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(666) is the mark I put by the names of people who've (1) asked ME (not you) not to contact them again or (2) blocked MY e-mails (not yours). It's a random number. I don't contact them again.

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Gmail and/or Google blocked this e-mail because (1) Google is an asshole, (2) "Our system has detected that this message is likely unsolicited mail. To reduce the amount of spam sent to Gmail, this message has been blocked" and/or (3) "The user or domain that you are sending to (or from) has a policy that prohibited the mail that you sent." (That's a lie, by the way. Google blocked it, not the user or domain. The user or domain doesn't even know what it said.) Below this line is a copy of the message:


"GINNY GOOD is a flawless book. It's also an annotated, multimedia VIDEO book, an authentic narrative nonfiction story of the decade of the sixties in San Francisco (and the last half of the 20th century everywhere else), a novel, a biography, pure poetry..."soaring, incisive, relentlessly truthful, shockingly beautiful," etc. See for yourself. You can READ, WATCH and/or LISTEN to all 35 chapters here:


Here's an early video chapter:


Imagine how good the later ones must be! Kick off your shoes, lean back and watch the 11-hour audio book, the 13-hour multimedia video book and/or the full, 42-hour annotated audiovisual extravaganza. Click "view all Showcases" here:


Thanks. G."


What's spammy about that? I'm giving tens of thousands of people a flawless book, an eleven-hour audio book, a thirteen-hour multimedia video book, a 42-hour annotated, multimedia VIDEO book and teaching them how to write, all for free. People spend billions of dollars on streaming services, what I give them is better than anything on any streaming service and it's free. I'm doing them multiple favors. What the fuck? Additionally, 1) my e-mail wasn't sent to Gmail, it was sent to the intended recipient, 2) it's definitely not "spam" by any definition (the dickweeds who own and operate Google should find out what spam IS before they go around blocking people for NO fucking reason whatsoever and with NO explanation and with NO response) and 3) it's not unsolicited. What that also means is that I can't REPLY to an e-mail sent from any Gmail account. If my sister, for example, who uses Gmail, e-mails me, I can't respond. First, she thinks I'm dead. Then she thinks I hate her. Both of which make her sad. Google spreads sadness wherever it goes.

Since when did you let Google decide what you can see and what you can't see? Talk about censorship, Gadfrees. If that's what you want, cool, get a Gmail account. It's not just Google, either. Individual e-mail systems have internal "spam" filters, which is where most of my e-mails end up. None of them know the definition of "spam," either. You need to be protected from yourselves. You need to be controlled and coddled and treated like children, or slaves, or prisoners, or worse. They've got you living in a big, fat gulag. If you want to be a slave, go for it. But why not just delete your own e-mail after you've decided whether it's spam or not? No wonder you don't have a single worthwhile thought. You let others do your thinking. Quit letting the clueless rats who own and operate Google, et al, run your lives. Or not.

Oh, plus, six years ago, Google disabled my entire account, including YouTube. Here's what I told them then: "...No warning. No explanation. No response. No nothing. What sucks about that, besides lots of things, is that my fifteen hours of content which took forty years to make is the best thing on YouTube...each chapter is better than anything else on your whole silly site and there are thirty-five chapters...which means that the poor guys who run YouTube just lost thirty-five times the value of their company. Watch it and see. You still have it. I don't. You stole it off me, fair and square, then disabled the site it's on for no reason. Congratulations! That's some trick. I've never violated any of Google's or YouTube's policies or terms of service." I stuck everything on Vimeo, called Google names, and forgot about it. Now they're at it again! Motherfuckers.

