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After you write your book, get an agent and get it published, then (if your agent didn't sell it to some big, bullshit publisher with a heavy-duty hype department, in which case you do whatever dumb-ass thing they tell you to do), you have to somehow get someone to read the sucker...and review it. That's close to impossible. The pages with this notification have thousands of media boys and girls listed, one of whom may hype your book. They have to justify their existence somehow, right? G.

July 3, 2023

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Gerard Jones


University of Southern California
School of Cinematic Arts

Thomas Abrams

David Balkan

Irving Belateche

Donald Bohlinger

Theodore Braun

David Howard

Georgia Jeffries

Howard Rodman

Mark Shepherd

Mary Sweeney

David Weber

Kiki Benzon

Todd Boyd

Vicki Callahan

J.D. Connor

Giancarlo Cornejo

Lan Duong

Nitin Govil

Aniko Imre

Priya Jaikumar

Akira Mizuta Lippit

Tara Mcpherson

Michael Renov

Laura Isabel Serna

William Whittington

Jennifer Wild

Michael Bodie

Mark Bolas

John Carpenter

Scott Fisher

Stephen Fogg

Pablo Frasconi

Sergei Gepshtein

Marientina Gotsis

Slava Greenberg

Pete Hawkes (Gmail Blocked)

Evan Hughes

Jeanne Jo

David Johnson

Aisling Kelliher

Andreas Kratky

Virginia Kuhn

Alexander Mcdowell

Tatiana Mulry

Elizabeth Ramsey

Silvia Rigon

Nooshin Rostami

Jimena Sarno

Matt Scott

Mary Sinclair

Kathy Smith

Stephanie Spray

Nicole Trudeau

Holly Willis

Qianqian Ye

Ashley York

Kim Zumpfe

University of California, Los Angeles
School of Theater, Film and Television

Phyllis Nagy

George Huang

Kris Young (Gmail Blocked)

Steve Anderson

Shelleen Greene

Purnima Mankekar

Kathleen McHugh

Sean Metzger

Chon A. Noriega

Veronica Paredes (Gmail Blocked)

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli

Ellen C. Scott

Jasmine Nadua Trice

Amy Villarejo

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan

Barbara Boyle

Denise R. Mann

Teri Schwartz

John T. Caldwell

Rory Kelly

Gina Kim

William McDonald

Fabian Wagmister

Gyula Gazdag

A. P. Gonzalez

Becky Smith

Janet Bergstrom

Stephen Mamber

Vivian Sobchack

San Francisco State University
Department of Cinema

She was the first hippie, for one thing. I've mentioned that. Yeah, well, she was. I have proof. Documentary evidence. You could look it up. There's a picture of her in the school paper at San Francisco State: The Gater. The picture was taken in the spring of 1963. Ginny's dancing on the lawn across from the library; her hair's kind of in her face, but you can still tell it's her. Jim Moss is in the background, egging her on. And the first time the word "hippie" was used to describe the sort of person who we all know now as a "hippie" was in the caption to that picture. She may even have had some flowers in her hair—which, in my book, makes her the first hippie.

Ginny Good, Chapter Fourteen, Pacific Heights, Fall, 1964

Aaron Kerner, Director

Daniel Bernardi

Scott Boswell

Rafael Flores

Martha Gorzycki

Artel Great

Laura Green

Julian Hoxter (Gmail Blocked)

Joseph McBride (Gmail Blocked)

Mihaela Mihailova

Rosa Sungjoo Park

Ben Ridgway

R.L. Rutsky

Rae Shaw

Britta Sjogren

Greta Snider

Johnny Symons

Weimin Zhang

Katharine Mahalic

Dan Olmsted

Natasha V.

Karen Holmes

Pat Jackson

Steven Kovacs

San Francisco Art Institute
Film and Media

Elliot came back into the picture sometime in May of 1967. He'd recovered from most of the short-term effects of his father having blown his head half-off. He was going to school at the Art Institute and teaching a class in airbrush technique. He had a girlfriend, too—a cute little Korean chick with nice tits, extra slanty eyes, one of those Asian overbites and vestiges of some difficulty with the English language.

