What the Heck Exactly
is Anti-Semitism Anyway?

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January 31, 2005

Sure, we're fat, fearful, stupid, diseased, deluded liars and cheats. Of course we're slaves. No, we don't have anything worth saying to say or anything worth writing to write or anything worth reading to read, but that's the way we like it. We're Americans. We get to call ourselves brave. We get to call ourselves free. Our owners entertain us. They keep our minds off our troubles. We get to see Oprah and O'Reilly and the Oscars and "Desperate Housewives" on TV. We get to flock to the movies and watch the war in Iraq. They let us get our teeth fixed if we're good and we get to get Mexicans to do the work we don't want to do. We're lucky. We count our blessings. We got to do genocide on Indians and got to slaughter three million defenseless Gooks...was that fun, or what? Now we get to make the world safe for Israel. Oh, frabjous day! Then we get to pay our dues to a bunch of Jews so they can hurry up and rebuild that temple they've been trying to get rebuilt for the last two thousand years and Jesus can come down from heaven on high and bring us back into the bosom of The Lord. Calloh! Callay! Never mind that there might be a little Armageddon along the way, it's a small price to pay. We won't die. We won't rot. We won't be forgot.

"For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

February 1, 2005

"Then we get to pay our dues to a bunch of Jews..."

Given your umm.... unique style of expression, this latest statement might be considered wholly consistent with what you've written before. Yes, you write diatribes about anything and everyone, not just the Jews, so should I be taking exception?

Well, given that you have unwittingly (or perhaps wittingly?) borrowed the expression and imagery of the countless persecutors of our people from time immemorial, "a bunch of Jews" might mean more to the average Jewish person than "a bunch of flowers" or "a bunch of letters". Had the Nazis, the Crusaders, the Russians, the Romans not used this description upon massacring our babies and making soap out of our skin, then perhaps it would be a harmless statement. But they did. And it is therefore not harmless. In fact "Paying our dues to a bunch of Jews" goes further to intone some kind of (yawn) Jewish Conspiracy theory and you therefore risk landing your self in the company of the authors of The protocols of The Elders of Zion. Who knows? Perhaps that is exactly your intention. But I prefer to think you made a stupid mistake and will retract what you have written.

Does Paul Cohen, your publisher, read your updates? I figured he might since that is how he found you. In any event he does sound Jewish to me, and I am pretty sure he would not be enamoured of your latest contribution to your site. Would you like me to email him and check to see what he thinks? Because if this stays up and is not followed by an immediate apology I will contact him to get his take on it. I also might contact my collegues at the Anti-Defamation League for their slant on things.

Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman
Seattle, WA

Dear Rabbi Goldman: There used to be a song when I was a kid that went something along the lines of, "Heigh ho, heigh ho, I joined the CIO, I pay my dues to a bunch of Jews, heigh ho, heigh ho..." It was not unwittingly that I used the phrase "a bunch of Jews." There are twenty million Jews on the planet, tops. There are more Indians in the Western Hemisphere than there are Jews in the world and yet whoever hears anything about Indians? People do, however, hear about Jews...practically nonstop. You also hear a lot about fundamentalist Christians these days, too. That two such minuscule fractions of a percent of the population of the Earth can take up so much time and energy and blood and money and political capital and the futures of whole generations of Americans...and Asians and Europeans and Muslims and Hindus...ticks me off a little, yeah, but my little rant was directed way more at so-called Evangelicals than it was at Jews. I like Jews. Jews are cool. They're for the most part funny and smart. They for the most part seem to care a little too much about money for my taste but I don't begrudge them. In order for the "rapture" to arrive, in order that Jesus can come carry off his true believers, Jews have to rebuild the temple. It says so in the New Testament. We don't have to worry about clean water or clean air or the deficit or education or anything else, all we have to do is get a bunch of Jews to get that gosh darn temple rebuilt so Jesus can come take us away and everything will be okay. That was the thrust of my little rant. If you want to call that anti-Semitic, knock yourself out. I'm not anti-Semitic; I'm anti-Idiotic. Is the truth anti-Semitic? I don't think so. Of course you've got a built-in bias. You're not the only one. Anti-anti-Semitism has become more insidious and more dangerous than anti-Semitism itself. Lighten up. The past is the past. No death camps will ever exist again. Israel will nuke whoever tries to build one. Oh, tell Paul Cohen or your "collegues in the Anti-Defamation League" anything you wanna tell 'em. I put up my words for anyone who wants to hear them to hear them and those who have ears, do. Those who don't have ears look sort of funny. Thanks. G.

May 22, 2005

What the heck exactly is anti-Semitism anyway? Ongoing musings on a question neither I nor anyone else seems to be able to figure out from time immemorial. I'll just say what I think here...periodically, until it bores the crap out of me.

I was in jail once...for having had a hole in my muffler and not having had any money to pay the ticket...and got to talking with this black guy who was in jail, too. He was pissed off that he was in jail. So was I. He said, "Man, the next time I'm here it's going to be for something."

Is everyone who's not Jewish anti-Semitic? Cool. I don't think much of Nazis, I know that, and if I can't talk about simple, objective, observable facts without somebody threatening to sue me or trying to guilt me into shutting up by shoving the memory of the Nazi death camps down my throat or ignoring my beautiful books or getting the Anti-Defamation League after my ass, that's gonna piss me off. Those feel like Nazi tactics and I don't like them and I'm gonna say I don't like them. Call me anti-Semitic all you want. I'm not, but that's obviously beside the point. Is there anything worse you can be called these days than anti-Semitic? Nope. You seriously get blackballed and shunned and ignored and pooh-poohed if you get perceived as anti-Semitic. It's probably a little like getting perceived as anti-Nazi in The Third Reich. My, my, how the worm has turned.

If you think some bunch of run-of-the-mill Jews don't own and operate the entertainment and media industries, my little website should straighten you out. Res ipsa loquitur The overwhelming majority of the population of Germany in the thirties and forties was bulldozed and propagandized into believing that Hitler's whacked notions about Jews being the cause of all the trouble in the world were right and the rest of the population of planet was pretty much complicit in the evil, vile, incomprehensibly un-human stuff that went on for the next ten years...the ultimate extension of the stuff that had been going on toward Jews for thousands of years, as Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman pointed out. I don't think I would have been bulldozed and propagandized into thinking any such thing. I think I wouldn't have cared much for Nazis if I lived in Germany in the thirties and forties any more than I care much for Nazis now. If you think my beautiful books haven't been rejected and suppressed by the Nouveau-Nazis who own and operate the entertainment and media industries, you're wrong. If that makes me anti-Semitic these days, fine.

The combination of the Holocaust and the dominance of the propaganda apparatus by American Jews has made Israel one of the most powerful nations on the planet. Israel has more thermonuclear weapons than the UK and as many as China, but Israel don't need to sign no stinking nuclear nonproliferation treaties. The IAEA can't inspect Israel's weapons of mass destruction. In fact, according to Israel, it doesn't have any nuclear weapons at all...ha! And that lie is still the official policy of the good old US of A, oy, vey. But when Iran, who unlike Israel is a signatory to the NPT, wants to enrich a little uranium, the State Department has a cow. We want UN sanctions. We wanna kill more towelheads, nuke 'em, maybe. Yikes.

Those are facts. Are facts anti-Semitic? Apparently so.

I'm one of the best writers who's ever lived. Ginny Good is the arguably the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century and The Audio Book of Ginny Good is definitely the greatest literary work of art since...ever. Ha! (Hey, read or listen to either of them and see for yourself. Argue. Go ahead. I dare you.) I tell the truth, mainly, that's why it's such a good book. I don't lie. I don't give a rat's ass about making money or kissing-up to agents, editors, publishers, movie producers or the media. I'd way rather be right than rich. And if the entertainment industry is gonna conspire to keep the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century from being read by anyone or reviewed by anyone or from being made into what would be one of the best movies of the century, the entertainment industry is gonna get called a lot worse things than just a bunch of Jews. They're gonna get called mindless, money-grubbing, fascist, book-burning, brainwashed, dumbed-down, thought-extinguishing, free-speech-hating, book-burning morons and loser twits and stupid twats and giddy, giggly purveyors of puerile puke and anything else that might come to mind as it occurs to me over and over again what a bunch of idiots run the media and entertainment industries. It's not my fault that the media and entertainment industries are run mostly by Jews. I don't think much of the Gentiles in the media and entertainment industries, either, if that's any consolation.