May 5, 2022

I've started updating my website again. I couldn't go another minute without proving to myself, again, what two-bit punks these guys are. I sent this e-mail to around five thousand boys and girls in Propagandaville:

"GINNY GOOD is one of the ten best books published anywhere in the world so far this century. It's also an annotated multimedia VIDEO book (the only one ever made), an authentic take on the sixties in San Francisco (1959-1982), a novel, a biography, pure poetry, etc. Each chapter is better than most whole books. See for yourself. You can READ, WATCH and/or LISTEN to all 35 chapters here:


That's like buying 35 books and/or going to 35 movies for free. I just gave you a thousand bucks! The VIDEO BOOK is the thing, though. Here's a chapter so you'll know what I'm talking about. I have lots of favorite chapters, but this is the shortest:


Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones"

In the last sixty years, my writing has been "rejected" in one way or another close to a million times. The more it's rejected, the better it gets. Ha! You won't pay attention to any of this, either, of course. You've got important things to do. Oh, well. G.


June 17, 2019

Apparently I've quit updating my little lists. Hm. Maybe it's time to stop fiddling with the fuckers altogether. It's my birthday. I'm 77. Okay, that's it. I'm done. Let's sum up. Since 2002 I've been keeping track of 20,000 lit agents, editors, movie guys, newspapers, magazines, journalism, film and writing schools, publicists and booksellers who might be interested in my writing. I've sent them at least 200,000 "query" letters over the past seventeen years. Other than a few ill-considered snotty remarks, none of them said jack back. One book, Ginny Good, was published in 2004. The publisher saw that my website had generated a little buzz and thought the book might make him some money. It didn't. A few years later he removed it from his list. Now everything I do is free.

June 1, 2018

Here's the e-mail I sent to the money-grubbing moron dipshit twits on my little lists. If you're wondering why nobody can write
anymore, it's simple. Making money is the only thing that matters and what makes money isn't writing. There's a little more to it than that, but not much.

"Ginny Good is the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century. It's a 357 page narrative nonfiction love story that won some prizes and got some good reviews...but a mere book you can just read is nothing compared to The Multimedia Video Book of Ginny Good. It has music and pictures and sound clips that go with the times in the book...from roughly 1959 to the beginning of 2004. Nobody's ever done anything like it. Someday, with a few enhancements, it'll be the coolest way to read, period. The only way you can get it (and the multimedia audio book) is to have me mail them to you on a flash drive. Send me an e-mail. Give me a mailing address. If you don't sound like a jerk I'll send you a copy of the real book, too.

"The story takes place mainly in San Francisco in the sixties. It's around the same number of years after I wrote about Haight-Ashbury in 1967 that Tolstoy wrote about Napoleon burning Moscow in 1812 and both books, War and Peace and Ginny Good, have more to do with the people than the events. It would make an exquisite, award-winning movie and/or TV series. In fact, just as it is, the multimedia video book is better than anything you can see at the movies or on TV. No one has paid it much mind. That's okay. How many people can say he or she wrote the best book published anywhere in the world so far this century, turned it into the first multimedia video book ever and came up with a whole new way to read? One. Me. Heh. Long after most every other book or movie or TV series made so far this century is forgotten, the thoughtful beauty of The Multimedia Video Book of Ginny Good will be remembered and revered. You can read it (or watch the voice only version) on Medium, Vimeo or my site. Thanks. G."

Twelfth Edition

July 16, 2016

Here's the e-mail I sent to all 23,633 of the money-grubbing moron dipshit twits on my little lists.

Here's a Vimeo voice only video book you might like:


Pick a chapter, any chapter, they're all good in different ways but The Multimedia Video Book of Ginny Good in its entirety is best. It takes place mostly in San Francisco in the sixties but that's not what matters. What matters is that nobody's done anything like it. It's the single most sublime work of literary art ever made...better than any book or movie or TV show.

