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Part Four: MI, OH, IN, IL,

Ginny Good, A Mostly True Story:

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July 3, 2023

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Gerard Jones


University of Michigan
Film, Television and Media

I grew up in Michigan, Royal Oak, Michigan, ten miles north of Detroit. That was how the main roads got their names—by how far north of Detroit they were: Ten Mile Road. Eleven Mile. Twelve Mile. Like that. Starting down by the Detroit River, Woodward Avenue cut across each of the Mile Roads clear out to the lakes we went to in the summer; Orchard Lake, Cass Lake, Walled Lake. That was what you did in Michigan. You swam in lakes in the summer and ice-skated on lakes in the winter. The farther away from Detroit you got, the better the neighborhoods became. I lived a block from Ten Mile myself, not far from the Detroit Zoo.

Royal Oak was famous in the thirties and early forties as the home base of a radio program put on by a guy named Father Coughlin. Father Coughlin was a Catholic Priest whose virulent anti-Communist, anti-Semitic tirades went out over the airwaves to every city in conservative America from the pulpit of the Shrine of the Little Flower. The Shrine of the Little Flower was on the corner of Twelve Mile and Woodward. According to my grandmother, anyone who listened to Father Coughlin ought to have been stood up against a wall and shot. Not long after I was born, the Catholic Church pulled the plug on his radio program. Practically speaking, I don't think my birth had much to do with it, but you couldn't convince my grandmother of that. She thought me getting born was the cat's pajamas.

Ginny Good, Chapter Three, Royal Oak (1942-1960)