If everybody else did the same thing maybe there wouldn't be so much rancid crap produced by the entertainment industry and promoted by the media, maybe you'd be able to read a good book for a change or see a movie worth seeing more than once in a blue moon. But as long as you brainwashed pip-squeaks keep getting led around by the nose by the media and entertainment industries, as long as you keep buying the crap they sell you and believing the crap they tell you, you're not ever gonna get anything but crap to read and nobody's ever gonna write anything but crap 'cause no publisher or producer is ever going to publish or produce anything but crap and no media outlet is gonna hype anything but crap.

There's a bunch of good writers around who are never going to get anything published or produced or publicized precisely because what they write is not the putrid crap that gets published and produced and publicized. Very simply put, an approximation of the unvarnished truth in any art form is not gonna see the light of day in any way in the good old US of A these days because the unvarnished truth is perceived as inherently anti-Semitic and therefore bad for business, anathema to the making of money. The making of money is all that matters. That's sick.

Based on my experience of having gotten a bunch of really good books rejected more than 500,000 times (and the one book I did get published not having been buzzed or hyped or reviewed anywhere, not by anyone, those rats), the people in the media and the entertainment industries are for the most part money-grubbing Jewish Nazis and they're gonna get called money-grubbing Jewish Nazis. If they don't like being called money-grubbing Jewish Nazis all they have to do is quit being money-grubbing Jewish Nazis. They don't have to quit being Jewish, I like Jews just fine, they just have to quit being money-grubbing Nazis. Can you say the entertainment and media industries are run by a bunch of Jews without getting blacklisted for being anti-Semitic? Nope. Are the entertainment industry and the media run by a bunch of Jews? Yep.

If you want to sit idly by while that continues to be the case, be my guest, but I'm not going to. I'm gonna tell these Nazi schmucks what Nazi schmucks they are, what idiots they are, what morons they are, what useless twits and twats and losers and goons they are. It's the least I can do. If you had any balls you'd do it, too, but you don't have any balls. You're worried little rag dolls, scared to say a single true thing for fear some agent or editor or publisher or manager might not like you, might not buy your stuff, might not promote your stuff, might not review and publicize your work, might go around defaming you. Pfssh. Let 'em. The biggest compliment you can ever get is that the ignorant entertainment industry doesn't pay any attention to your work, that twit book reviewers don't review it...that the money-grubbing twat Lit and Talent agents in LA ignore your stuff is the only hope it has of being worth having written. And when the thugs in the ADL go around defaming your stuff, you know you've arrived. The entertainment industry giggles me out. How can so many people with so much so-called talent and so much say-so be so obviously so idiotic? They love money and only money and money only, that's why. Virtue is its own reward, yes, I know that, Job knew it, Jesus knew it, God knows it, but it's a concept that's gone by the wayside in favor of making money. Making money is all that matters...and making money isn't all that horrible, per se, but the things these schmucks don't get is that you can make as much money selling good stuff as selling the putrid crap they sell now—all it takes is a little hype, a little buzz and the brainwashed American consumer will buy anything—so they're not only mindless, money-grubbing twits but they're lazy simpletons to boot.

I'm utterly uninterested in making soap out of anyone's skin but I'm also a little sick of having the Nazi death camps thrown in my face every time I try to tell a simple truth. I'm not a Nazi. Jews like Rabbi Goldman are Nazis. He's the one demanding an apology for saying the simple truth as best I know it, as I fairly clearly see it. He's the one trying to censor free speech, trying to stop free expression, the one ragging on me to my publisher and getting his "colleagues" in the ADL to defame my ass and sabotage the sale of my beautiful book. If he and his Nazi colleagues had their way all good, truthful books would be burned to rid the world of so-called anti-Semitism. What are these guys so scared of? Why do they keep saying stuff like this when I tell 'em about the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century:

Mr. Jones, This is a second attempt to make a submission. You have received back your first attempt. Our policy is known to you. This attempt is being treated in the same fashion. It will not be accepted, read, considered, copied or forwarded. Please do not continue making attempts to forward unsolicited submissions to this office.

Or this:

Please be advised that ICM has a general policy that neither it nor any of its agents or other employees shall accept or consider any unsolicited material, ideas or suggestions of any nature whatsoever. Accordingly, I would request that you cease any further unsolicited e-mail communications with me or anyone else at ICM. Please be further advised that I have not read your e-mail, nor has it been forwarded to anyone else at ICM. Moreover, your e-mail has not been (nor will it be) forwarded to or discussed with any third parties. Thank you for your understanding, and best of luck to you. Office of John Burnham cc: Gregg Sultan, Esq.

'Cause they're a closed-minded bunch of chicken, money-grubbing Nazis, that's why. 'Cause they refuse to see anything but the closed-minded, money-grubbing, chicken twaddle they think they can make money selling to the brainwashed morons they're accustomed to selling their money-grubbing chicken twaddle to. If I'd been in Germany in the thirties and forties I honestly don't think I would have sat idly by while my neighbors were being beaten up and carted away. I would have spoken up. I would've said, "Hey, wait a minute, that sort of sucks." I would've been called names like "Jew-lover." I would have been ragged on to my boss and "reported" to my Gauleiter or whatever they called those Nazi thugs people got reported to. Good little Nazis would have shunned me. I'd have been ostracized, blackballed, blacklisted; I couldn't have found a job, I wouldn't have been able to make money, I wouldn't have been able to buy things. The simple truths I was saying would have been ignored. "Hey, yo, it's not cool to beat people up and cart them off to concentration camps," I would've been saying. Attempts would have been made to get me to "toe the line," to apologize, to admit that what I'd really meant to say was that it IS cool to beat up people and cart them off. I would have been given the opportunity to rethink my position, to realize that I was wrong, to let my neighbors be beaten up and carted off for the good of the Fatherland. I would've been called crazy and tiresome and evil and un-German, sure, I would've been reviled and rejected, but I would have said something, would've done something, wouldn't have sat idly by.

I don't like genocide any more than the next guy but I know that not talking about the conditions that lead to genocide does a hell of a lot more to prevent genocide than not talking about them. Like Muslims, for example, not in the thirties and forties but today, right now. Muslims have been beaten up and tortured and carted off to concentration camps in Cuba and who knows where else simply because they're Muslims. Who's complaining about that? Who's speaking up? Who's sitting idly by? Are Muslims the new Jews? Is America the new Germany? Who's gonna be next? Non-fundamentalist Christians? "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists." Who are us? Didn't the Nazis start out as a very minor political party with one heck of a propaganda machine?

Anti-Semitism exists, right? Come on. Sure. Yes. It does. So why not talk about why? Or is it anti-Semitic to talk about anti-Semitism? Jews talk about anti-Semitism all the time; maybe it's just other people who can't talk about it. In Germany it's a crime to say that fewer than six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Like if some bunch of scientists got together and found out that the definitive number was 5,999,999, they'd all go to jail for telling the truth. There's no such law in America. America keeps its citizens from telling the truth by more insidious means than mere force of law.

Is there absolutely no reason whatsoever for anti-Semitism to exist? Have all non-Jews from time immemorial just been bigoted fools? Are Jews as a culture, as a race, as a self-identified "tribe" perfect in all respects? Is Judaism the only faith worth having? Are Jews God's chosen people and should everyone else on the planet simply recognize that as a fact and get on with their lives? Did God in his infinite wisdom give the whole wide world to Jews and Jews alone? It says so in the Bible, doesn't it? Man, I hope the Christians who believe wholeheartedly in the literal truth of the Bible don't read that part...but maybe it's okay with them that God gave the whole wide world to Jews and Jews alone, maybe that's why they're so stoked to defend Israel at all costs...at the cost of their own lives and the lives of their kids, at the cost of their education and their health care and their money, the taxpayer's money, at the cost of the future of the land that they love. Maybe God will make them honorary Jews. With God, all things are possible, right? "It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven...but with God all things are possible." Wasn't it some terrorist who said that? Some fundamentalist Jewish anti-Semite who kicked over the table and shot out the lights in some den of vipers somewhere? Or maybe it's just that the Jews over in Israel have to hurry up and rebuild that gosh darn temple in Jerusalem so Jesus can finally come back down and take all the true believers up to heaven with him. I don't know. It sure is an odd alliance all of a sudden, Ariel Sharon's sure kissing up to a bunch of Evangelicals lately, I know that. I guess he knows what side his bread's buttered on. Wait, wait, maybe Jews and Evangelicals made a bargain: Jews and Jews alone get the whole wide world to do with as they please and Evangelicals get to have heaven all to themselves. Such a deal.

I don't necessarily think any of those things, however. I know I'm just an uneducated white boy and God is God and he and she and it and they works in mysterious ways, but I bet there are around six billion other people who don't necessarily think any of those things, either. I'm also stupid enough to think it's better to talk about stuff than it is to let it fester. Why not get it out in the open? Sunlight is the best disinfectant. If you want to stifle free expression, that's your business, but I don't remember hearing about much good ever coming of it.