See for yourself. The only way you can get the multimedia version is to have me mail you a copy on a flash drive. Stick the flash drive into your computer or smart TV, lean back and watch. The flash drive includes the multimedia audio book, too. If you don't want to watch you can listen. Everything I do is free. If you just want to read the book click this:


You won't do any of those things, of course. You'll ignore it. You'll think I'm whacked. You have more important things to do than read, watch or listen to the single most sublime work of literary art ever made. It's no skin off my nose, either way. I did what I wanted to do. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

I'm also updating my website. Here's the page you're listed on:


Eleventh Edition

December 12, 2015

I adore fiddling with my little lists. Some people play video games. I fiddle with my lists. It makes me feel like Santa Claus. I make lists. I check them twice. I find out who's naughty and nice. I just got done with 2,200 Lit and Talent Agents, sent 'em all an e-mail. Nobody said jack back. Now I'm going to send 'em another e-mail asking why.

I sent you an e-mail awhile ago that said, "Here's a voice only video audio book you might like:


Skip around a little. Chapter Nineteen (La Honda) is especially good, albeit a bit adult:


They're all good but by far the best is The Multimedia Video Book of Ginny Good in it's entirety. Give me an address and I'll send it to you on a 32gb flash drive. You can plug it into your smart TV and watch something besides drivel for a change. Thanks. G."

You didn't respond. Why not? I offered you a fourteen hour work of art that would make several Oscar winning movies or a multi-year Emmy winning TV series and you didn't deign to say a single word. Do you think I do this for me? I don't. I do it for you. It's better to give than receive. Do what you think best. Ignore away. That's okay. Some Chinese scholar digging through the ruins of American culture will stumble across my gorgeous stuff and be ashamed for you. He'll know who to blame, too. I've made a list. Here's the page you're on:


Thanks, again. Oh, plus, I started a blog. G.


Gerard Jones

Tenth Edition

January 20, 2011

Okay, by way of updating my little website, I just sent this e-mail to ten thousand or so U. S. Lit Agents and UK Lit Agents, U. S. Publishers and UK Publishers, Bogus Book Awards & "Creative" Writing Teachers and Publicists and Booksellers.

Read and/or listen to:

Ginny Good (ISBN: 0972635750) anywhere, any time, on any device for free.


"...of all the books I've read, Ginny Good is the only book that had me simultaneously crying my eyeballs out and laughing my head off. Several times throughout, in fact. In a word: WOW."

Oh, oh, p.s., as part of "UK Editors and Publishers," here's the new page you're listed on:


If anything needs fixing, let me know. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

One out of a thousand people said anything back to me and most of what those few people said was snippy. Undaunted, I've started updating Propagandaville and Newspapers and will eventually get to Sundry Blowhard Bloggers. I might update Tinseltown Lit & Talent Agents one of these days but I won't ever do anything more with Independent and Gobbed-Up Movie Production Companies 'cause they creep me out. You can see what's done and/or not done on the site map. G.

Gerard Jones

Ninth Edition

January 1, 2010

If anyone has any new stuff to stick up here, let me know and I'll stick it up, otherwise I'm leaving things the way they are. G.

Eighth Edition

January 3, 2009

I'm just gonna be updating my little list when I get bored or when someone pisses me off. If you've got something new to tell me, tell me. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

Seventh Edition

December 31, 2007

I adore my latest little press release. I sent it to twenty thousand (20,000) US Publishers, UK Publishers, US Agents, UK Agents, Movie Agents, Producers, and Studios, along with sundry Media Guys, Publicists, Teachers and Bloggers and didn't hear an intelligible peep from any of the totalitarian twits...which exactly proves my point: Judeo-American fascism kicks every other kind of fascism's ass nine days a week. Onward, Christian soldiers. Might makes right. Don't ask, don't tell. Arbeit Macht Frei. The glory that was the USA is of another day. You think it's funny but it's snot. Ooh-rah.

New News

Ginny Good (ISBN: 0972635750) is a narrative nonfiction account of what really went on in San Francisco in the sixties...and all sorts of other things nobody knows. It was the best, brightest, most beautiful work of literary art published anywhere in the world so far this century but nobody got a chance to read it 'cause it didn't get any hype from the moneygrubbing media and entertainment ghouls who run the permanently closed propaganda gulag. Oh, well. I just got all the rights back from the publisher and made it into a free online book and a free audio book. Yippee!


