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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

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Gerard Jones


University of Oregon

I'm using everyone's real name. They can all sue me. I hope they do. I could use the excitement. It gets kind of boring living up here in my eighty-year-old mother's house on the side of a mountain in Ashland, Oregon. She likes having me around, though. She wasn't all that happy being by herself. My dad, a while ago, going on nine years now. Sometimes it feels like yesterday; other times it feels like he's still alive. We keep finding scrawled notes in his ninth-grade handwriting here and there—like when I change a fuse in the fuse box or my mother digs through the glove compartment looking for a map.

Ginny Good, Chapter One, (Ashland)

Daniel Anderson

Jason Brown

Marjorie Celona

Geri Doran

Garrett Hongo

Mat Johnson

Karen Thompson Walker

Brian Trapp

Oregon State University

Sometimes it made sense to him to take less morphine and deal with the pains in his stomach on his own. One of the ways he did that was by imagining that he was fishing. It may have looked to the casual observer like he was propped up on pillows in a rented hospital bed, but in reality my father was out in a rowboat on Howard Prairie Lake, fishing his guts out. The pains in his stomach were fish. He'd feel one nibble the bait, give the line a little tug to set the hook, then gingerly bring it up the side of the boat and slip the hook out of its mouth and solemnly club it to death. That felt good for a second. Then he tossed the line back in to try to catch another.

Ginny Good, Chapter Thirty-Three, (Scenic Hills)