"I was angry with my friend;
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

--—Billy Boy

Lying pisses me off, being coerced to lie pisses me off even more. I have a hard time telling people what they want to hear. Being bulldozed into going along with stuff that goes against my grain pisses me off. I'd way rather be right than rich or "successful" or well-liked, but, then again, I'm a majority of one. You're welcome to do and think and be whoever and whatever you want.

I grew up with Jews and barely knew what anti-Semitism was...and what I did know of it, I didn't like. My dad used to say he was going to try to "Jew 'em down" when he bought things at yard sales, but I don't think he was very good at it and even my own father saying stuff like that "hurt my ears," as my mother would say. It was okay to say you got gypped when you got gypped but that was mainly because Gypsies never had much clout, no propaganda machine. There's no Gypsy Anti-Defamation League...well, if there is, I sure never heard of it. They must not have a very big advertising budget. So what's so sacrosanct about Jews? A big advertising budget? That's it?

My first little girlfriend was Jewish. Bobbie Blumenfeld. She gave me a Valentine in Kindergarten that had a picture of an ear of corn on it—sitcks for arms and legs, a big grin and a wink in its eye. Inside the card said, "This may be corny, but will you be mine?" I was smit. Who wouldn't have been? There was a time that I wanted to be a Jew...mainly 'cause the Jews I knew all had maids and lived in fancy houses over in Huntington Woods and got all them Jewish holidays off from school and got all the regular holidays off, too, but I wouldn't have minded being a Jew even without the fancy houses and the extra holidays. I still wouldn't mind being a Jew. I like being who I am but most all the Jews I've ever known are pretty cool, too.

I know this PC stuff has invaded every corner of the consciousness of so-called brave, free Americans. Like, you can't say, "catch a Nigger by the toe," and you have to eat Brazil nuts and you can't call New York, "Hymietown" and that's all well and good, I never felt all that great about saying any of that stuff anyway but have there not been people besides Jews against whom atrocities were committed? Have you ever heard of slavery? It was practiced legally in this country for hundreds of years and it's still practiced quasi-legally. And if you want to talk about the rest of the world, how many billion people work themselves to death and make less than twenty-five cents a day? A few billion, that's all. You think they're not slaves? You think they're not oppressed? You think they don't die of starvation? You think that's not an atrocity? You think that's not a crime against humanity? It is. They are. They do. So what are you gonna do about it? Nothing. Well, except maybe try to gyp 'em out of a nickel or two of that twenty-five cents a day they make every chance you get. Is there ever gonna come a time when anyone's held accountable for the atrocities billions and billions of people on the planet are subjected to every minute of every day? Nope. Oh, and if you want to talk about genocide you could talk about American Indians and the Vietnamese, I suppose...not to mention all that other "ethnic-cleansing" going on in a bunch of different places even as we speak.

One hears about reparations for centuries of slavery and reparations for the land the US stole fair and square by the genocide of American Indians every now and again, but not very vociferously or very effectively. The sons and daughters of slaves and American Indians don't have a lot of clout. The sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors do. The sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors pretty much run the entertainment industry, pretty much own the propaganda machine that leads the rest of us three hundred million Americans and much of the rest of the world around by the nose. How long do you think you'd get away with calling the Washington "Redskins" the Washington "Big-Nose Jewboys?" Or "Squaw" Valley "Kike" Valley? Not long. Trust me.

There have been reparations paid for the Nazi death camps, however, people have been held accountable...no reparations for the institution of slavery for centuries or the indifferent slaughter of American Indians and Vietnamese, no, but the modern State of Israel is in part a payment of reparations to Jews as a consequence of the atrocities of the Nazi death camps. Harry Truman recognized the State of Israel in 1947, much to the surprise of many, because of the suffering of Jews under Hitler and because of the political and economic clout of American Jews. That was fine by me, recognize Israel all you want. Israelis built a miraculous garden out of a useless desert. The economy flourished. There were plenty of jobs for Israelis and Palestinians alike. Things could have and would have and should have worked out just fine. But they didn't; they haven't. You wanna know why? Israel keeps wanting more reparations, that's why; Jews wanted more people to be held more accountable. Israel wants nuclear weapons? Sure, Israel is Israel, it's a homeland for Jews who endured unimaginable suffering under Hitler, it deserves to have nuclear weapons. Chemical weapons? Biological weapons? Enough weapons of mass destruction to exterminate all its "enemies," real and perceived, ten times over? What the heck, give Israel whatever it wants. F-15s, Apache gunships, bunker-buster bombs? Okey-doke. The reparations keep going on and on and on. Invade Iraq? Hey, why not? Iraq doesn't like Israel so let's hop in our stealth bombers and shock and awe a few hundred thousand unarmed women and children to death...and when we're done with Iraq we can go kill all the rest of the people who don't like Israel, the people in Syria and Iran and Jordan and Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We can impose "democracy" on them, free them, give them liberty, teach 'em to love money instead of God so they and Israel and America can all co-exist under Israel's and America's terms 'cause Jews had a tough time in the thirties and forties. Might makes right, have I mentioned that?

When is enough reparations gonna be enough? When is Israel going to be safe enough? Secure enough? Have enough land? Be at peace? Ever? That's the question. Maybe when Jews and Jews alone own every square centimeter of dirt on the planet like The Old Testament says is their birthright and fundamentalist-Christians have heaven all to themselves like they say The New Testament says, yeah, maybe then we can have a little peace on earth, goodwill toward men but until then look for nothing but more senseless slaughter, mass starvation, insidious slavery of all sorts and unending genocide in the name of making more and more and more money.

Of course the Poles had a tough time in the thirties and forties, too, and the French and the English and the Chinese and the Japanese, everybody had a tough time in the thirties and forties...Russians had a tougher time than all the other populations of the planet put together during the thirties and forties. Twenty million Russians were killed in World War Two. That's a lot of dead Russians. Wait, maybe it was twenty-seven million. Oh, well, what's seven million dead Russians, give or take? In either case it was a lot of dead Russians...and yes, there were millions of Jews killed, too. It was an evil, wicked time. That's why they called it World War Two. But the Poles and the Russians and the rest don't have much clout. Israel did. Israel does. You wanna know why? Jews run the entertainment industry and the media, for the most part, that's why.

When Israel wants to violate a bunch of UN resolutions for decades and decades, hey, cut 'em some slack, remember how Jews had a such hard time under Hitler. So what if Israelis kill at least three times more Palestinian civilians than Palestinians kill Israeli civilians, let's not mention that, let's concentrate on the plight of the poor Jewish victims of terrorists. Is that anti-Semitic? I'm sure plenty of Zionists are gonna think so, but plenty of Muslims aren't gonna think so. Depends on one's point of view, right? So what the heck exactly is anti-Semitism? Is the word "Jew" inherently anti-Semitic? Is it okay to call a Jew a Jew? If it's not, cool, I'm anti-Semitic and you're crazy. Is it true that the entertainment industry, including but not limited to publishing, movies, TV, news, advertising, sports, music, drama, etc., is run at the very least predominately by Jews? It is, trust me—sixty percent or so overall, ninety percent in the top jobs. If saying so is anti-Semitic, I'm anti-Semitic. Is the media, the entertainment industry in all its facets, effectively controlled by agents, publicists, managers, producers, editors, publishers, studio bosses, lawyers, critics, columnists, etc., the preponderance of whom are Jews? Yes or no? Take a look at the names on my little list of six thousand or so of the top entertainment industry guys—this ain't the DAR, boychik. The answer is yes. And my little list is only publishing and movie guys. There are plenty of other lists. Look 'em up. The answer is yes, yes, yes, again and again.

This is not by any means to say that there aren't a bunch of big companies that are owned and operated mostly by non-Jews. The overwhelming majority of Dow Industrial companies are run by fat old white guys, yes...oh, my gosh, I hope it's not anti-Fat Old White Guy to say so...but the companies in the entertainment sector are run top to bottom predominately by Jews. These are simple, objective observations any fool can make...almost everything you see or hear or read or see on TV or at the movies or on Broadway or in Las Vegas or at Disney World, you name it—from Sponge Bob to Snoop Dogg to Shrek to Star Trek to the morning, noon and nightly news on all the channels to The New York Times, etc., etc., etc. and plus including all that nonstop ADVERTISING, billboards, Burma Shave, blimps, all of it—is authorized, blessed, endorsed, produced, directed, managed, agented, lawyered-up and publicized by some bunch of Jews or other. Period. If that's not a fact, God didn't make little green apples. If it's anti-Semitic to say so, I'm anti-Semitic, you're living on another planet and what we have here is a failure to communicate.