If you want a copy of the audio book on .mp3 CDs, give me an address and I'll send you a copy. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

Do you want to know the real sickness? The really sick sickness? No, of course you don't, you want to wallow in ignorance and petty self-aggrandizement, but I'll tell you anyway. Money, that's what. Nobody can know anything they don't pay for and what you pay for hardens your heart and shrivels your soul and crams your brain with kicks and giggles. It's a vicious circle. The only things of any value are the things someone got paid to tell you to buy...the more it cost, the more it's worth. People, companies, countries, they all come and go...what abides is silver and gold. There is no God but Money and Oprah Winfrey is His Messenger.

Here's how it works. There are these rich guys, see. They're from all over the world and they entertain themselves and derive pride and joy from accumulating wealth by exploiting really poor people. How fun. Rich guys use the all-pervasive, unassailable media and entertainment monopolies as their own private propaganda and public enlightenment apparatus to keep you so stupid you buy boatloads of the useless crap they need to sell in order to accumulate wealth. It's not just things, either. You nitwits buy the absurd notions they sell you, too...things like "democracy" and "free speech" and a "free press." Ha! Stalin in his wildest dreams never came up with a gulag like the gulag you've got yourselves living in.

Nothing you can read or hear or see or learn or know or think isn't a lie to get you to do what rich guys want you to do. The only function you have your whole life is to buy more and more worthless junk. You've been conditioned from birth to believe what your owners pay media and entertainment boys and girls to tell you and what they get paid to tell you is vile, money grubbing balderdash: Root for the home team. Vote. Whine. Opine. Stay petrified. Get a million hits on your moronic blog. Don't quit your day job. Hate who and what your owners want you to hate and love who and what your owners want you to love. Covet everything anyone else has. Do unto others before they do unto you. Live for tomorrow. Ack. It's stupid to tell you how stupid you are.

If you want to see an example of something that's not a lie, something that won't rot your brain and won't keep you stupid and something you can't buy, go read the online version of Ginny Good. It's free. Like me. You won't do that, of course. You'd rather wallow in the ignorance and petty self-aggrandizement your owners keep you wallowing in for their own mean, miserable, money grubbing reasons. Anything free can't be of any value, can it? No. If it were of value it would be for sale, right? Lord, what fools these mortals be! Oh, oh, here's a review of Tom Brokaw's bullshit book about the sixties. He and fascist Random House called it, "Boom." I call it "Puke Me through the Fucking Floor."

Nobody has to burn books anymore, it's easier just to make sure there aren't any books worth burning. Sing the song, boys and girls: "...we all live in a complete police state, a complete police state, a complete police state." Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

"Sure, I was a little wrapped up in myself. I've always been a little wrapped up in myself. Who isn't a little wrapped up in himself or herself? We're all a bunch of fucking water spiders, skimming over the surface of everything, face to face with nothing but our own stupid reflections. All I had to do was look. All I had to do was listen. But I didn't. I had this appointment, see."

Ginny Good, Chapter 32

Sixth Edition
August 2007

September 26, 2007

I've had fun fiddling with this little website for the past five years but updating it has gotten to be a pain in the ass...give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, etc., etc....and I've got too much other worthwhile stuff going on. So. Here's the deal. I'm leaving the updating of the listings on the site up to anyone who wants the sucker updated. Tell me what needs to be fixed and I'll fix it. I'm still having fun with other parts of the site, like The Book of Isaac, and I'll stick up a rant or two every now and again but, other than that, I quit. Thanks. G.

Fifth Edition
September, 2006
(Including "Press Releases")

January 10, 2007

Here's the second "exquisite e-mail press release" I'm sending to around 10,000 people on my little list. I'm cooking up something special for movie guys so I left them alone this time, but it's going out to all the agents, editors and publishers, media guys, publicists and booksellers, bloggers, book award guys and "creative" writing teachers. Nobody but my buddy GOB and the chick from Tennessee paid any attention to it, of course, but that's to be expected since, with very few exceptions, everyone in the media and entertainment industry is a Mongoloid idiot. G.