David Biespiel

George Estreich

Karen Holmberg

Elena Passarello

Jennifer Richter

Susan Rodgers

Keith Scribner

Christopher Smith

Justin St Germain

Willamette University

Scott Nadelson

Jess Arndt

Sara Jaffe

LaTanya McQueen

Poupeh Missaghi

Brandon Shimoda

Dao Strom

Andrea Stolowitz

Portland State University

John Beer, Director

Diana Abu-Jaber

Paul Collins

Michele Glazer

Justin Hocking

Janice Lee

Gabriel Urza

Leni Zumas

Reed College

Peter Rock

Jae Yeun Choi

Nathalia King


Yale University

Richard Deming, Director

Alan Burdick

Danielle Chapman

Peter Cole

Michael Cunningham

Wai Chee Dimock

Anne Fadiman

Amity Gaige

Derek Green

Jake Halpern

Donald Margulies

Caryl Phillips

Adam Reid Sexton

Emily Skillings

R. Clifton Spargo

Margaret Spillane

Sarah Stillman

James Surowiecki

Aaron Tracy

Ryan Wepler

Cynthia Zarin

Felisa Baynes-Ross

Steven Brill

Alison Coleman

Susan Dominus

Andrew Ehrgood

Craig Eklund

Greg Ellermann

Randi Epstein

Lindsay Gellman

Alfred Guy

Rona Johnston Gordon

Rosemary Jones

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

Jim Berger

Steven Shoemaker

Michele Stepto

Heather Klemann

Timothy Kreiner

Katja Lindskog

Maggie Millner

Pamela Newton

Meghan O'Rourke

Barbara Riley

Madeleine Saraceni

Kim Shirkhani

Fred Strebeigh

Rasheed Tazudeen

Christian Wiman

Wesleyan University

John Murillo, Director

Douglas A. Martin

Charles Barber

Amy Bloom

Lisa Cohen

Rachel Heng

María Ospina

Hirsh Sawhney

Danielle Vogel

University of Connecticut

Sean Forbes, Director

Regina Barreca

Kyle Booten

Brenda Brueggemann

Julie Choffel

Bruce Cohen

Darcie Dennigan

Ellen Litman

Penelope Pelizzon

Fairfield University

Carol Ann Davis

Jennifer Vanderbes

William B. Patricks

Karen Osborn

Dinty W. Moore

Phil Klay

Eugenia Kim

Sonya Huber

Alan Davis

Rachel Basch


Harvard College

Darcy Frey

Lawrence Buellbuell

Stephen Burt

Philip Fisher

Martin Puchner

Jill Abramson

Molly Antopol

Susan Faludi

Gish Jen

Joan Naviyuk Kane

Jamaica Kincaid

Sam Marks

Claire Messud

Michael Pollan

Laura van den Berg

James Wood

Paul Yoon

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Vivek Bald

Eugenie Brinkema

Sasha Costanza-Chock

Junot Díaz

Fox Harrell

Heather Hendershot

Helen Elaine Lee

Thomas Levenson

Alan Lightman

Seth Mnookin

Nick Montfort

Jim Paradis

Edward Schiappa

T.L. Taylor

David Thorburn

William Uricchio

Rosalind Williams

Emerson College

Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Julia Glass

Lise Haines

Alden Jones

Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

Megan Marshall

Frederick Reiken

Kyanna Sutton

Jessica Treadway

Meta Wagner

Jerald Walker

Daniel Weaver

Katie Williams

Steve Yarbrough

Machiko Yoshikawa

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Peter Gizzi

Noy Holland

Edie Meidav

Sabina Murray

Jeff Parker

Jordy Rosenberg

Hampshire College

Michael Lesy

Michele Hardesty

Mary Russo

James Miller

Deborah Gorlin

Ellie Siegel

Will Ryan

Alejandro Cuellar

Uzma Aslam Khan

Viveca Greene

Nathan McClain

Chris Perry

Hope Tucker

Wellesley College

Erin Royston Battat

Frank Bidart

Margaret Cezair-Thompson

Dan Chiasson

Marilyn Sides

James Wallenstein

Kathleen Brogan

Margery M. Sabin

Vernon L. Shetley

Orit Shaer

Maurizio S. Viano

Winifred Jane Wood

Anne Brubaker

Smith College

Michael Gorra

Jefferson Hunter

Richard Millington

Cornelia Pearsall

Ruth Ozeki

Michael Thurston

Brandeis University

Elizabeth Bradfield

Christopher Castellani

Stephen McCauley

Boston University

Leslie Epstein

Ha Jin

Robert Pinsky

Robert Chodat

Tufts University

Simon Han

Rick Moody

Joseph Hurka

Joan Kane

Stephanie Levine

Courtney Sender

Jonathan Wilson

Lesley University

Tony Eprile

Laurie Foos

Rachel Kadish

Hester Kaplan

Michael Lowenthal

Kyoko Mori

A.J. Verdelle

University of Massachusetts Boston

John Fulton

Jill McDonough

Askold Melnyczuk


Johns Hopkins University

Eric Puchner, Chair

James Arthur

Anna Celenza

Susan Choi

Danielle Evans

Dora Malech

Andrew Motion

Katharine Noel

Shannon Robinson

Bruce Snider

Lysley Tenorio

Greg Williamson

David Yezzi

Mary Jo Salter

Kyeong-Soo Kim

Richard Panek

Larzer Ziff

Jesse Rosenthal

Drew Daniel

Cathy Alter

Mark Farrington

Jean McGarry

Lawrence Jackson

Tristan Davies

Ann Finkbeiner

Matthew Klam

Brad Leithauser