This is also not to say that there aren't as many different kinds of Jews as there are different kinds of other people, as there are different kinds of all people. Some Jews are rich, some are poor. Some are smart. Some are dumb. Plenty of Jews just sell car insurance or work in factories or drive UPS trucks and have modest, happy, uncomplicated lives, love their kids, get headaches, like getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. With those Jews, i.e., the overwhelming majority of Jews, I have absolutely no quibble whatsoever. I do have a bit of a bone to pick with the entertainment industry as a whole, however, and by its nature that means I have a bone to pick with a bunch of Jews. I'm sure I've got a bone or two to pick with some bunch of Gentiles or other, too. I'm definitely not pissed off just at Jews.

I'm not exactly saying it's "bad" that Jews run the entertainment industry, the entertainment industry is cool, we've all got some kind of an "artist" in us and can only effectively express that "art" through an organ of the entertainment industry. Janis Joplin was just as good a singer before Bill Graham got hold of her but who knew? Some bartender, maybe. Is art that's not communicated still art? Sure. Ask Van Gogh, ask Kafka. If you want your "art" to be communicated you have to go through the entertainment industry, i. e., through some bunch of Jews or other. All I'm saying is that it's a simple fact. If a bunch of Hotentots ran the entertainment industry I'd be getting called anti-Hotentot. Some Jews are geniuses. Some books were worth having written, some entertainment was worth having made; lots and lots and lots of the "product" churned out by the entertainment industry really, really, really sucks, however. Why? I'll tell you why. Because what drives the industry is money and only money and money only, the pure unadulterated love of money, that's why. Entertainment makes money, tons of money for all kinds of people and that's pretty much all that matters...and that's pretty much all that pisses me off. The love of money is the root of all evil, in case you never heard that before.

Okay, now that we can all agree that it's not anti-Semitic to call a Jew a Jew and can all agree that Jews own the entertainment industry, lock, stock and barrel, let's talk a little bit about what that means. It means, in a nutshell, that the almost three hundred million people living in America today, including the six million or so Jews who live in America, are brainwashed shitless by the Jews who own the entertainment industry. Jews are more brainwashed than anyone, if anything. They've got all that American brainwashing going on and a bunch of Jewish brainwashing, too...like the kids in my school who got all those Jewish holidays off and the regular holidays, as well. The Jews who own the entertainment industry are brainwashed by the Jews who own the entertainment industry. That's not anti-Semitic, either. Is it? It can't be. It's simply another objective fact. Facts are facts, chickiepoo, they don't have emotional content...well, unless some brainwashed moron infuses them with emotional content. "Brainwashed" doesn't exactly have a great reputation as word, but there isn't any other word to describe it. From the time a kid is old enough to see or hear, his or her mind is bombarded by "product" concocted by the entertainment industry. It doesn't have a Jewish "slant" by any means, no. Kids don't go to sleep with visions of matzo balls dancing in their heads, but the visions that are dancing in their heads when they do go to sleep were created by the entertainment industry and the entertainment industry is run top to bottom by Jews. Cradle to grave, there's no way to get away from the visions concocted by the entertainment industry. Books, music, advertising jingles, sitcoms, game shows, cop shows, reality shows, comic books, Broadway shows, beauty pageants, news shows, video games, columnists, critics, talk radio, the whole kit and caboodle was concocted by the entertainment industry and defines who Americans are, makes Americans who they are; makes Americans what they are, what they think, what they believe...how they are...how they think...how they believe. It's the ultimate propaganda machine, the ultimate hype machine, the buzz machine to end all buzz machines. Is that anti-Semitic? Nope. Nothing but the facts, ma'am; objective, unemotional information, period—no slant, no spin, no axes getting ground around here, boss.

If GE wants to sell an American a refrigerator, GE has to go get the entertainment industry to come up with some advertising that's gonna make that American want to buy that refrigerator. Nobody has any choice in the matter. GE has no choice. You have no choice. If you want to sell stuff to a bunch of Americans you have to get the entertainment industry to sell it to 'em for you. There's nobody in America who's not as brainwashed as the next person. We have that in common. It binds us together as a nation. We do what we're told to do, what we were made to do, what we're forced to do. We're forced to believe we're free, we're forced to love liberty, we're forced to spread that freedom and that liberty to people in other countries...for their own good, that's another part of the psych job that got done on us. We're forced to think things that suck don't suck. We're forced to think that things that don't suck suck. We're forced to think we're brave, we're forced to think we're just and good and kind, compassionate, philanthropic. We're forced to smile a lot. That's liberty, that's equality, that's freedom, we get to have elected officials, we have some say, we have the rights guaranteed in The Constitution of the United States of America.

Holy crap. How stupid are we? Very, very stupid, that's how stupid. Politics is just another form of entertainment. It's like a prize fight or a football game or Wheel of Fortune. And book after book gets written about that bullshit; movie after movie gets made. The last election was The Bush and Kerry Show. Maybe the next one will be The Clinton and Frist Show. Who wins, who loses, who's in, who's out, doesn't matter a whit. The process engages us, makes us think we have some say, keeps our minds off our heartlessness, our shame, our lack of common decency, keeps us ignorant, keeps us happy. We write our meaningless letters to our meaningless representatives and think we're not ignored. Ha! We are. Our meaningless representatives are ignored. Our President is ignored. The Constitution is ignored. The whole panoply of politics and the rest of the entertainment we're subjected to by the nonstop propaganda machine is an illusion. It's sleight-of-hand. We're watching shadows on the wall while what really matters goes unnoticed. Money gets made. That's what matters. That's all that matters. Money isn't everything, it's the only thing.

The entertainment industry created the mindset for what's bought and what's not bought, what's sold and not sold, what's thought and not thought, and the entertainment industry owns the access and the means of distribution into that mindset. It's got you where it wants you and it's got anyone who wants to sell anything to Americans where it wants them. There's no way around the entertainment industry in America, period. GE likes selling refrigerators, Ford likes selling trucks, etc., etc. and the entertainment industry is the only game in town when it comes to selling stuff to the Americans it has brainwashed since birth. Americans love buying things. It's part of the gestalt the entertainment industry has created in their wee brains. GE and Ford, etc, etc. love selling things so they can buy things. It's part of the same gestalt. It's win-win everywhere. Oh, frabjous day!

Nor is it just "product" that people buy, that people pay to have sold. It's ideas, the definitions of words, it's politics, religion, faith, truth, beauty, justice, freedom, liberty, you name it, anything you can pay to have sold to the "American people" can get sold to the poor brainwashed buggers, however much a bunch of bullshit it may be. Terrorists, for example, are people who don't have the money to buy Apache gun ships. Terrorists are guys who have to improvise, guys who don't fight fair 'cause they don't have stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. That's the definition of a terrorist. The people with the gun ships and the nukes are the good guys. The guys who kill three, four, five, ten, twenty, forty times more of the "enemy" than the enemy ever kills of them are the self-defined good guys. If you kill a kid with a fifty-caliber cannon, if you turn him into hamburger from the comfy seat of an attack helicopter, that ain't terrorism, it's self-defense. The kid might have had a rock. Might makes right, right?

"Through tatter'd clothes small vices do appear;
Robes and furr'd gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold,
And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks;
Arm it in rags, a pygmy's straw does pierce it."

--—Willy Boy

Bad guys violate some nit-picky little article of some obscure UN resolution and there's hell to pay. Good guys, i.e., guys with nukes and sophisticated weapons, violate UN resolutions up the wazoo, day and night for decades and decades, but that's okay, they buy good press, they buy good hype, they buy good buzz, they've got clout. Look at all the political clout Jews have. There's simply not that many, so it can't be "democracy in action." There are more Muslims in America than there are Jews, but I don't see a lot of politicians wooing the Muslim vote. Why? Muslims don't run the entertainment industry, that's why. There are twice as many illegal aliens in America as there are Jews, but illegal aliens don't get a lot of good press. Jews do. Fancy that. The entertainment industry created and fuels the consumer economy. It's the backbone of capitalism. If you wanna consume you have to work, you have to make money, you have to toe the line, you can't tell the truth, you have whistle while you work, you have to think it's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud. Then you get to buy things. The more money you make the more things you get to buy. That's the carrot. If you don't work you don't get any money, you can't buy things and eventually you die. That's the stick.