January 10, 2006

How many people can say he or she wrote the greatest work of literary art published anywhere in the world during the first decade of the 21st Century? One. Me. Ha! How many can say he made the best audio book ever made anywhere in the known universe? One. Me. Go listen to it and see. It's free.


Now I'm finishing up one of the few worthwhile novels that's gonna be published anywhere in the world during the second decade of the 21st Century. Here's a sneak peek.


Given the indisputable fact that I'm easily one of the best, if not the best, writer living anywhere on this woebegone planet at the moment, why have more than fifteen thousand of the most influential lit agents, editors, talent agents, movie guys, media boys and girls, educators, booksellers, etc., etc. completely and repeatedly ignored my gorgeous stuff? I'll tell you why, 'cause they're ignorant and they wanna keep everyone else ignorant so they can keep selling the worthless junk they get paid to sell, that's why. Ha! The love of money is the root of all evil. Vey iz mir. Happy New Year. G.

Gerard Jones

Note: I'm going to be sending the occasional exquisite e-mail "press release" (like this one) to select people on my list of media and entertainment geniuses.


If you don't want me to send you any more, let me know and I will gladly put a mark (666) by your name to remind me not to send you any more. Here's the page you're listed on. Thanks. G.


September 26, 2006

In 1938, when he was 54, Somerset Maugham wrote a book called The Summing Up. I read it when I was 19. I have no idea what it was about but remember thinking at the time that I might have a little summing up to do someday, too. Now I'm ten years older than he was in 1938. The guy was a kid. Shakespeare was a kid when he died. Ginny Good was, I suppose, the summing up I did when I was 54 but I've got a lot more to sum up now...most of which I'll do in my real writing. I want to stick a few remarks here, however, some comments that seem germane to the contents of the media and entertainment directory I made on and off during the last four years:

Nothing of any consequence or merit or lasting value has been published, produced or promoted in the US, UK or Canada in the last twenty years 'cause none of the 15,000 money-grubbing morons on my little list who publish, produce and promote media and entertainment in the US, UK and Canada give a rat's ass about anything but making money. Hype is everything; excellence is nothing. That's sick, sure, but it's also indicative of the imminent end of worldwide capitalism...yippee! There is nothing in modern Western Civilization whose sole goal is not to make anything but money, period. War makes nothing but money. Sports make nothing but money. Politics makes nothing but money. Journalism makes nothing but money. Justice makes nothing but money, etc., etc., etc. If a thing doesn't make money it's simply not done...wow, does that ever leave a lot not done. Why do you think Jesus turned over the tables and shot out the lights among the moneychangers at the temple in Jerusalem? 'Cause they were money-grubbing pricks and giggly twits who didn't give a rat's ass about anything but making money...not God or love or truth or beauty or honor or freedom or integrity or mercy or charm or pity or sacrifice, not drama, not catharsis, not the lilies of the field, not the suffering of little kids, not about anything but making money and money only and only money and more and more money to the exclusion of all else. And for what? Pride? Ego? Self-worth? Like buying gadgets and maids and gardeners and land and influence makes one person "better" than another? More valuable, more worthwhile, cuter, more clever, more sought after? Like making money and money and more money makes a person good or brave or strong or noble or smart? Ha! "...we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out." Ack.

That agents, editors, publishers, publicists and movie and media guys, etc. are cowardly slaves who think they're hot shit 'cause they're the overseers of a slave-based economy bores the crap out of me. People still suck up to them, sure, 'cause nobody's gonna pay any attention to anything they don't endorse, but who with any brains could possibly give a rat's ass about the putrid puke they do endorse? If your work gets published or promoted or made into a movie or gets itself on a "bestseller" list or wins "awards," your work sucks. Except as a total fluke, nothing that doesn't suck is ever allowed into the consciousness of ordinary Americans...or Brits or Canadians. Period. It's a closed system. It has to be. Capitalism depends on the ignorance of the slaves who keep the economy chugging along at a minimum increase in the gross national product of five percent a year. Anything that wises them up is anathema. I'm anathema. Hallefuckinglujah! I wouldn't have it any other way. G.