Alice McDermott

University of Maryland, College Park

Elizabeth Arnold

Maud Casey

Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes

Emily Mitchell

Rion Amilcar Scott

Joshua Weiner

Michael Collier

Goucher College

Leslie Rubinkowski

Madeleine Blais

Thomas French

Philip Gerard

Diana Hume George

Jud Laghi

Suzannah Lessard

Jacob Levenson

Richard Todd

Laura Wexler

Webster Younce

Joanne Wyckoff

Towson University

Geoffrey Becker

Michael Downs

Jeannie Vanasco

Sarah Gunning


University of Iowa

Ethan Canin

Lan Samantha Chang

Marilynne Robinson

Charles D'Ambrosio

Barbara Eckstein

Ed Folsom

Patricia Foster

Loren Glass

Cheryl Herr

Kevin Kopelson

Brooks Landon

Jeff Porter

Harry Stecopoulos

Garrett Stewart

Stephen Voyce

Jamel Brinkley

Margot Livesey

Iowa State University

K.L. Cook

Barbara Haas

Christiana Louisa Langenberg

Debra Marquart

Charissa Menefee

Romeo Oriogun

David Zimmerman


Oberlin College

Emily Barton, Chair

Chanda Feldman

Thomas Israel Hopkins

Allegra Hyde

Lynn Powell

Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers

Pamela Alexander

Dan Chaon

Martha Collins

Diane Vreuls

David Walker

Sylvia Watanabe

David Young

Kenyon College

Cristina Correa

Nicole Dutton

Geetha Iyer

David Lynn

Ira Sukrungruang

Michael Leong

Laura Jok

Michael Nye

Lewis Hyde

University of Cincinnati

Rebecca Lindenberg, Director

Christopher Bachelder

John P. Drury

Michael Griffith

Jennifer Habel

Kristen Iversen

Nicola Mason

Aditi Machado

Matthew O'Keefe

James Schiff

Leah Stewart

Felicia Marie Zamora

Ohio State University

Kathy Fagan Grandinetti

Michelle Herman

Marcus Jackson

Lee Martin

Nick White

Angus Fletcher

Ohio University

Patrick O'Keeffe

Eric LeMay

Mark Halliday

David Wanczyk

Ashland University

Christian Kiefer, Director

Edan Lepucki

Nayomi Munaweera

Lauren Markham

Lisa Nikolidakis

Kelly Sundberg

Cass Donish

Bowling Green State University

Lawrence Coates, Director

Abigail Cloud

Sharona Muir

Larissa Szporluk

Miami University

Timothy Melley

Brian Ascalon Roley

Keith Tuma

Cathy Wagner

Joseph Bates

Daisy Hernandez

Margaret Luongo

Eric Melbye

TaraShea Nesbit

Cleveland State University

Christopher Barzak

Philip Brady

David Giffels

Caryl Pagel

Hilary Plum

Ohio Wesleyan University

Amy Butcher, Director

Jeffrey Ford


University of Virginia

Micheline Marcom

Jane Alison

Anna Beecher

Elizabeth Denton

Rita Dove

Jeb Livingood

Debra Nystrom

Kiki Petrosino

Lisa Russ Spaar

Brian Teare

Virginia Commonwealth University

David Wojahn, Director

Gretchen Comba

Greg Donovan

Sonja Livingston

Clint McCown

Jessica Hendry Nelson

Hollins University

Thorpe Moeckel, Director

T. J. Anderson III

Scott Blackwood

Matthew Burnside

R. H. W. Dillard

Pauline Kaldas

Jessie VanEerden

Virginia Tech

Matthew Vollmer, Director, MFA

Ed Falco

Robin Allnutt

Joseph Truscello

Lissa Bloomer

Sean Conaway

Nikki Giovanni

Bob Hicok

Evan Lavender-Smith

Jeff Mann

Aileen Murphy

Lucinda Roy

Joe Scallorns

Carmen Gimenez

George Mason University

Courtney Angela Brkic

Timothy Denevi

Tania Rachel James

Sally Keith

Kyoko Mori

Vivek Narayanan

Helon Habila Ngalabak

Eric Pankey

Peter Streckfus

Old Dominion University

Sheri Reynolds, Chair

Luisa A. Igloria

John McManus

Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

Molly McCully Brown

Kent Wascom

Sweet Briar College

John Gregory Brown

Susannah Nevison

McCormick Templeman

Erica Trabold


University of Texas, James Michener Center

Edward Carey

Oscar Casares

Bret Anthony Johnston

Peter LaSalle

Elizabeth McCracken

Deb Olin Unferth

Jennifer Chang

Laura Furman

University of Houston

Erin Belieu

Robert Boswell

Audrey Colombe

Chitra Divakaruni

Nick Flynn

Francine J. Harris

Antonya Nelson

Kevin Prufer

Martha Serpas

Roberto Tejada

Peter Turchi

Texas State University

Doug Dorst, Program Director

Naomi Shihab Nye

Cecily Gordon Parks

Jennifer duBois

Tom Grimes

Tim O'Brien

Debra Monroe

Steven M. Wilson

Roger D. Jones

Texas Tech University

Jill Patterson, Director

Marcus Burke

Katie Cortese

Noam Dorr

Jacqueline Kolosov

John Poch

Jessica E. Smith

William Wenthe

University of North Texas

Jehanne Dubrow

Corey Marks

Daniel Pena

Miroslav Penkov

Sarah Perry

John Tait

Jill Talbot

Bruce Bond

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