It's good for GE and Ford and GM that you need to work, that you want to work, that you have to work, and the entertainment industry is a huge factor in that equation. What's good for General Bullmoose is good for the USA and let's face facts here, boys and girls, the entertainment industry is definitely good for General Bullmoose. Is there anything anti-Semitic about that? Nope. Sorry. It's objective fact. You can look it up. How can objective fact be anti-Semitic? It can't be. Man, there's gotta be something anti-Semitic pretty soon, though, right? What kind of a rant is this, anyway? So far it's been nothing but pointing out the obvious. Let's hear some anti-Semitism. Get to the good stuff.

Some Chinese chick by the name of Amy Chua who teaches law at Yale wrote a book that talks about "market dominate minorities." I never read it. I don't read books. Well, except for my own books. I do skim a new book or two every now and again...until it pukes me out to see the mindless twaddle that gets shoved down the throats of unsuspecting readers these days. Then I remember the part about "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" and I manage to make it out of the bookstore without kicking over the tables and shooting out the lights like anyone with any chutzpah would do. I skimmed enough of Amy Chua's book to understand the concept of market dominant minorities. Seemed like a sound idea to me.

(Amy Chua is repped by Writers Representatives. They're on my little list. They also rep Norman Podhoretz who, in his Commentary Magazine, laid out the plan to invade Iraq just about exactly a year to the day before the events of 9/11. Small world, ain't it? Wait. Is that anti-Semitic? Hey, man, he's on their website. Look him up. Read the article in Commentary. We report, you decide.)

Jews make up two percent of the population of America. Ten percent are Senators, seven percent are Members of the House, twenty-two percent are justices of the US Supreme Court and close to forty percent make up the rest of the judiciary. God only knows the percent of Jews in the executive branch of the government, but I bet it's a relatively big percent. The median income of Jews in America is twice that of rest of the population. Lots of Jews are smart and work hard and of course there's that all-pervasive entertainment industry Jews flat-out undeniably own and operate, that nobody who wants to sell anything in America can do without, where even stupid Jews can get reasonably good jobs. Jews make up less that two-tenths of one percent of the active-duty US Armed Forces (mostly doctors and lawyers) and less than one-tenth of one percent of the United States Marines. Is that anti-Semitic? Or is it just true? It's just true. Look it up.

When you get to percentages in the entertainment industry it's up around sixty percent, as I may briefly have mentioned. I got that figure from Ben Stein, by the way. He also said that when you get to key positions in the entertainment industry, the "power" positions, guys like Eisner, Ovitz, those Weinstein guys, Sumner Redstone, Richard Lovett, Spielberg, Geffen, Jeff Berg, Barry Hirsch, Ari Emanual, Bruce Ramer, etc., etc., that percent shoots up to somewhere around ninety. Neither Simon nor Schuster was from County Cork, in case you've wondered. So is that a market dominate minority, or what? You bet your sweet bippy it is. But is it anti-Semitic? No. It's a fact. Can we still say facts out loud in America or are you anti-Semitic if you do? You know how bad it is to be identified as anti-Semitic? Very bad. You get blackballed, you go on blacklists, you get ostracized, you get censored, you get ignored, you end up in obscurity, you get ragged on to your boss, you get "reported" to the ADL and they go around to websites and sabotage your beautiful book. That sort of sucks, and I'm gonna say it sort of sucks the same way I would have said what went on in Germany in the thirties and forties sucked. Is that what's "wrong" with Jews, though? That they're a "market dominate minority" in America? Am I jealous of Jews? Do I envy Jews? Do I feel oppressed by Jews, dominated by Jews? Actually, no. I don't. Jews are just as chickenshit as anyone else.

So, but do "we" pay our "dues" to a bunch of Jews or not? Collectively, doesn't anyone who buys anything in America "pay" for the marketing of whatever it is that got bought? If anything a person buys gets sold to him or her via advertising through the mechanisms of the entertainment industry, didn't some Jews make money along the way? Sure they did. Lots. So what's inaccurate about the phrase to which the Rabbi took exception? I simply do not see how the unvarnished truth can be construed as inherently anti-Semitic. That brings me to money, itself, however, and that may be a subject to which a little bona fide anti-Semitism will be associated.

Do Jews have an inordinate affection for and attachment to the making and spending of money or not? I honestly don't know. That's the rap they've gotten "from time immemorial" and it sort of stands to reason that a concept so old must have some basis in fact. Shylock seemed to like money okay, and that was four hundred years ago. There's a stereotype. I don't know whether it has any basis in fact. All I know is my experience and it's been my experience that the Jews I've known seem to be at least somewhat infatuated with money. Lots of people like money, sure, it's part of The American Way, part of Capitalism, per se, but money seems to be more a part of Jewish culture than it was a part of my culture...maybe 'cause nobody I ever knew ever had any money. There's gotta be more to it than that, though. Money seems extra important to Jews...seems, seems, I said, I'm perfectly willing to admit that it's definitely not something I know for a fact.

For Bar Mitzvahs Jews get money. Money seems to be the all-occasion gift, the cure-all, an expression of affection, a signifier of value, a token of love. If you're a Jewish guy you think, generally, that chicks will like you better the more money you have; if you're a Jewish girl, all things being equal, you tend, generally, to like the guy with the most money—even without all things being equal, having lots of money makes up for a multitude of sins. All in all, my experience tells me that Jews think money's pretty important, like they equate money with love, maybe. I don't know. It's my perception, however, my experience. I see what I see. It's definitely not objective truth, not a fact. Jews may in their hearts of hearts care less about money than I do, but I'm not the only person who's ever commented on it as a perceived "trait." And even if my perceptions are wrong that wouldn't make me anti-Semitic, would it? Just mistaken, right?

Okay, let's get a little less namby-pamby around here; I'm barfing myself out with all this sweetness and light. I wrote a book called Ginny Good. Nobody's reading it. That pisses me off and it's been pissing me off for a long, long time. I've been patient. I'm getting less patient. Among the few people who did read it, here are some of the sorts of things that were said about it:

"...turned my soul inside out. Ginny Good was one of the most lambent pieces of writing I've ever read. It ripped me apart on the inside so much that I couldn't function for days...the best of tragedies, top notch Greek quality..."

"I was not reminded of any other book when I put this book down, and so I can only come to one conclusion: this is a great and new kind of literature!"

"Comparisons with Salinger and Twain are not overstated..."

"Though not a short book, it can be read in one gulp—it's so seamless and effortless and is obviously the work of a tremendous craftsman."

"...it's great to read a book that actually means something. To the author, and to me. It's heartfelt, real, and incredibly funny."

"I've got three kids, and it's been a long time since I had the time, energy, or room within me to let a book suck me in the way this one did. When I got my copy of Lolita, years ago, the cover quote was, 'The only convincing love story of our century.' That was the 20th century, however, and as far as that quote goes, the torch ought to be passed to Ginny Good."

"...makes Angela's Ashes look like a Harlequin romance."

"I've chosen to take the dark sadness that I found in some parts of Ginny Good and attribute them to the author's skill rather than things he had to endure..."

"I didn't find anything boring in your book. I don't think I've read anything like it. The only book I could come up with that's even slightly similar is Suttree, by Cormac McCarthy. It's billed as fiction, but I think it's really memoir. But it's only a slice of a life, while Ginny is the whole pie of several lives. This is part of its power."

"....Jones cares deeply about everything that befalls him and Ginny and the others we meet in Ginny Good. And he wants us to know he cares, but he wants us to find our own way to that conclusion. It's this intelligent respect for the intelligence of his reader that makes Ginny Good sing."

"You are, well, you are the real thing. Your book is the real thing. Absolutely beautiful writing. Damned near perfect. Maybe even flawless. Yow. Thank you."

"...for a while I thought the fire of literary creation had gone all the way out. In this book I think I see a coal still glowing in there somewhere."

"In his great praise to literature, Henry David Thoreau wrote, "How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book!" Time will be the final judge, but, right now, I'm adding Ginny Good to my list."

"The story is certainly a poignant, bittersweet one...I confess I cried at the end...but Jones throws in enough partying and brushes with the famous and semi-famous to intermittently relieve the almost unbearable emotional tension."

"The book is full of gorgeous, insightful little gems of imagery that I wanted to color with a highlighter. And the ending just soars... sublimely perfect. I can see that my copy is going to get all cruddy with thumbprints and soda can circles from sitting on my night table."

So why is such a cool book not being read by anyone? I'll tell you why. Money, that's why. "Ginny Good makes Angela's Ashes look like a Harlequin romance." Yep. It does. That's true. And yet Angela's Ashes got read by lots of people, millions of the poor brainwashed buggers. Ginny Good is a way better book but nobody has sense enough to know it anymore. They like what they're told to like. If some moron tells you a book is good are you gonna think it's a good book? Yep. If he or she is one of the so-called book critics at The New York Times, you are, sure. If it makes money, you are; if Random House spent a lot of money telling you it's a good book, you're gonna think it's a good book, absolutely. They're not stupid, are they? They wouldn't spend all that money hyping a shitty book, would they?