Gerard Jones

March 16, 2006

It's gonna take awhile to finish fiddling with updates (I've gotta send out about a billion e-mails), but as you can see from the new title, the Fifth Edition of EWA should be done by April. Here's a new description I've come up with:

A free, online directory of around 15,000 of the most influential literary and talent agents, editors, publishers and media and movie guys in the US, UK and Canada, including e-mail and website addresses...which also serves as a showcase for The Audio Book of GINNY GOOD, the single greatest literary achievement of the 21st Century, and my other beautiful books that nobody's ever gonna get to read 'cause they're not idiotic, money-grubbing, superfulous schlock.

The main new addition is Propagandaville, thousands of media boys and girls who run the propaganda machine that keeps "brave, free" Americans from knowing that they're more deceived, deluded, brainwashed, taken to the cleaners and sold down the river than the poor people of Nazi Germany ever were. Joseph Goebbels was a pantywaist punk compared to these guys. It's nobody's "fault," of course, but so what?

"It's a living," they say. No. It's not. It's lying. It's cheating. It's slavery. It's deceit. It's loathing your neighbor as you loathe yourself. It's doing unspeakable things unto others before unspeakable things get done unto you. People like living in a police state, sure. Who can blame 'em? It's safe. Well, you know, as long as you toe the line and have the cops on your side. I would've bitched about the Gestapo and the propaganda apparatus in Nazi Germany, too. Wouldn't you? Nah. You would've gone along to get along like you go along to get along now. Give me liberty or give me liberty, my old pappy always used to say. Here's the latest press release I've been sending out:

New Literary Art Form

I made a new form of literary art. It's the slickest, smartest, most edifying, entertaining art form ever made by anyone anywhere. You can read about it and/or listen to it here:


It's free, like me; that's part of its art. Here's a sample which, although not the best in the book, is easily among the ten greatest single chapters in the history of all world literature. Nobody ever heard nothing like it before:


I very much doubt that you will listen to any of it but at least you can't say you weren't given the chance. There are plenty of other chapters that are way better all by themselves than most any other complete literary work of "art" made in the last twenty years, including the trite folderol that "won" Pulitizers, Bookers, Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, National Book Awards and the rest of the bogus marketing devices used to sell fatuous fluff to clueless consumers. Pick a chapter, any chapter. Listen to it. See what I'm talking about...hear what I'm talking about with your own ears if you have any.

If for some inconceivable reason the most edifying new art form ever made isn't your cup of tea, you're welcome to forward this e-mail to anyone you know whose cup of tea it may be. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

Fourth Edition
April 2005

March 31, 2005

Okay, just to wrap things up before my lion-taming lessons begin out at the golf course, here's the e-mail I've sent to all 6,000 or so people on my little list now that I've finished The Fourth Edition. Now I might send out a press release but I doubt it; media dweebs and book review boys and girls are a pretty ignorant lot, too. If they want to say stuff about my slick website or my beautiful books I'm sure they'll do so all on their own but I ain't holding my breath. I'm washing my hands of the whole kit and caboodle for another six months or so, at which time I'll come up with The Fifth Edition, which might include the morons who call themselves book review editors and sundry other media goons:

Finished, finally, fhew...

People wonder why I went to all the trouble of making Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing and Tinseltown Too, an online directory of 2,500 of the top literary agents, editors and publishers in the US, UK and Canada, and 3,500 or so Hollywood literary & talent agents, studio executives and independent film company boys and girls. Now that The Fourth Edition, April 2005 is finally finished, I'm gonna tell you why.

