Journalism School Boys and Girls:
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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

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Graduate School of Journalism


David Hajdu

Alisa Solomon

Daniel Alarcon

Emily Bell

Nina Berman

Jelani Cobb

Steve Coll

Sheila Coronel

June Cross

Joanne Faryon

Samuel G. Freedman

Howard W. French

Keith Gessen

Ari L. Goldman

Bill Grueskin

Mark Hansen

Marguerite Holloway

Richard R. John

Azmat Khan

Nicholas Lemann

Dale Maharidge

Michael Schudson

Michael Shapiro

James B. Stewart

Alexander Stille

Duy Linh Tu

Andie Tucher

Matt Bockelman (Gmail Blocked)

Ellen Gabler

Robert Gebeloff

Nick Hirshon (Gmail Blocked)

Byron Hurt

Derek Kravitz

Ese Olumhense (Gmail Blocked)

Nushin Rashidian (Gmail Blocked)

Jamie Roth (Gmail Blocked)

Mary Ellen Schoonmaker (Gmail Blocked)

Ginger Thompson

Richard Yeh (Gmail Blocked)

Tyson Evans

Marty Goldensohn (Gmail Blocked)

Erica McDonald

Victor Navasky

Habiba Nosheen (Gmail Blocked)

Mario Garcia

Andrew Glazer

Sabrina Gordon (Gmail Blocked)

Gershom Gorenberg (Gmail Blocked)

Choire Sicha

New York University
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

Robert Boynton

Meredith Broussard

William Burrows

Ted Conover

David Dent

Meryl Gordon

Brooke Kroeger

Susie Linfield

Suketu Mehta

Pamela Newkirk

Adam Penenberg

Mary Quigly

Marcia Rock

Katie Roiphe

Jay Rosen

Jason Samuels

Hilke Schellmann

Clay Shirky

Stephen Soloman

Mitchell Stephens

Carol Sternhell

Jane Stone

Kate Bolick

Ruth Franklin (Gmail Blocked)

Ian Parker

Bard College
Written Arts

Dinaw Mengestu, Director

Ian Buruma

Mary Caponegro

Masha Gessen

Benjamin Hale

Robert Kelly

Ann Lauterbach

Valeria Luiselli

Dawn Lundy Martin

Wyatt Mason

Daniel Mendelsohn

Chiori Miyagawa

Bradford Morrow

Franz Nicolay

Joseph O'Neill

Philip Pardi

Francine Prose

Lucy Sante

Mona Simpson

Jenny Xie

Sarah Lawrence College

Nelly Reifler, Chair

Jo Ann Beard

Melvin Jules Bukiet

Carolyn Ferrell

Marek Fuchs

Suzanne Gardinier

Myra Goldberg

Matthea Harvey

Ann Heppermann

David Hollander

Marie Howe

Mary LaChapelle

Rattawut Lapcharoensap

Jeffrey McDaniel

Mary Morris

Brian Morton

April Reynolds Mosolino

Dennis Nurkse

Stephen O'Connor

Victoria Redel

Jacob Slichter

Chandler Klang Smith

Clifford Thompson

Alice Truax

Kate Zambreno

Carol Zoref

City University of New York
Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

Kovie Biakolo

Steve Daly

Jessica Jacolbe

J'na Jefferson

Margot Mifflin

Frances Sola-Santiago

Jennifer Wilson

Kalli Anderson

Amanda Aronczyk

George Bodarky

Curtis Fox

Maggie Freleng

Sarah Kramer

Mia Lobel

Ariana Martinez

Dana Roberson

Julianne Welby

Nyier Abdou

Ginger Adams Otis

Peter Beinart

Vanessa Botelho

Kassie Bracken

Carrie Brown

Jeremy Caplan

Yvonne Dennis

Karim Doumar

Katherine Eban

James Estrin

Travis Fox

Barbara Gray

Tim Harper

Jeff Jarvis

Channing Gerard Joseph

Mitra Kaboli

David Kaplan (Gmail Blocked)

Frederick Kaufman

Jamilah King

Andrew Lehren

Nicole Lewis

Alia Malek

Juan Manuel Benitez

Christine McKenna

Karen Mullarkey

Terry Parris

Beena Raghavendran

Yoruba Richen

Tom Robbins

Bob Sacha

Wayne Svoboda

Ellen Tumposky

Judith Watson

Anna Wiederkehr

Syracuse University
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Journalism

Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Chris Tuohey, Chair

J. Elliott Lewis, Director

Lynne Adrine

Herm Card (Gmail Blocked)

Shelvia Dancy

Bob Dotson (Gmail Blocked)