Angela's Ashes is not nearly such a pile of puke as that DaVinci Code horsepiss or all the other even worse, even more mindless twaddle people get hyped and buzzed and bulldozed and brainwashed into reading to keep the money machine going these days. All gasoline comes from the same tank, so why buy Shell instead of Texaco? Money, that's why. Advertising. Hype. Buzz. If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? If Ginny Good is such a great book, and it is, why isn't it being read? I'll give you one guess. Money. Ha! Molly Friedrich, good old "seven-figure Molly," got a big advance from Susan Moldow at Scribner for Frank McCourt's comparative Harlequin romance and the buzz began. Scribner hyped it with their marketing guys and their media connections. They spent big bucks. It takes money to make money. Money makes itself. It's like that Dr. Seuss guy who rolls into town with a money making machine and starts taking stars off the bellies of Sneetches and putting stars back on the bellies of Sneetches. People are generally Sneetches. What they get told is the right thing to do, they do. Stars are in, stars are out, and it costs beaucoup bucks to keep up with what's right at any given moment.

If the so-called critics at The New York Times say a book is good, people read it and the so-called critics at The New York Times only review books that come with money attached to them, books that don't really rock any boats, books that have passed all the tests, jumped through all the right hoops, have been "vetted" by the "right" agents and are being promoted up the wazoo by the "right" publishers. Anything that doesn't pass those arbitrary guidelines gets ignored, gets shunned, doesn't get read, isn't allowed into the consciousness of American consumers. That consciousness is a delicate thing. It has to be handled with kid gloves. It's the basis of the economy. Without it, GE and Ford and GM would go out of business. Yikes.

The basic "guidelines" the entertainment industry has to go by to keep the American consciousness intact, to keep Americans buying stupid stuff they don't want or need or even like very much, to keep them whistling while they work, etc. are 1) that it doesn't "upset" anyone, i.e., that it's pretty much fantasy bullshit, 2) that it's "safe," that nobody will get sued, nobody will lose any money, 3) that it doesn't have anything worth saying to say, 4) that it's "written" badly enough to be understood by the morons who consume it, 5) that it's "like" other entertainment that has "done well," 6) that it's sufficiently "uplifting" so it will appeal to people like Oprah and her ilk, 7) that it has "successful" agents, managers, entertainment lawyers and publicists backing it and 8) that the morons who review it will give it good reviews. Once those criteria are met the entertainment industry will invest just enough money to realize a modest profit and that will be the end of it...until some other piece of crap comes along that meets the same criteria. It's a closed system. Period. Ask Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson prostituted himself to the entertainment industry for decades...until he had enough clout and ENOUGH MONEY to make a movie worth having made, a new movie, a different movie. He said, hey, call me anti-Semitic all you want, I'm making my movie my way. And he did. The Passion of the Christ ain't gonna get a lot of Oscars, no, it was obviously just anti-Semitic claptrap, but lots of people saw it 'cause Mel Gibson had his own money, money he earned from all them other Oscars he got for doing things the "right" way.

Hey, ask me, for that matter. I'm by far the most "rejected" writer of all time...80,000 rejections and counting. And why is that? You got me, Jack. Just lucky, I guess. My writing doesn't "conform to the parameters of popular fiction," is one thing I was told, but mostly people just don't read anything I write 'cause I don't got the hype machine behind me, the buzz machine, the money. If anyone ever did or if anyone ever does, my stuff kicks the crap out of anything published anywhere in the world in the last twenty years. It just does. I write about stuff nobody else can write about for a bunch of different reasons, because I'm a great writer, for one, because I have something to say, for another, because I don't give a rat's ass about "conforming to the parameters of popular fiction" and because I don't give a rat's ass about making money. That's the main reason.

The only book critic who reviewed Ginny Good was Linda Richards, editor of January Magazine. She liked it. Ginny Good was the editor's only pick as the best nonfiction book of 2004. No other book critics reviewed the sucker. None. Period. Not even a little blurb in Booklist or Kirkus or PW or Library Journal, nothing. So nobody knows the best nonfiction book of 2004 even exists. Anyone with any brains who's ever read Ginny Good knows it's the best fiction book of 2004, as well. And no library can buy it, no bookstore will stock it, no college will use it as a textbook 'cause nobody ever heard of it, 'cause the "distribution system" refused to distribute it into the consciousness of the American consumer 'cause some bunch of Jews didn't think it would make 'em any money. Now is that a conspiracy, or what? Yep. It is. And that's why the entertainment industry eats shit. It conspires to keep people from reading books or seeing movies worth reading or writing or seeing. It conspires to keep the consumers it controls stupid so they'll keep buying the crap they buy. Is that anti-Semitic? There's a lot of Jews in the entertainment industry, yeah, but they're not the only ones who eat shit, a bunch of Gentiles in the entertainment industry eat shit, too.

Ginny Good doesn't conform to the parameters of popular fiction and should therefore be shunned, ignored, censored, avoided at all costs. We don't want people reading good books, are you crazy? How will we ever sell 'em the garbage we sell 'em if they find out what a good book is? If we start making good movies, who will ever go see the other schlock we produce? We want to sell books, we want people to pay to go to the movies. That's our job. We know how to do it. We sell lots of books, people pay lots of money to see lots of movies. We make lots of money, and we know that the last thing people want to read is a good book or go see a good movie. We know what good is. Making money is good. Leave it to us. We're the experts. We're the professionals.

People who write for money write mindless twaddle, they write to please agents and editors and producers and publishers and movie studios and what pleases those guys is mindless twaddle, puerile puke, worthless crap, awful offal. Show me a writer who's "successful" and I'll show you a writer who sucks. All Hollywood and all New York could get together and spend all their time and all their money on the best "talent" they could buy and not come up with a book as good, as important, as true, as worthwhile, as meaningful, as heartfelt, as gorgeous, as genuine as Ginny Good. Not in a million years. It simply can't be done. That's an objective fact. They could try and try. They do try and try. They don't succeed. I did. I do. I say, "Stick your money up your ass," that's why. I don't pass the tests, don't go by the guidelines, don't meet the criteria, don't conform to the parameters.

Ginny Good should be required reading in every "creative writing" class in the country; it should be a textbook for every American Studies class, for every American Lit program, it should be in grocery stores, it should be on the shelves at Wal-Mart, it should be a movie, it should be a play, it should be a comic book, it should be on PBS, on CBS, Bill O'Reilly should hold it up on Fox News and tell people to go read the sucker. If he had any balls he would, but he doesn't have any balls, he wouldn't make any money if he had any balls. If Michiko Kakutani or that Maslin chick had any balls one of them would review the sucker. If that Kipen twerp at The San Francisco Chronicle had any balls he'd be falling all over himself about Ginny Good. It's by far the most "San Francisco" book ever published. "Ginny is the definitive sixties book. It's the one that should go in the time capsule." If that Yardley twat at The Washington Post read it he'd be singing my praises all over town. Congress would have to go into a special session to have me come read 'em a few excerpts. Same with all the twerp booksellers in all the twerp bookstores. If the National Book Critics' Circle had any balls they'd give it an award for every category they've got. Same with the pussies at the Pultizers. Ushers should be giving away copies of Ginny Good at the Super Bowl, at the World Series; the queen should be handing out copies at Buckingham Palace. It should be required reading before anyone graduates from high school. If you think Ginny Good is a great book, you're smart, you've gotten all the education you'll ever need; if you don't like Ginny Good, you're a brainwashed moron and you need to go back to Kindergarten and start all over, find your own Bobbie Blumenfeld, learn what I learned, know what I know. But none of that's ever gonna happen. You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. Money, that's why. It didn't have any money behind it, any clout...no hype machine, no buzz machine. We brave, free Americans, we like our hype and our buzz, yes we do. We pay through the nose for it, too, don't think we don't.

It's not just money that we pay, either. Money eats shit. Money is dirt. Money's cheap and tawdry and useless; we pay with way more important stuff than money, we pay with our poor brainwashed brains, our poor empty, aching hearts, we pay with the kids we send off to fight in senseless, money-grubbing wars, with the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend to make the world safe for Israel, the futures we sacrifice, the environment we sacrifice, the air, the water, the soil we pollute to buy cheap gasoline to run the Navigators we got conned into buying. So, like, are we dumb or what? Nope. We're smart. We're brave. We're free. We're Americans. We whistle while we work.