Ginny and I ran into them on Haight Street a couple of times—the first time we were in the middle of the block, between Ashbury and Clayton. Ginny and Elliot were sheepish with each other. I kind of liked the cute little Korean chick myself. She was noticeably not wearing a bra and didn't seem to mind me looking down the front of her loose fitting paisley shirt. She seemed to sort of like it, in fact. The cute little Korean chick kept trying to squeeze Elliot's Zippo out from the tight pocket of his Levis. He kept moving away, like he was embarrassed by her familiarity and obvious affection. That was all that happened. We went our separate ways.

Ginny Good, Chapter Twenty-Two, Haight Street, Spring 1967

Orit Ben Shitrit, Chair

Christopher Coppola

Jack Fulton

Sharon Grace

Doug Hall

Paul Kos

Tony Labat

Jennifer Locke

Mads Lynnerupis

Meredith Martinez

Meredith Tromble

Chapman University
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

Stephen Galloway, Dean

Erica Aguero

Matthew Arkin

John Badham

Gil Bettman

Barry Blaustein

Emily Carman

Harry Cheney

John Chichester

Henry Finch

Susan Finch

Jim Fredrick

Kelli Fuery

Christine Fugate

Kelly Fullerton

Kelly Galindo

Martha Coolidge

Leah Aldridge

James Dutcher

James Gardner

Michael Grady

Marques Green

Paul Gulino

Steven Hirsen

Richard Holland

Susan Isaacs

Pavel Jech

Johnny Jensen

Kevin Jones

Travis Knox

David Kost

Michael Kowalski

William Kroyer

Andrew Lane

Edward Lavelle

Nam Lee

Daniel Leonard

Erin Li

Suzanne Lysak

John Mattson

Elisha Miranda-Ramirez

Mort Nathan

Nathania Oh

Dan Pavelin

Samantha Peale

Joseph Rosenberg

Bill Rosenthal

Adam Rote

Veston Rowe

Sally Rubin

Russell Schwartz

Paul Seydor

Bob Shayne

William Stribling

Jeff Swimmer

Kathryn Thibault

Christopher Trela

David Ward

Madeline Warren

Paul Wolansky

Pepperdine University
Film & Media

Leslie Kreiner Wilson

Paul Kim

Joi Carr

Mark Jacobs

Kate Parsons

David Madden

Stephen Parmelee

Stanford University
Department of Art

Pavle Levi, Chair

Natalia Almada

Scott Bukatman

Shane Denson

Usha Iyer

Srdan Keca

Jan Krawitz

Jean Ma

Jamie Meltzer

Karla Oeler

Adam Tobin

Tijana Petrovic (Gmail Blocked)

Elivia Shaw

Kristine Samuelson

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Film and Media

Mary Ann Doane, Chair

Rizvana Bradley

Jacob Gaboury

Nico Pereda

Miryam Sas

Jeffrey Skoller

Kristen Whissel

Damon Young

Jeffrey Knapp

Linda Rugg

J. Mira Kopell

Dolores McElroy

Emily West

Marilyn Fabe

Linda Williams

Kaitlin Clifton Forcier

Patrick Harrison

Lisa Jacobson

Alina Predescu

Lida Zeitlin Wu

University of California, Santa Barbara
Department of Film and Media Studies

Peter Bloom, Chair

Alenda Y. Chang

Anna Brusutti

Charles Wolfe

Chelsea Kai Roesch

Chris Jenkins

Constance Penley

Cristina Venegas

Cynthia Felando

Dana Driskel

Elizabeth Hogenson

James McNamara

Jennifer Holt

Laila Shereen Sakr

Lisa Parks

Michael Miner

Rita Raley

Ross Melnick

Sara Caldwell

Sven Holcomb

Wendy Eley Jackson

University of California, Santa Cruz
Film and Digital Media

Lawrence Andrews

Sharon Daniel

Anna Friz

Jennifer Horne


John Jota Leaños

Irene Lusztig

Soraya Murray

Susana Ruiz

Warren Sack

Celine Parrenas Shimizu

Jennifer Maytorena Taylor

Gustavo Vazquez

Cam Archer

Natasha V.