For fun, that's why. To crack myself up. And because it's a new kind of art—a new kind of literature, an approximation of the truth for a change. EWA's got more useful information in it about the book business and the movie business than anything else you can get anywhere for free, that's for sure, and it's gonna stay free like the rest of the best things in life.

I also made this whole huge 4.57 MB website to make it easier to get my beautiful books rejected some more. My goal is to be the most rejected writer of all time. I reached that goal clear back at fourteen thousand or so, but I wanna keep adding to the record so no one will ever break it. When I get done with this round of "querying" I'll be up to around 150,000 rejections, give or take. I'm proud. I'm happy. It's only fitting that one of the best writers who's ever lived should be far and away the most rejected writer who's ever lived. Virtue is its own reward.

A third reason I made the thing was to create a record for future historians. When some Chinese scholar is digging around in the rubble of American culture to find causes for the rise and fall of what was once the richest, sweetest, kindest, most powerful nation on earth, he or she will see the names of the people who prevented anything worth reading or writing from being written or read or made into a movie and will make the correct assumption that it was that arrogance and that greed and that ignorance that undermined the heart and soul and morality of an otherwise pretty cool country.

But the main reason I made the site was so that I could sit down one fine day like today and send all 6,000 of the shortsighted, money-grubbing goons and giggly twits in the book business and the movie businesses an e-mail telling 'em exactly what I think of 'em. If you're reading this, you're one of those selfsame, shortsighted, money-grubbing goons or giggly twits who has rejected my beautiful books in one way or another going on a hundred and fifty thousand times over the years and here, briefly, is what I would like to take this opportunity to say to you, if I may:

I write great books, important books, books worth reading and writing, books that would make great movies, and you reject 'em, how stupid is that? You produce crappy books and crappy movies for money, I write great books for free. Who would you rather be, you or me? Wait, wait, you've already answered that an astronomical number of times but, what the heck, go ahead and answer it again. Ignore this e-mail like you ignored the others I've sent you. Prove yet again how truly worthless and ignorant and stupid you really are. Go on about the oh so very important business of making money buying and selling lousy books and lousy movies, live your lies, make your piddly piles of nickels and dimes and Deutschmarks—die, rot, be forgot, that's fine with me, but my little website's gonna give you some measure of immortality whether you want it or not. Ha!

Your children and grandchildren are gonna see your name among the thousands of chicken-hearted, money-grubbing schlock-peddlers and giggly twits and useless goons who dismissed my beautiful books and chose instead to go gaga over the unspeakably inane, mind-numbing twaddle that will become known as American literature and culture of the early 21st Century. And you picked it. Wow. Should you feel good about yourself, or what? It's kind of cool being one of the best writers who's ever lived but how cool can it be to have prevented anything worth reading or writing from being read or written or seen at the movies? To have ignored one of the best writers who's ever lived? To have rejected the last few books that were worth reading or writing in all American Literature? Not very, that's my guess. It was pretty cool to have written them, though.

You may never know how stupid you are, how ignorant, how useless, how negligible, etc., due in large part to having your head buried all the way to China in the dirt of your own giggly greed, but posterity will. You'll be lumped among book review editors and their idiotic ilk who have (with the single exception of Linda Richards who picked Ginny Good as the editor's only choice for the best nonfiction book of 2004) neglected to read or review the coolest book published anywhere in the world so far this century. Oh, well. I wouldn't want to be one of their children or grandchildren, either.

The thing that really cracks me up is that then y'all have the gall to call what some wide-eyed, innocent Saudi kid gets taught in a madrasa "brainwashing." Oh, my gosh. To love God instead of Money? Yikes. What kind of an absurd, subversive notion is that? Those towelheads ought to be bombed back into the stone age. Naturally you know what matters. Money. Period. That's it. You love money. You adore money. You worship money. You eat, sleep, drink, breathe and take baths in money. Money isn't everything, it's the only thing. Whoever said "the love of money is the root of all evil" must be some kind of terrorist, some kind of whacko Islamic-fundamentalist. "Where your treasure is there will your heart be also." It must have been some whacko that said that, too.