How Ginny Good ever got published I don't even know anymore. I'm pretty sure the publisher regrets having published the sucker, especially now that I've pissed off a Rabbi and the ADL's after my ass and the whole world knows how anti-Semitic I am. It's probably obvious to him now that those 80,000 rejections were right. It's a sucky book. It's not making any money. Oh, well. He's the publisher. I'm the writer. I like the book just fine. After thirty years of fiddling with it, Ginny Good turned out exactly the way I wanted it to turn out...and I owe a lot of that to the publisher who didn't make any money and now thinks he put out a book by a Nazi. I'm perfectly happy, money or no money. That's why nobody's ever gonna pay any attention to anything I ever say; we don't share the same values. I don't love money. I don't even like it much. I think, in fact, that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Okay, unless anyone has any quibbles, I'm done. "Where your treasure is there will your heart be also." Man, that Jesus guy, did he say some cool stuff, or what? He was a Jew, too. Yippee for Jews! I'm not anti-Semitic, I'm anti-mindless-money-grubbing, fascist, book-burning, brainwashed slave, that's all. I'm anti-loser dickweed who goes around out-Naziing any Nazi who ever lived, who has the propaganda machine to out-Nazi any Nazi, who has the motive and the money and the political clout to out-Nazi all the Nazis everywhere. I am a little anti-anti-Semitic, I admit. Shove the Nazi death camps down my throat all you want, turn the ADL loose on me forever, that's fine, sabotage my beautiful book, ignore me, dismiss me, do what you will. I'm one of the best writers who's ever lived and Ginny Good is the best book published anywhere in the world in the last twenty years. It's no skin off my nose whether anyone reads the sucker or not or makes a movie out of it or not. I wrote it. I don't have to read it. I know what it says. You don't. Ha! It's skin off your nose that you don't read a book worth reading for a change or make a movie out of a book worth making a movie out of for a change. If you wanna cut off your nose to spite your face, that's your business. G.

May 5, 2005

I gotta give you credit for spunk and tenacity. I watched this whole Holocaust thing on the History Channel. It was on all day and was really good and I'm tellink you, what I see going on in America seriously and sincerely smacks of the same stuff that went on in early Nazi-Germany, only this time it's a confederation of rich white boys looking to get richer, brainwashed born-again Christians looking to impose their "morality" on anything that moves and a bunch of very powerful, predominately Jewish guys in the entertainment and media industries who have ultimate say-so vis-a-vis what gets communicated to the general public, i.e., they own the keys to a monolithic, virtually inaccessible propaganda machine which is being shamelessly and almost exclusively used by the rich white boys and born-again Christians to spread their gospel of greed and straight-laced morality. The Jews who (predominately) run the media and entertainment industries, from the lowliest chick-lit agent to the publisher of The New York Times, the management firms, publicists, entertainment law firms, talent agencies, studios, production companies, network conglomerates, etc. have their own agendas, of course, those being 1) to make money, 2) to further avenge the Holocaust (or at the very least to see to it they're on the "right" side this time) and 3) to insure the cause and the existence of the State of Israel at all costs. These groups, which correspond roughly with the disparate groups which comprised early Nazi-Germany, have found themselves a common enemy: Islam. Early Nazis rallied together against the perceived common enemy of International Jewry. These early American-Nazis have rallied together against the perceived common enemy of the one billion Muslims on the planet. You don't want to be part of that mindset any more than you would have wanted to have been part of early Nazi-Germany, do you? Or do you think you would have just "gone along." Lots of people "went along" with Hitler, including lots of Jews. Lots of people are going along with the similar set of circumstances that operates today. There's money to be made. Don't rock the boat, baby. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Go along to get along. The people in early Nazi-Germany were joyful that their economy had recovered, that they had some confidence again. They didn't believe or at best ignored the whacko things Hitler was saying about Jews. Then look what happened. Personally, I wouldn't have gone along with what happened in early Nazi-Germany and I ain't gonna go along with what's happening in early Nazi-America. As for the rest of what you said, there's a definite stereotype even among Jews that Jews like making money and are good at it, are you kidding? The average income of Jews is twice that of the rest of the country. That's a simple fact. Look it up. It's not anti-Semitic. It's a matter of some pride, isn't it? What Jew (or any self-respecting American other than me) aspires to be poor? Sure there are exceptions, big whoop. If you're so smart why aren't you rich? Have you ever heard that? If you're so rich why aren't you smart, that's what I say. G.

What you call my anti-Semitism is pretty complicated. I'm gonna fiddle more with my long rant someday and try to clarify it as best I can, but it ain't gonna be readily understood if criticizing entertainment or the media or Israel is perceived as nothing but anti-Semitism and dismissed in the knee-jerk, brainwashed way any criticism of anything having anything to do with the role of American Jews in those institutions is dismissed, i.e., thoughtlessly. G.

It's not pro-Israel, anti-Arab propaganda I'm talking about. Nor is it politics or religion or any of the other forms of entertainment (sports, drugs, gossip, movies, TV, music, books, education, etc.) people have shoved down their throats to keep them from knowing what slaves to the almighty dollar they are. It's the underlying culture of consumerism and greed and waste and inhumanity and cruelty fueled by the entertainment and media industries which do not allow anything that does not further the cause of making money at all costs into the consciousness of individual Americans that pisses me off. It's not "anti-Jewish" at all, Jews just happen to be (predominately) the bosses of the mechanisms by which information is disseminated and they make a tidy living selling stuff to that captive audience on behalf of the rich white boys who have stuff to sell. If you want specific examples of the cult of consumerism there's almost nowhere you can look and NOT see them. Individual Jews, rich white boys, poor white boys, born-again Christians, Rastafarians and guys like me all have their own separate motivations. If you think American Jews are not motivated in part by a desire to support the State of Israel, I think you're wrong. If you think Jews don't have a lot of say-so in the media and entertainment industries, I think you're wrong. If you think the Jewish "lobby" is not a pretty powerful force in both the international and domestic affairs of this country (and therefore, since might makes right, the rest of the world), I think you're wrong. If you were me you could better appreciate that force by seeing how much people hate my guts 'cause they think I'm "anti-Semitic." Wow does one ever not want to be perceived as anti-Semitic in America...and if you don't kiss the ass of the media and entertainment industries, you're perceived as anti-Semitic. Trust me. Rome was a slave-based economy. Where oh where has the Roman Empire gone? My motives are purely altruistic. Anything I do worth doing I do for free. That's anathema to the underlying culture of consumerism. That's why nobody's gonna read my books until decades from now. I don't mind being called anti-Semitic (the worst thing one can be called in America these days) if all I'm doing is telling the truth for free. "Why I do trifle thus with his despair is done to cure it." G.

June 30, 2005

Enough already with this neverending Jew bullshit. Okay, crap. Forget it. Here's more...for the sake of William Blake. "If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

Now that some time has passed, I wonder if you've given any more thought to your anti-Semitic ramblings. I'm hoping that by now you've come to your senses and can see it for the hateful, ugly stuff it is. I suspect that deep down inside you were afraid all your tap-dancing Hollywood e-mails could actually score you a deal, and you figured you'd better hurry up and piss off everyone in town before that actually happened. Anyway, I miss you. But I really can't be your friend as long as you persist in your bigotry. I know that's exactly the kind of statement that makes you dig your heels in, but I'm being honest.

I'm not digging in anything and I know you're being honest but what we have here is a failure to communicate. Jews run Hollywood, most of publishing in NY, lots of media, have a powerful political lobby and care more about money than I do, big fucking whoop. I miss you too but if I'm bigoted so are you. G.

Wrong. I am not bigoted. I don't make generalizations about anyone based on their religion, race, etc. And everyone on the fucking planet cares more about money than you do, Gerry. So it's not exactly solid ground for casting aspersions on an entire religion. No, the truth is, you wanted so badly to piss off Hollywood you took the basest route possible to ensure that there wouldn't be a single person left who would make your movie. But you forgot about Mel Gibson. You'd better get busy.

I tried Mel, no dice. You think facts are anti-Semitic and are bigoted toward people who don't think facts are anti-Semitic. Oy, vey. G.

No, I never said facts are anti-Semitic. You think your own opinions, i.e, that Jews are money-grubbing lowlifes, is a fact. THAT is what's anti-Semitic.

Jews are not money-grubbing lowlifes. There. So am I pro-Semitic now? G.

Not as long as it's plastered all over your website.

There is nowhere I call anyone a lowlife or anything even approximating a lowlife. G.

Excuse me. With all that talk of money-grubbing I got carried away. Mea Culpa. I guess you meant money-grubbing Jews worthy of admiration and respect.