Yeidy M. Rivero, Chair

Jim Burnstein

Hubert I. Cohen

Victor Fanucchi

Caryl Flinn

Yvette Granata

Hollis Griffin

Daniel Herbert

Carleen L. Hsu

Mark Kligerman

David Marek

Christopher McNamara

Sheila C. Murphy

Sarah Murray

Matthew Noble-Olson

Melissa Phruksachart

Veerendra Prasad

Robert Rayher

Terri Sarris

Dan Shere

Matthew Solomon

Oliver Thornton

Dan Tice

John Valadez

Michigan State University
Film Studies

Kaveh Askari, Director

Peter Johnston

Ellen McCallum

Justus Nieland

Swarnavel Eswaran Pillai

Kuhu Tanvir

William Vincent

Jeff Wray

Joshua Yumibe

Grand Valley State University
Film and Video

Paul Wittenbraker, Chair

Julie Goldstein

Maureen Nollette

Kim Roberts

John Schmit

Anal Shah

Kirsten Strom

Suzanne Zack

Alicia Delacruz

Jenna Stehouwer

Oakland University
Film Studies and Production

Brendan Kredell, Director

Kevin Ball

Kyle Edwards

Andrea Eis

Adam Gould

Bridget Kies

Daewon Kim

Charlie Meyers

David Shaerf

Annie Sullivan

Eastern Michigan University
Cinema Studies

Sadaf R. Ali

John G. Cooper

Brooke Dagnan

Keith Damron

Megan Gore

You Li

Matt Hanson

Deron Overpeck

College for Creative Studies
Film and Media

Tim Flattery

Scott Northrup

David Gazdowicz

David Bentley

Josh Harrell

Jack Johnson

Wayne State University
Film & Media

Juanita Anderson

Karen McDevitt

Scott E. Burke

Paul Echeverria

Rosie Jahng

Stephanie Tong

Interlochen Center for the Arts
Films, Writing and New Media

Michael Mittelstaedt

Lesley Alicia Tye

Karyna McGlynn

Jason Daniels

Amy Kurzweil

Megan Baxter

Mika Perrine

Katey Schultz


Ohio State University
Film Studies

E.J. Westlake, Chair

Rasel Ahmed

Roger Beebe

Vera Brunner-Sung

John Davidson

Angus Fletcher

Margaret Flinn

Ryan Jay Friedman

Yana Hashamova

Erica Levin

Linda Mizejewski

Jonathan Mullins

Sean O'Sullivan

Janet Parrott

Kris Paulsen

Laura Podalsky

Dana Renga

Jesse Schotter

Kyoung Lee Swearingen

John M. Hellmann

Oberlin College
Cinema Studies

Geoff Pingree, Chair

Grace An

Jennifer Blaylock

Rian Brown-Orso

William Patrick Day

Hsiu-Chuang Deppman

Jeffrey Pence

Joey Rizzolo

Joshua Sperling

University of Cincinnati
Film and Digital Media

Todd Herzog, Director

Michael Gott

Valerie Weinstein

Alan Bothe

Jim Amatulli

William Anderson

Nicholas Belperio

Tyler Bourdeau

Miguel Castillo

Tom Gilmore

Melissa Godoy

Alicia Grega

Jim Knippling

Jesse Maiman

Richard Metzger

Marty Schiff

Tyler Smith

Evan Torner

Jeff Winkelman

Stephen M. Haas

Kelly Merrill

Miami University
Film Studies

Kerry Hegarty

Bruce Drushel

Kathleen German

Andy Rice

Hugo Rios

David Sholle

Katie Johnson

Nalin Jayasena

Steve Norris

David Schloss

Ohio University

Steven Ross, Director

David Colagiovanni

Justin Daering

Rajko Grlic

Thomas Hayes

Sarah Leibman

Lindsey Martin

Erin Shevaugn Schlumpf

Lorraine Wochna

Kenyon College

Linz Conant

Anton Dudley

Michelle Garcia Nino

Leeman Kessler

Tatjana Longerot

Wendy MacLeod

Elliot Mercer

Jonathan Sherman

Jonathan Tazewell

Uma Vangal

Benjamin Viccellio

Rebecca Wolf

Hao Zhou


University of Notre Dame
Film, Television

Terrance Brown

Jim Collins

William Donaruma

Anne García-Romero

Anton Juan

Mary Celeste Kearney

Ted Mandell

Olivier Morel

Pamela Robertson Wojcik

Depauw University
Film Studies

Larry Abed

Inge Aures

Seth Friedman

Deborah Geis

Kevin Howley

Sherry Mou

Jonathan Nichols-Pethick

Keith Nightenhelser

Cynthia O'Dell

Chris White

Karin Wimbley

Dahee Yun


University of Chicago
Cinema and Media Studies

Daniel Morgan, Chair

Maria Belodubrovskaya

Nick Briz

Dave Burnham

Chris Carloy

James Chandler

Thomas Comerford

Marc Downie

Marco G. Ferrari

Allyson Nadia Field

Clint Froehlich

Tom Gunning

Matt Hubbell

Patrick Jagoda

Ian Bryce Jones

Thomas Lamarre

James Lastra

Richard Neer

Jon Satrom

Aurore Spiers

Yuri Tsivian

Rebecca West

Northwestern University
Radio, Television, Film

Thomas Bradshaw, Chair

Eliza Bent

Danielle Beverly

Pablo J. Boczkowski

Clayton Brown

Erin Courtney

Zayd Ayers Dohrn

Mehrnoosh Fetrat

Kyle Henry

Laura Kipnis

Brett Neveu

Christina C. Nguyen

Lakshmi Padmanabhan

Spencer Parsons

Eric Patrick

Ariel Rogers

Ozge Samanci

Jeffrey Sconce

Jacob Smith

