristy Roschke

Dennis Russell

Joseph Russomanno

Fernanda Santos

Celeste Sepessy

Sree Sreenivasan

Jeffrey Timmermans

Julia Thompson

Leslie Thornton

Julia Wallace

Abby Zufelt

Karen Bordeleau

Sandy Mancilla Rannow

Allison Otu

Joseph Fortunato

David Gordon

Peter Madrid

Tuesday Mahrle

Christine Post

Jazzy Quick

Janette Reagor

Kelly Roach

James Teeple

Kristina Vera-Phillips

Terese Greene

University of Arizona
School of Journalism

Jessica Retis, Director

Monica Chadha

David Cuillier

Ruxandra Guidi

Pate McMichael

Kim Newton

Liliana Soto

Ford Burkhart

James Johnson

Susan Knight

Linda Lumsden

Mort Rosenblum

William Schmidt

Nancy Sharkey

New Mexico

University of New Mexico
Communication & Journalism

Ilia Rodríguez, Chair

David Weiss

Marco Briziarelli

Jaelyn deMaria

Michael V. Marcotte

Mohammad Yousuf


University of Colorado
College of Media, Communication and Information


Patrick Ferrucci, Chair

Elizabeth A. Skewes

Angie Chuang

Paul Daugherty

Hun Shik Kim

Christine Larson

Michael McDevitt

Chuck Plunkett

Hillary Rosner

Kathleen M. Ryan

Ross Taylor

Thomas Yulsman

Stephen Bradford Jones

Paul S. Voakes

Jan Whitt

Intermedia Art

Mark Amerika

Lori Emerson

Hanna Rose Shell

August Black

Erin Espelie

Laura Devendorf

Steven Frost

Julie Carr

Françoise Duressé

Michelle Ellsworth

Élika Ortega Guzmán

Joel Swanson

Michael Theodore

Media Studies

J. Richard Stevens

Andrew Calabrese

Shu-Ling Chen Berggreen

Nabil Echchaibi

Steven Frost

Polly E. Bugros McLean

Colette Perold

Samira Rajabi

Sandra Ristovska

Nathan Schneider

Josh Shepperd

Ted Striphas

Colorado College

Steve Hayward, Director

Peter Breslow

Mark Bryant

Dot Devota

Corey Hutchins

Juan Lindau

Alan Prendergast


University of Wisconsin
School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Hernando Rojas, Director

