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October 20, 2014

Ginny Good is an okay book. It's easily as good or better than any narrative nonfiction book published anywhere in the world so far this century, but that's not saying much. The Multimedia Audio Book of GINNY GOOD is the most beautiful work of literary art anyone's ever imagined. That's saying a lot. Click a link or two and see for yourself. Here are five short chapters, pick one and listen to it: Chapter 7 (North Beach), New Year's Eve, 1962, Chapter 18 (Ocean Beach), Winter 1965, Chapter 23 (Golden Gate Park), Fall, 1967, Chapter 27 (Sutro Heights), Summer, 1969 and Chapter 35 (I-5), Spring, 2004:

If you're up to having the doors of your perception opened a crack, try Chapter 19 (La Honda), May, 1965, aka "the acid chapter." If you want them closed again, listen to Chapter 31 (Sacramento), August, 1973, aka "the heroin chapter." Nobody's ever done anything like either of them:

You can read and/or listen to Ginny Good (ISBN: 0972635750) in its entirety on any newfangled gadget for free:

The link includes the index to The Multimedia Audio Book of GINNY GOOD, which is free, too—everything I do is free. Click the "Listen (Multimedia)" links to hear more chapters. If you want the whole fifteen-hour extravaganza on .mp3 CDs, give me a mailing address and I'll send you a copy. "...and before I'll be a slave I'll be buried in my grave...come home to my Lord and be free..." Tee-hee. G.

Gerard Jones

Random House
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Gina Centrello, Publisher, Ballantine Books

Robert D. Loomis, EVP

Your manor is so ingratiating--but I'll have to pass. Bob Loomis

I have a manor? Cool. Maybe I'm rich. I doubt you'd recognize a decent book if you ever read one so I guess it's understandable that you have to pass. An old buddy of mine was going to build a manor once, down by Big Sur. Here's the story...listen and weep. Thanks. G.

Keith Titan, VP, New Media, Random House

Michael Palgon, Publisher, Doubleday Broadway Group

Nan Talese
Publisher, Nan A. Talese Books
(Fake nonfiction a la that Frey goon Oprah the dope went gaga over...yikes.)

Phyllis Grann, Senior Editor, Doubleday Broadway

Martin Asher (see more)
Editor-in-Chief, Vintage Books

Peter Gethers, President, Random House Films

Susan Kamil, Editorial Director, Dial Press

Julie Grau, Co-Publisher, Grau/Spiegel

Cindy Spiegel, Co-Publisher, Grau/Spiegel

Doris Cooper, Editor-in-Chief, Clarkson Potter

Amy Metsch, Editorial Director, Random House Audio

John Glusman, Executive Editor, Harmony

Scott Shannon, VP, Del Rey

Chris Jackson, Senior Editor, Grau/Spiegel

Kim Hovey, Associate Publisher, Ballantine

Jennifer Hershey, Editorial Director, Random House

Elizabeth McGuire (Libby), Publisher, Ballantine

Rick Horgan, VP, Executive Editor, Crown

William Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, Doubleday/Broadway Books

Charles Conrad, Executive Editor, Broadway Books

Shelley Wanger, Senior Editor, Pantheon

Pam Krauss, Editorial Director, Clarkson Poter

Gary Fisketjon (see more)
VP, Editor-at-Large, Knopf
(Ludicrous fratboy lad-lit like Jay McInerney's contrived twaddle)


Although I really enjoyed reading it, I'm afraid it didn't win me over completely and I will therefore not be making an offer. Gary Fisketjon


I'm sure it's everything you say it is, but on the basis of these pages it is not, I'm sorry to say, up my alley. Best of luck elsewhere.

Well, you know more about what's up your alley than I do, but I'm telling you if it's not up your alley it should be and you're gonna be pissed you didn't take a look. Thanks for the quick response, though, and you're welcome to hear what the art of writing sounds like by clicking this link. G.

Gerald Howard, Executive Editor, Doubleday Broadway

Edward Kastenmeier, Executive Editor, Vintage/Anchor

Robin Desser, VP, Senior Editor, Knopf

Dan Frank, Editor, Pantheon

Tracy Devine, Senior Editor, Bantam

Roger Scholl, Editorial Director, Currency Doubleday
Senior Editor, Doubleday

Anne Lesley Groell
Senior Editor, Bantam Dell Publishing Group

John Mahaney, Executive Editor, Crown Business

Christopher Jackson, Editor, Crown

Melody Guy
Executive Editor, Villard, Striver's Row, One World

Jordan Pavlin, Editor, Knopf

Victoria Wilson (Vicky)
Editor, Knopf

Dear Gerald Jones - Thanks for letting me see your novel, which I've now had a chance to read. I just don't see it as something for us. Good luck with the book. Sincerely, Vicky Wilson

Ann Close, Editor, Knopf

Judith Jones, Editor, Knopf

Philip Rappaport, Senior Editor, Bantam

Shelly Shapiro, Editorial Director
Del Rey Books and LucasBooks at Del Rey

Rachel Klayman, Senior Editor, Crown

Susan Mercandetti, Senior Editor

Katherine Medina (Kate)
Executive Editor, Random House

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Laurie Stark

Linda Marrow, Senior Editor, Ballantine

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David Ebershoff

Kris Puopolo

Lexy Bloom, Associate Editor, Vintage

Jason Kaufman, Executive Editor, Doubleday
(Commercial fiction: thrillers, suspense, crime and mystery)

Mark Tavani, Editor, Ballantine Books
(Lightweight lit, true crime, sports, adventure)