Logan Walker

Edward Shanken

Karen Tei Yamashita

Eli Hollander

Chip Lord

Margaret Morse

B Ruby Rich

Loyola Marymount University
School of Film and Television

Shane Acker

Stephen Ujlaki

Sharon A. Mooney

Art Nomura

Leena Pendharkar

Marc Pitre

Gregory Ruzzin

Oskar Toruno

Donald Zirpola

Frederick Ayeroff

Marilyn Beker

David Clawson

Michael F.X. Daley

Stephen V. Duncan

David Garber

Karol Hoeffner

Marianne Krawczyk

Lawrence H. Levy

Mark Evan Schwartz

Beth Serlin

Tom Szollosi

Richard Hadley

Susan Scheibler

Lawrence A. Wenner

Mladen Milicevic

Los Angeles City College
Cinema Television Department

Jen Vaughn, Chair

Christopher Rossiter

Dylan Shields

Krystle Klein

Linda BaelLinda Beal

Kena Dorsey

James Fleury

Michele Gendelman

Sergio Kopelev

Jonathan Kuntz

Daniel Marlos

Scott Mazak

Daniel Nyiri

Jennifer Penton

Moises Perez

Mary Samuelson

Kenneth Thomas

Joel Trudgeon

Joni Varner

University of California, Riverside
Theatre, Film, and Digital Production

Patricia Cardoso

Charles Evered

Donatella Galella

Kimberly Guerrero

Rickerby M. Hinds

Erith Jaffe-Berg

Stu Krieger

Bella Merlin

Keunpyo Root Park

Robin Uriel Russin

Annika Speer

William J. Wohleb

Tony Baltierra

Christophe Katrib

Joshua Malkin

American Film Institute

Susan Ruskin, Dean

Tom Engfer

Yvette Jusseaume

Stephen Lighthill

Adam Salky

Lianne Halfon

Joseph Garrity

Pascal Vaguelsy

Anna Thomas

Barry Sabath

California Institute of the Arts
School of Film and Video

Rebecca Baron, Director

Tuixen Benet

James Benning

Betzy Bromberg

Corina Copp

Timothy Fryett

John Hawk

Chris Hill

Hilja Keading

Andrew Kim

Gary Mairs

Brigid McCaffrey

Nina Menkes

Alejandra Molina Rios

Julie Murray

Benjamin Neufeld

Nicole Panter Dailey

Charlotte Pryce

K.J. Relth-Miller

Berenice Reynaud

Soraya Selene

Craig Smith

Mike Stoltz

Nora Sweeney

Janice Tanaka

Em Yue

New York Film Academy, Los Angeles

Sonny Calderone

Kristi Nelson

Michael Young

Dan Mackler

Jenni Powell

Nunzio DeFillippis

Christina Weir

Margaret Dunlap (666)

Dan Kay (666)

Mary Samuelson

Barbara Weintraub

Mike Civille

Scott Marshall

Jennifer Sterner

Roberta Colangelo

Heather Ritcheson

Ed Timpe

David Newman

Vanessa Conte

Prima Gonzalez

Lee Gordon

Occidental College
Media Arts and Culture

Allison de Fren, Chair

Broderick Fox

Aleem Hossain

Amanda Tasse

University of California, San Diego
Film Studies

Virginia Dixon Good was born on March 5, 1941. She spent her childhood in one or another of those sleepy little seaside communities down along the Southern California coast, north of San Diego. Her mother was too busy for kids. She had three daughters. Ginny was her second daughter. Sandy was her third. I forget the first daughter's name. I can't remember Ginny's mother's name, either. I might have blanked it out. Her father's name was George. George F. Good. I never knew what the "F." stood for. There were so many things I never knew.