Kathleen Bartzen Culver

Chris Cascio

Katheryn Christy

Greg Downey

Stacy Forster

Lucas Graves

Matt Hermann

Young Mie Kim

Pete Long

Kathryn McGarr

Douglas McLeod

Lindsay Palmer

Debra Pierce

Karyn Riddle

Susan Robinson

Michael Wagner

Beloit College

Joe Bookman

Christopher Fink

Shawn Gillen

Kosta Hadavas


Northwestern University
Medill School of Journalism

Charles Whitaker, Dean

Penny Abernathy

Beth Bennett

Christopher Benson

Jill Blackman

Kalyani Chadha

Michael Deas

Elise De Los Santos

Fernando Diaz

Craig Duff

Stephanie Edgerly

Douglas Foster

Tim Franklin

Stephan Garnett

Jeremy Gilbert

Rich Gordon

Ava Greenwell

Brad Hamm

Desiree Hanford

Ben Holden

Mei-Ling Hopgood

Brent Huffman

Andrew Hullinger

Jessica Hullman

Louise Kiernan

Alex Kotlowitz

Craig LaMay

Candy Lee

Patty Loew

Kari Lydersen

Jon Marshall

Joe Mathewson

Ivan Meyers

Reynaldo Morales

Arionne Nettles

Matthew Orr

Elizabeth Shogren

Peter Slevin

Karen Springen

Larry Stuelpnagel

Steven Thrasher

Tracy Van Moorlehem

Caryn Ward

Doreen Weisenhaus

Zach Wise

Emily Withrow

Patti Wolter

David Abrahamson

Susan Mango Curtis

Ashlee Humphreys

Loren Ghiglione

John Lavine

David Nelson

David Standish

Michele Weldon

Owen Youngman

Anya Cheng

Carla Eboh Tresslar

Tran Ha

Anthony Jakubiak

Josh Lederman

Helen Min

Coleen O'Lear

Jessica Stahl

Raquel Zaldivar

University of Chicago
Journalism and Creative Writing

Dana Glaser

Megan Tusler

Bill Brown

Lina Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas

Rachel Cohen

Rachel DeWoskin

Rachel Galvin

Edgar Garcia

Elaine Hadley

Tim Harrison

Julie Iromuanya

Patrick Jagoda

Ling Ma

W. J. T. Mitchell

John Muse

Deborah Nelson

Sianne Ngai

Jennifer Yida Pan

Daniel Raeburn

Augustus Rose

Jennifer Scappettone

Stephanie Soileau

Brandon Truett

Sophia Veltfort

John Wilkinson

Shirl Yang

University of Illinois
College of Media

Mira Sotirovic, Department Head

Brant Houston, Director

Christopher Ball

Stephanie Craft

Leon Dash

Alison Davis

Kenneth R. Erdey

Chris Evans

Melita Garza

Josh Heuman

Colleen King

Charles Ledford

Yee Man Margaret Ng

Ed Kieser

Carol Lombardi

Clifford Christians

Matthew Ehrlich

Walt Harrington

Louis Liebovich

Rich Martin

DePaul University
College of Communication

Jason Martin, Chair

Luisela Alvaray

Benjamin Aspray

Paul Booth

Rick Brown

Jason Buhrmester

Chris Bury

Sheila Clancy

Tim Cole

Blair Davis

Michael DeAngelis

Dustin Goltz

Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Hilkevitch

Jill Hopke

Elizabeth Godvik Jennings

Marley Kayden

Kendra Knight

Edmund Lawler

Daniel Makagon

Carol Marin

Amy Merrick

Don Moseley

Michael Phillips

Robert Pigott

Hai Tran

Scott Vyverman

Knox College

James Dyer

Nick Regiacorte

Greg Toppo

Monica Berlin

Cyn Kitchen

Chad Simpson

Lake Forest College

Rachel Whidden

Camille Yale

David Park


University of Maryland
Philip Merrill College of Journalism

Lucy A. Dalglish, Dean

Rafael Lorente, Director

Sandy Banisky

Tom Bettag

DeNeen L. Brown

Alison Burns

James Carroll

Ira Chinoy

Josh Davidsburg

Mark Feldstein

Christopher Hanson

Chris Harvey

Naeemul Hassan

Christoph Mergerson

Susan Moeller

Sean Mussenden

Deborah Nelson

Sarah Oates

Dana Priest

Tom Rosenstiel

Linda Steiner

Krishnan Vasudevan

Rob Wells

Cindy Wright

Ronald Yaros

Jerry Zremski

Brittany Cheng

Linda Coleman

Steve Drummond

David Lightman

Anne Farris Rosen

Jon Franklin

Kevin Klose

Leslie Walker

Goucher College
Communication and Media Studies

Danny Kimball

Sonja Bozic

Phill Branch

Cara Dickason

Daniel Marcus


University of Missouri
Missouri School of Journalism

David Kurpius, Dean

Jeanne Abbott

Elizabeth Brixey

Kat Duncan

Robert Greene

Andrea Heiss

Heather Isherwood

Michael M. Jenner

Kathy Kiely

Damon Kiesow

Lynda Kraxberger

Kathryn Lucchesi

Cristina Mislan

Jennifer Rowe

Amy Simons

Kellie Stanfield

Ron Stodghill

Yong Volz

Tom Warhover

Jacqui Banaszynski

Clyde Bentley

Mary Kay Blakely

Brian S. Brooks

Barbara S. Cochran

Greeley Kyle

Steve Weinberg

Betty H. Winfield

Stacey Woelfel


University of Minnesota
Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Elisia Cohen, Director

Colin Agur

Don Allen

Sid Bedingfield

Valérie Bélair-Gagnon

Matt Carlson

Diane Cormany

Gayle Golden

María Elizabeth Len-Ríos

Scott Libin

Regina McCombs

Sara Quinn

Allison J. Steinke

Christopher Terry

Macalester College
Media and Cultural Studies

Morgan Adamson, Chair

Michael Griffin

Brad Stiffler

Clay Steinman

Carleton College
Cinema and Media Studies

Laska Jimsen, Chair

Jay Beck

Cecilia Cornejo

Carol Donelan

Alexa Feeney

Paul Hager

John Schott

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