Susanna Porter

Julia Pastore, Senior Editor, Harmony Books

Will Murphy, Editor

Debbie Aroff

Kerri Buckley, Editor, Bantam Dell Publishing Group
(Witty women's lit, giddy, giggly, quirky nonfiction)

Tricia Narwani, Editor, Del Rey

Noah Eaker, Assistant Editor, Dial

Keith Clayton, Del Rey
(Fantasy, sci-fi, horror)

Paul Taunton

Porscha Burke

Diana Tejerina

Kate Kennedy

Ronit Feldman, Editorial Assistant, Nan A. Talese/Doubleday

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Lindsey Schwoeri

Jenna Thompson

Tim O'Connell

Caroline Zancan

Zack Wagman

Joelle Dieu

Sara Selkirk

Michele Burke

Janet Cameron

Pamela Cortland

Children's Books (only)

Michelle Frey, Executive Editor, Children's Books, Knopf

Krista Marino, Editor, Children's Books, Delacorte

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Leslie Gelbman, President, Berkley Books

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Clare Ferraro, President, Viking Penguin, Plume and Studio Books

Ann Godoff, Publisher, Penguin Press

Ivan Held, President, Putnam

William Shinker, Publisher, Gotham Books

Paul Slovak, Publisher, Viking

Neil Nyren, SVP, Putnam

Christine Pepe, VP, Executive Editor, Putnam

Marian Wood, VP, Publisher, Marian Wood Books

Susan Allison, VP, Editorial Director, Berkley

Claire Zion, Editorial Director, NAL Signet
(Contemporary and historical romance)

Tracy Locke, Assicoate Publisher, Penguin Press

Geoffrey Kloske, VP, Publisher, Riverhead

John Duff, Publisher, Perigee, HPBooks, and Avery

Brian Tart, Editor-in-Chief, Dutton

Kara Welsh, Publisher, New American Library

Jake Morrissey, Executive Editor, Riverhead

Carrie Thornton, Executive Editor, Dutton

Josh Kendall, Senior Editor, Viking

Mark Chait, Senior Editor, NAL
(Recent collich graduate boy books, pop culture, true crime)

Rachel Kahan, Senior Editor, Putnam

Tom Colgan, Editor, Berkley
(Mysteries, thrillers, and nonfiction for Men)

Tracy Bernstein, Executive Editor, NAL
(Practical nonfiction, commercial fiction)

Stephen Morrow, Executive Editor, Dutton

Lauren Marino, Executive Editor, Gotham Books

Ellen Edwards, Executive Editor, NAL

Marilyn Ducksworth

Erika Imranyi, Editor, Dutton

Leis Pederson, Assistant Editor, Berkley

Catharine Lynch

Stephen Morrison, Editor-in-Chief

Jessica Wade, Penguin
(Paranormal chick-lit)

Denise Silvestro, Executive Editor, Berkley

Carole de Santi, Editor-at-Large, Viking

Carolyn Carlson

Rick Kot

Hillery Borton*

Dear Mr. Jones: I very much enjoyed the freshness of your work, however, I find that there are two kinds of writers, those that want to write and those that need to write. If your story is as thinly disguised as I suspect, Mr. Jones, then you are one of the latter, and I count you in good company. Those who want to write, generally, want to be published and rewarded for their efforts. Those who need to write are primarily concerned with the product of their labors, recognition being an afterthought. In light of the current hard cover fiction market, I see no way in which your work will be published in its current state. Whether or not you wish to subscribe to the parameters of popular fiction in order to alter the fate of your work is up to you. In the end, you may be happier with the job at McDonald's. Warm regards, Hillery Borton

Dear Ms. Borton: You apparently want popular fiction to continue to be fatuous, formulaic and stupid. Why? Why not give people a chance to read something fresh and true? Something entertaining and honest and funny and tragic? You sound like someone with some integrity. Why, then, wouldn't you rather work at McDonald's than continue to promote the fatuous, formulaic claptrap and crap that passes itself off as popular fiction? Thanks for your warm regards. Gerard Jones

Dear Hillery: I got a letter from Seva Gunitskiy dated 7/31/01 which said: "Gerard, Go ahead and send the rest of the GINNY GOOD manuscript, but address it either to myself or to Hillery Borton, Putnam Editor. Best, Seva." I sent the manuscript in, addressed to both you and Seva, and haven't heard anything from either of you. It's been over a year. What's up with it? Thanks. Gerard Jones

Out of office auto reply: Hillery Borton no longer works at Penguin-Putnam.

Marian Lizzi, Senior Editor, Perigee

Kate Seaver, Senior Editor, Berkley

Wendy Wolf

Paul Dinas, Senior Editor, Alpha Books

Laura Cifelli, Editor, NAL

Cindy Hwang, Editor, Berkley

Adrian Zackheim, Senior Editor, Portfolio

Will Weisser, Vice President and Associate Publisher

David Moldawer, Editor

Jillian Gray, Assistant Editor

Courtney Young, Assistant Editor

Brooke Carey, Editorial Assistant

Ginjer Buchanan, Editor, Berkley

Anne Sowards, Editor, Berkley

Jackie Cantor, Senior Editor, Berkeley Books

Eve Adler

David Martin

Alessandra Lusardi, Associate Editor, Viking

Randy Ladenheim-Gil, Executive Editor

Tawanna Sullivan, Rights

Patrick Mulligan

Sandra Harding

Erika Kahn

Branda Maholtz

Laura Tisdel

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Peter Stampfel
Editorial Director, Daw Books

Sheila Gilbert
Editor, Daw Books



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