Absolutely! Are you kidding? Jews are great at making money and make lots and lots of it and with lots and lots of money all kinds of good things can be done and are being done. I like Jews I've told you a million times, I just don't like easy schlock that's considered something other than easy schlock 'cause it makes money. I'd prefer that Jews made money on better stuff, that's all. G.

Gerry. You really should take that stuff down from your website. You're so much better than that.

Yeah, well, I'm not gonna. It's that kind of heavy-handed blackmail and guilt-trip bullshit and blackballing and blacklisting and intimidation that prevents free speech and a free press and freedom, period. G.

Give me a fucking break, Gerry. When did I blackmail you? When did I blacklist you? When did I guilt-trip you? You're as free to be a bigoted asshole to prove you believe in free speech as I am to think you're disgusting for doing it.

You said take down what I think. So did the Rabbi. I'm getting blacklisted, badmouthed, bulldozed, besmirched and pooh-poohed up the wazoo. That stifles truth. Truth is beauty, beauty truth. I like truth and I like beauty, both, and I don't like stuff that stifles either of them.

For a supposed lover of truth, you sure have a way of twisting words into lies. Telling you that you should take that ugliness down from your website has nothing to do with blacklisting or blackmailing. How could I blacklist you? Blacklist you from what? Do you think I'm part of that secret cabal of powerful Jews you rant about? And how am I blackmailing you? Did I try to extort money from you? And guilt-trip? Ha! As if I would ever try that on you. I'm not stupid. But yes, you are indeed getting badmouthed and poo-pooed up the wazoo. Why not? You deserve it for the LIES you tell and the HATE you perpetuate, all the while insisting it's the truth.

If someone in the entertainment industry (and it's more likely than not that that person would be Jewish—do the numbers) had his or her choice between making $40.00 producing "Funny Ha-Ha Boy Steals His Mother's Underpants" and making $39.50 producing "Light in August," he or she would produce Funny Ha-Ha Boy, so for fifty cents we get more bird cage liners and no Faulkner. I think that sort of sucks and I'm gonna say so. G.

For God's sake! Where do you come off saying something like this? You think every Jew in the entertainment industry would compromise everything for 50 cents? That's one of the most bigoted things I've ever heard! You are such a bigot through and through that you can't even SEE it. What you see as TRUTH is bullshit. 100%. A figment of an imagination that's been brainwashed by a lifetime of anti-Semitic propaganda. It's so sad that you don't see it.

I've seen every Jew and every non-Jew in the entertainment industry compromise everything for fifty cents, yep. It's not a Jewish thing it's a money thing. The love of money is the root of all evil and what's sad is that you don't see that. I do. I'm gonna say what I see. Out of the mud grows the lotus. G.

First of all, of COURSE Hollywood is driven by money. That's why they call it the movie BUSINESS and the not the movie non-profit council for the arts. That said, it's absurd to insist there's not a soul in Hollywood who wouldn't compromise artistic integrity for 50 cents. You'll never be taken seriously if you make such blanket statements. But beyond that, if it's"not a Jewish thing" but "a money thing," then why the tirade against Jews? Why not just lash out against capitalism?

Capitalism is a Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy. Ha! I just made that up, but I bet it's true and if I gave enough of a shit I could very likely prove it...but I don't give enough of a shit. Given the putrid puke that's "taken seriously" I'd prefer not to be taken seriously; I'd prefer to be taken with a grain of salt. There's not a single soul in the entertainment industry who wouldn't compromise his or her "artistic integrity" for fifty cents. That's a fact. Believe it or not. G.

A few months I would have assumed you were joking when you said, "Capitalism is a Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy ... I could very likely prove it ..." But now I'm not so sure. Further, you're wrong when you say there's not a single soul in the entertainment industry who wouldn't compromise his or her artistic integrity. I'm not being snide when I say I'm seeing you in a completely different light now. What I used to think was your cute sense of humor, now looks frighteningly like Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Read about it.

Ah, I have a label, yippee! Hey, did you notice all the advertising on that site? G.

April 10, 2006

Gerald: Great site hands down blows every other information site away vis a vis the Literature World. I love your humor and your tell it like it is in your face commentary.

The Jews are an enigma aren't they? Israel too is something that cannot be fully explained. You kind of imply in your opening comments on Everybody ... that somehow everything that is wrong with this world comes back to the Jews and Israel. How odd you haven't mentioned where the real money and power comes from. Ironically it isn't the Jews at all. If you follow the money you will find that since the American Civil War there have been four families that have controlled the destiny of the world since then. In the beginning there were three but then a fourth was added near the turn of the twentieth century. The names of these families are not the ones like Rockefeller, Morgan, or Ford although the money behind all of these 'big names' certainly comes from the alliance of these four families. None of these four families is of Jewish ancestry. The whole Jewish thing was and always has been a blind for the 'real powers that be.' I am surprised you haven't been able to work that out. The information has always been there. The truth is that if you want to hide something the best place is right out there in the open. It is true that for much of the world's history it was convenient to serve up the Jews as a scapegoat and it has only been recently with the advent of Israel that this purpose no longer serves the ruling four. Nothing has changed. The Jews have never had the money. They are the money changers. World commerce changes money into goods. No one is better at this than the Jews. Yes some have been able to acquire money but then so have one hundred times as many gentiles. You see the strategy you are still buying into says lets make the Jews the scapegoats again. It's all their fault. It appears as though you have unwittingly placed into their hands your own propaganda which serves only one purpose to keep our attention off of what they are really doing. If you can get yourself there out of that Jewish box you are in for a moment then your freedom of thought can begin. The patterns are everywhere if you choose to lift up your own head from being a pawn of the establishment. It is ironic Gerald when you cannot even trust the very words you think come out of your own head. You have a choice to continue being a pawn or to become a free thinker and discover that while you are ranting you are being robbed blind of the one thing you thought could not be taken from you. Your mind.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's all right on about old money and power, etc., but my gripe with Jews at this particular moment among the past thirty centuries is that it's Jews who happen to be in charge of the media and entertainment aspects of the propaganda apparatus in Western culture and IT is doing a piss-poor job of edifying or instructing or allowing truth and beauty and decent sentences into the consciousness of ordinary consumers. Jews in the media and entertainment businesses are out-Nazing the Nazis of Nazi-Germany. I have no idea why. Complacency is my best guess. For its own selfish purposes, old money gave Jews the propaganda machine, the State of Israel and enough nuclear weapons to wipe out the rest of the world ten times over. "Never again," a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree, is assured (for Jews, at any rate, never mind the billion Muslims who seem to be the latest scapegoats) so why not just make as much money with as little effort as possible? Let's call it laziness. Jews used to make and promote great art. I could give you a list of great artists who were Jews that would curl your hair like it curled my hair when I read it or saw it or heard it or felt it. Recently, however, they've quit. Good books and great works of art are being worse than burned, they simply never see the light of day. They're never read or heard or seen or felt. That sucks. I don't like it. I write good books. I make great art. So do lots of other people but nobody's ever gonna get to see any of it 'cause the Nazis who run the media and entertainment industries just wanna make money selling schlock and promote the well-being of every nit-picky little square centimeter of soil in the State of Israel at all costs. And that's fine with old money, as long as the GDP goes up at least 5% a year, everyone's happy...well, except anyone who give's a rat's ass about truth or beauty or art or a decent sentence. I just don't like Nazis, that's all. I've got no quibble whatsoever with any Jews that aren't Nazi, book-burning, nit-picky fascist pricks and that includes a hell of a lot of Jews both now and over most of the last thirty centuries. But Jews who are Nazis are gonna get called Nazis. Seems simple enough to me. My name isn't Gerald and it's not likely you've ever played the only game I'm a pawn in. I don't like the notion that success and value are defined by how much money one makes and it's my perception that Jews for the most part made up that definition. There are exceptions, sure, but I'm not gonna applaud or aspire to a notion with which I disagree. Grace Paley I admire as well, and she's more Jewish than Abraham. Tons of Jews were...and a few probably still are...worthwhile writers and artists but these days the only criterion by which literary or any other kind of 'art' is allowed into the consciousness of ordinary people is whether in the opinions of the people who publish, manage, protect, represent and promote it, the vast majority of the most influential of whom are Jews, it will 'do well,' i.e., make money, and what makes money mostly seriously sucks. It's book-burning, money-grubbing, Nazi propaganda, plain and simple, and it pisses me off. I say so. I don't expect my opinions to be heard 'cause I don't own the megaphone. The megaphone is what makes money, shapes perception, etc. With enough hype I could get a billion people to go gaga over The Cleveland Yellow Pages. Without any hype I couldn't get two people to listen to the greatest literary work of art in human history if I gave it away for free. I have proof. Heh. Thanks. G.


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