J.P. Sniadecki

Ines Sommer

Lynn Spigel

Ariel Stess

David E. Tolchinsky

Debra Tolchinsky

Neil Verma

Marco Williams

Mimi White

Columbia College Chicago
Cinema and Television Arts

Thelma Vickroy, Chair

Kristin Pichaske

Carolina Posse

Dale Baker

Doreen Bartoni

Dirk Blackman

Charles Borg

Eve Butterly

Fred Camper

Michael Caplan

Dale Chapman

Jeff Christian

Kevin Cooper

Kara Davison

Robert Edgecomb

Ron Falzone

Jenna Feldman

Tom Fraterrigo

Eric Freedman

Karla Fuller

John Hancock

Peter Hartel

Missy Hernandez

Adam Jones

Brent Kado

Gitanjali Kapila

Susan Kerns

Melissa Lawrenz

Christy LeMaster

Karen Loop

Kera MacKenzie

David Morgasen

Michael Niederman

Katherine O'Brien

Fawn Ring

Grant Robbin

Rachel Rozycki

Dan Rybicky

Francine Sanders

Molly Schneider

Eric Scholl

Bruce Sheridan

Youngbin Song

Jeffrey Spitz

Josef Steiff

David Tarleton

Wenhwa Ts'ao

Steven Zacharias

DePaul University
Cinematic Arts

Gary Novak, Director

Brian Andrews

Meghann Artes

Devin Bell

Pete Biagi

Liliane Calfee

James Choi

Shayna Connelly

Ronald Eltanal

Michael Flores

Anna Hozian

Steven Jones

Jessica King

Daniel Klein

Savvas Paritsis

Christopher Parrish

Timothy Peternel

John Psathas

Matthew Quinn

Anu Rana

Brad Riddell

Wendy Roderweiss

Jose Soto

Andrew Stasiulis

Susanne Suffredin

Chi Jang Yin

Brian Zahm

JoAnne Zielinski


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Peck School of the Arts

Jesse McLean, Chair

Ben Balcom

Dick Blau

Carl Bogner

Carol Brandt

Jordan Brazo

Paulina Bugembe-Kuwahara

Tate Bunker

Emir Cakaroz

Portia Cobb

Cecelia Condit

Inna Dmitrieva

Emily Downes

Drew Durepos

Mike Gibisser

Neil Gravander

Sean Kafer

Kelly Kirshtner

Jeffrey Kurz

Jesse Malmed

Andrew Mausert Mooney

Marquise Mays

Brian James McGuire

Kelly Mink

Daniel Murphy

Paige Taul

Sofia Theodore-Pierce

Brooke Thiele

Alex Torinus

Renato Umali

Janelle VanderKelen

Yinan Wang

Lilly Warren

Steve Wetzel

Rubin Whitmore

David Witzling


Carleton College
Cinema and Media Studies

Laska Jimsen, Chair

Jay Beck

Cecilia Cornejo

Carol Donelan

Michael Elyanow

Alexa Feeney

Catherine Licata

Candace Moore

Paul Hager

John Schott

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Media Arts

Stevie Rexroth, Chair

Jason Coyle

Ben Moren

Rik Sferra

Kristin Solid

Piotr Szyhalski

Katherine Turczan

Lindy Wilson

Kathryn Savage


Diane Ragsdale

Craig Rice

Gerald Ronning

Jen Caruso

Anna Chisholm

Olaf Kuhlke

Stephen Rueff

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Moving Image Studies

Alice Lovejoy, Director

Graeme Stout

Jane Blocker

Cesare Casarino

Siobhan Craig

Lorenzo Fabbri

Ana Forcinito

Michael Gallope

Keya Ganguly

Sumanth Gopinath

Ron Greene

Maggie Hennefeld

Amy Kaminsky

Richard Leppert

Lynn Lukkas

Christine Marran

Richard McCormick

Jason McGrath

Laurie Ouellette

Mark Pedelty

Paula Rabinowitz

Jani Scandura

Jenny Schmid

Catherine R. Squires

Christophe Wall-Romana

Margaret Werry


University of Iowa
Cinematic Arts

Michael Cowan, Chair

Rick Altman

Paula Amad

Corey Creekmur

Alex Denison

Anahita Ghazvinizadeh

Christopher Goetz

Christopher Harris

Moin Kadir

Ruedi Kuenzli

Rachel Lazar

Auden Lincoln-Vogel

Franklin Miller

Julia Anna Morrison

Kathleen Newman

Hayley O'Malley

Andrew Owens

Leighton Pierce

Nathan Platte

Lauren Rabinovitz

Molly Rechkemmer

Lisa Schlesinger

Rosemarie Scullion

Jenelle Stafford

Garrett Stewart

Hope Tucker

Steven Ungar

Zach Vanes

David Wittenberg


Washington University in St. Louis
Film and Media Studies

Ian Bogost, Director

Colin Burnett

Richard Chapman

Jianqing Chen

Reem Hilu

Diane Wei Lewis

Deirdre Maitre

Raven Maragh-Lloyd

William Paul

John Powers

Gaylyn Studlar

Anca Parvulescu

Gary Wihl

Min Wang

University of Missouri
Visual Studies

Michael Coleman

Jacob Floyd

Viviana Goelkel

Robert Greene

Brian MacNeel

Desiree Moore

Xander Negozio

Brad Prager

Christian Rozier

Ramsay Wise

Webster University
Media Arts

Juraj Bohus

June Kyu Park

David Rocco

Peter Hanrahan

Chris Aaron

Julia Griffey

Kansas City Art Institute

Diana Heise, Chair

Tom Lewis

Trey Hock

Cyan Meeks

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