Alex Dunbar

Barbara Fought

Liz Habib

Dona Hayes

Keren Henderson

Catherine Loper

Jim Osman

Bob Papper

Les Rose

Randy Wenner

Toni Wilson (Gmail Blocked)

New Media Management

Adam Peruta, Director

Bob Bierman

Crystal Houston

Shelly Palmer

Jeff Passetti

Magazine, News and Digital Journalism

Aileen Gallagher, Chair

Elaine Aradillas (Gmail Blocked)

Harriet Brown

Melissa Chessher

Megan Craig

Terry Egan

Jon Glass

Eric Grode

Jennifer Grygiel

Roy Gutterman

Nausheen Husain

Rawiya Kameir

Joel Kaplan

Johanna Keller

Edecio Martinez

Charlie Miller

Greg Munno

Gustav Niebuhr

Dan Pacheco

Alex Richards

Jim Shahin

Colleen Sullivan

Corey Takahashi

Jodi Upton

Teri Weaver

Arts Journalism

Carla Lloyd

David Rubin

James MacKillop

Media Studies

Anne Osborne, Director

Makana Chock

Brad Gorham

Dennis Kinsey

Carol Liebler

Pamela Shoemaker

Charisse L'Pree

Michael Schoonmaker

Vassar College
Media Studies

William Hoynes, Dean

Dara N. Greenwood, Director

Peter Antelyes

Paulina Bren

Eve Dunbar

Sophia Harvey

Amitava Kumar

Alexander M. Kupfer

Mia Mask

Katie Talbot Model

Ronald D. Patkus

Hiram Perez

Matthew Schultz

Shane O. Slattery-Quintanilla

CUNY, Baruch College
Weissman School of Arts and Sciences

Vera Haller

Geanne Belton

Bridgett Davis

Andrea Gabor

Christopher Hallowell

Emily H. Johnson

Eugene Marlow

Joshua Mills

Gisele Regatao

Roslyn Bernstein

Carl Rollyson

Lindsay Armstrong

Carolyn Schurr Levin

Kevin McKenna

Joe Plambeck

Eisa Ulen Richardson

Cornell University

Lee Humphreys, Chair

Katherine Sender

Natalie Bazarova

Sahara Byrne

Christopher Byrne

E. Lauren Chambliss

Jodi Cohen

Brooke Duffy

Susan Fussell

Drew Margolin

J. Nathan Matias

Poppy McLeod

Dawn Schrader

Michael Shapiro

Andrea Stevenson Won

Jenny Barnett

Stony Brook University
School of Journalism

Brenda Hoffman, Graduate Director

Jonathan Anzalone

Zachary R. Dowdy

Lydia Franco-Hodges

Charles Haddad

Alexander Helisek

Louisa Johnson

Nicole Leavey

Sara V. Lejuez

Ruobing Li

Nancee Moes

Juliette Passer

Rick Ricioppo

Christina SanInocencio

Howard Schneider

Barbara Selvin

Terry Sheridan

Xia Zheng

James M. Klurfeld

University of Rochester
Language, Media and Communication

David Bleich

Joel Burges

David Hansen

James Memmott

Jason Middleton

Stephen Schottenfeld

Joanna Scott

Hofstra University
Herbert School of Communication

Chris R. Vaccaro, Director

Scott A. Brinton

Susan Drucker

Mario Gonzalez

Carolyn James

Cliff Jernigan

James J. Parziale

Kristin Thorne

Doualy Xaykaothao

Kristal B. Zook

Pace University
Media, Communications, and Visual Arts

Diane Cypkin

Kate Fink

Louis Guarneri

Heather Hayes

Melanie LaRosa

Maria Luskay

Allen Oren

Mirjana Mira Pantic

Michelle Pulaski Behling

Paul Ziek

The New School
Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism

James E. Miller, Director

Jon Baskin

Juliette Cezzar

Melissa Monroe

Jed Perl

Claire Potter

Hugh Raffles

Natasha Lennard

Leah Prinzivalli


Sarah Leonard

Colin Robinson

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Media and Society

Leah R. Shafer, Chair

Rebecca Burditt

Christine Chin

Jiangtao Harry Gu

Lisa Patti

Ben Ristow

Linda Robertson


Stanford University
Department of Communication

James Hamilton, Director

Angele Christin

Theodore Glasser

Xiaochang Li

Fred Turner

R.B. Brenner

Geri Migielicz

Cheryl Phillips

Gary M. Pomerantz

Serdar Tumgoren

James Wheaton

Janine Zacharia

University of California Irvine
Literary Journalism

Barry E Siegel, Director

Carol M. Burke

Miles Corwin

Martin Harries

Erika Hayasaki

Michelle Latiolais

Theodore Martin

Annie McClanahan

Tyrus Miller

Patricia Pierson

Michael Ryan

Natalie Shapero

Braxton Soderman

Michael Szalay

Hector Tobar

Claire Vaye Watkins

Amy Wilentz

Monica Youngna Youn

University of California Berkeley
Graduate School of Journalism

Geeta Anand, Dean

Peter Aldhous

Daffodil Altan

Lisa Armstrong

David Barstow

Andres Cediel

Elena Conis

Mark Danner

Bill Drummond

Deirdre English (Gmail Blocked)