Ginny's mother couldn't have said for sure why she'd even had kids except that having kids was what one did. Kids were annoying. She couldn't understand what the hell they were talking about, for one thing. She didn't know what the Salvadoran maid was jabbering about half the time either, but at least the maid understood what she was saying: "Rosalie! God damn it! If I find one more grain of sand in this kitchen, I'm going to kill you! Do you understand?"

Ginny Good, Chapter Two, Del Mar, 1941-1962

Daisuke Miyao, Director

Amy Sara Carroll

Lisa Cartwright

Alain Cohen

Jordan Crandall

Andrew deWaard

Ben Dollar

Erin Hill

Jaclyn Jemc

Dayna Kalleres

Todd Kontje

Luis Martin-Cabrera

Dana Velasco Murillo

Alena Williams

Academy of Art University
School of Motion Pictures and Television

Elisa Stephens, CEO

Jana Sue Memel

Randy Levinson

Jess Kreusler

Isaac Feder

Kris Boxell

Steve Kotton

Christopher Carman

California State University, Northridge
Department of Cinema and Television Arts

Jared Rappaport, Chair

Karen Dee Carpenter

Eric Edson

Michael Hoggan

Martin Jarmick

Joel Krantz

Alexis Krasilovsky

Paul Petschek

Kate Powers

Jon Stahl

Scott Sturgeon

Nate Thomas

D.E. Wynter

California College of the Arts

Ranu Mukherjee, Chair

Nilgun Bayraktar

Helen De Michiel

Robert Epstein

Kota Ezawa

Jeanne Finley

Jody Gillerman

Joseph Graham

Lynn Kirby

Alison O'Daniel

Pratibha Parmar

Donald Matthew Smith

Michele Turnure-Salleo

Santa Monica College
Communication and Media Department

Nancy Grass, Chair

Josh Kanin

Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins

Salvador Carrasco

Nick Fox

Lauren Movius

Sharyn Obsatz

Saul Rubin

Redelia Shaw

Bobby Simmons

Heather Smith

Julie Chekroun


University of Oregon
Cinema Studies

Priscilla Pena Ovalle, Head

Peter Alilunas

Michael Aronson

Michael Allan

Michael Bray

Sangita Gopal

Erin Hanna

Masami Kawai

Dong Hoon Kim

Gabriela Martínez

Kevin May

Allison McGuffie

Ahmad Nadalizadeh

HyeRyoung Ok

Alissa Phillips

Ari Purnama

Daniel Steinhart

Janet Wasko

Daniel Miller

Elizabeth Peterson

Stephen Rust

Portland State University
School of Film

Courtney Hermann, Director

Mark L. Berrettini

Thom Bray

Nancy Breaux

Kristin Lene Hole

Jungmin Kwon

Ben Mendelsohn

Pam Minty

Dustin Morrow

Alissa Ferguson Phillips

J.J. Vazquez


University of Washington
Cinema and Media Studies

Eric Ames, Chair

Mal Ahern

Jennifer M. Bean

Yomi Braester

Gordana Crnkovic

Warren Etheredge

Stephen Groening

Diana Flores Ruíz

James Tweedie

Cynthia Steele

Whitman College
Film and Media Studies

Robert Sickels, Chair

Kathryn Frank

Tarik Elseewi

Charly Bloomquist

Justin Lincoln

Lisa Uddin

Olympic College
Film Department

Timothy Hagan, Coordinator

Aaron Drane

Craig Downing

Amy Hesketh

Marq Evans

University of Puget Sound
Communication Studies

Nicholas Brody, Chair

Derek Buescher

Renee Houston

James Jasinski

Anna Valiavska


University of Alaska Fairbanks
Theatre & Film

Kade Mendelowitz, Department Head

Miho Aoki

Kavelina Torres

Carrie Baker

Maya Salganek

Rebecca George


University of Hawaii
Academy for Creative Media

Christine Acham, Chair

Lisette Flanary

Jun seo Hahm

Marc Moody

Jim Parente

Scott Schimmel

Florina Titz

George Wang

Tiffany Taira

Tom Brislin

Anne Misawa

Wimal Dissanayake

Joel Moffett

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