James Fahn

Richard Koci Hernandez

Cassandra Herrman (Gmail Blocked)

Adam Hochschild

Chris Hoff

Jennifer Kahn (Gmail Blocked)

Queena Kim

Alexa Koenig

Ken Light

Ethan Lindsey

Abrahm Lustgarten

Ellie McCutcheon

Shereen Marisol Meraji

Soo Oh

Gisela Perez de Acha

Jennifer Redfearn

Jeremy Rue

Mike Shen

Edward Wasserman

Elizabeth Weil

Lowell Bergman

Joan Bieder

Bob Calo

Lydia Chavez

Jon Else

Tom Goldstein

Cynthia Gorney

Neil Henry

Tom Leonard

Michael Pollan

Andrew Stern

University of Southern California
School for Communication and Journalism

Gordon Stables, Director

Amara Aguilar

Christina Bellantoni

Daniel H. Birman

Peggy Bustamante

Laura Castaneda

Bill Celis

Laura E. Davis

Jeff Fellenzer

Vince Gonzales

Robert Hernandez

Afua Hirsch

Henry Jenkins

Gabriel Kahn

Alan Mittelstaedt

Lisa Pecot-Hebert

Keith Plocek

Allissa V. Richardson

Joe Saltzman

Stacy Scholder

Mark Schoofs

Willa Seidenberg

Roberto A. Suro

Diane Winston

Ben Carrington

Oscar Garza

Josh Kun

Miki Turner

Geoffrey Cowan

Sandy Tolan

Pomona College
Media Studies

Jennifer Friedlander, Chair

William Boyer

Ryan Engley

Oscar Moralde

Kevin Wynter

Damon Young

Pepperdine University
Seaver College

Theresa M. de los Santos

Mark Jacobs

Christina Littlefield

Elizabeth Smith

Ken Waters

University of California San Diego
Department of Communication

Morana Alac

Patrick Anderson

Zeinabu irene Davis

Andrew deWaard

Fernando Domínguez Rubio

Alexander Fattal

Gary Fields

Kelly Gates

Daniel C. Hallin

Erin T. Hill

Caroline Jack

Shawna Kidman

Daniel Martinico

Thomas R. Schmidt

Jean-Pierre Gorin

Fred Lonidier

Sheldon Nodelman

San Francisco State University
Department of Journalism

Jesse Garnier, Chair

Rachele Kanigel

Cristina Azocar

Ana Lourdes Cardenas

Sachi Cunningham

Josh Davis

Kim Komenich

Laura Moorhead

Venise Wagner

San Jose State University
School of Journalism & Mass Communications

Phylis Johnson, Director

Michael Cheers

Mike Corpos

Richard Craig

Nisha Garud-Patkar

Diane Guerrazzi

Halima Kazem

Ralph Nichols (Gmail Blocked)

Bob Rucker

Juan Serna

Peter Young

Tina Korani

Scott Fosdick

San Diego State University
Journalism and Media Studies

Noah Arceneaux

Rebecca Coates Nee

Temple Northup

Alanna Peebles

Nathian Shae Rodriguez

Lourdes M. Cueva Chacón

Arthur D. Santana

Amy Schmitz Weiss

M. Wang

University of California, Riverside

Tom Lutz, Chair

Reza Aslan

Emily Susan Rapp Black

Michael Ryan Davis

Charmaine Craig

Josh Emmons

Steve Erickson

Alex Espinoza

Michael Jayme

John Jennings

Laila Lalami

Goldberry Long

Susan Straight

Andrew Winer

Occidental College
Writing & Rhetoric

Ara Corbett

Q. Ostendorf

Charlyne Sarmiento

Anita Zachary

Julie Prebel

University of California, Los Angeles
Communication & Writing

Greg Bryant, Chair

Steven Clayman

Tim Groeling

Martie Haselton

Stuart Soroka

Francis Steen

Fred D'Aguiar

Michelle Huneven

Karen Kevorkian

Mona Simpson

Daniel Snelson

Justin Torres

Reed Wilson

Loyola Marymount University

Kate Pickert, Director

Carol Costello

Kevin Curran

Benjamin Gottlieb

Ky Henderson

Rubén Martínez

Evelyn McDonnell

Tara Pixley

Lauren Smart

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