You won't ever realize any of that either, of course, but future generations will. Your children and your grandchildren will be shunned because of you. They'll be embarrassed, they'll be afraid to play with other kids, they'll get teased, they'll be made fun of, laughed at; no one with any brains will have anything to do with them because it will be widely assumed that they were born with your moron genes.

Take heart, however, it may still not too late! You might be able to redeem yourself. You may still have a chance to make life a little easier for your otherwise ill-fated progeny. Take a look at Ginny Good. Buy the hardcover rights. Buy the Brit rights. Translate the sucker into Dutch. Get me to read it into a microphone so it can be an audio book. Future generations will treasure the sound of my glorious voice reading the gorgeous words I wrote back during that time when literature and culture was at its lowest ebb and you'll be revered for "discovering" me. Your children and grandchildren will be honored, flattered, sought-after instead of shunned...and all because of you! Whoopdeedo. What better legacy could you possibly leave them than that?

Or better still, do it for yourself. Make a movie out Ginny Good so you can say you did one thing worth doing in your life. Or take a look at any of my other beautiful books. Buy or sell or make movies out of one or two or three of them while you're at it. Be a hero to your heirs. If you wanna find out how, click this: Manuscripts for Sale or Rent. You'll thank yourself. Your children will thank you, your grandchildren will thank you, your great-grandchildren will thank you, I'll thank you, but I'd thank you anyway whether you're a demonstrable idiot or not. Thanks.

Gerard Jones

p.s. I know there's a fine line between delightful cynicism and bitterness. I cross it on occasion but I'm basically pretty pleased with myself and with the books I write and with the objectivity with which I see things. If you want to see more delightful cynicism, bitterness, bravado and the way things are, click this: Rants, Diatribes, Etc. I gotta go play golf in the rain. G.

Third Edition
April 2004

March 31, 2004

Okay, I've sent this e-mail to all 2,114 people on my little list of agents, editors and publishers in the known universe and beyond. I also sent the first fifty pages of a good 350 page novel, ASTRAL WEEKEND, a good 250 page collection of short stories, ESMERALDA and OTHER STORIES, a good 350 page sequel to a good narrative nonfiction book, KELLY CHRISTENSEN: An Introduction, the entirety of a humongo, 1,000 page piece of prescriptive nonfiction, EWA, and offered a bunch of subrights to a good, newly released, 350 page narrative nonfiction book, GINNY GOOD, to each and every one of those 2,114 agents, editors and publishers. That's around eleven thousand (11,000) substantial query packages which would easily have cost $250,000 to print, copy and send out through the US Postal Service—not to mention the time it took to write the stuff in the first place. Out of those eleven thousand substantial query packages, guess how many requests to see any more of my manuscripts I got? None. Ha! 11,000 rejection slips in two or three weeks. That's gotta be some kind of record. Oh, well. You can lead an ostrich to water but you can't make him or her drink. Hey, yo, ostriches, here's some water: Ginny Good (and there's plenty more where that came from). Okay, here's the e-mail I sent out. This is the one that went to Peter Olson at Random House, but the other 2,113 were all pretty much the same:

Hey, Peter, to coincide with the release of GINNY GOOD in April 2004 I'm releasing the Third Edition of EVERYONE WHO'S ANYONE IN ADULT TRADE PUBLISHING. If you want to make any additions or corrections to your listing, let me know. Here's the page you're on:


To see whether you may be interested in making an offer on any or all of the works I currently have available, click this:


You're also welcome to include this free, up-to-date ("gonzo, maverick, fascinating, idiosyncratic burst of common genius") directory of over 2,300 of the top literary agents, editors and publishers of adult trade books in the US, UK and Canada among your personal resources or as a link on your corporate website.


Gerard Jones

Second Edition
August, 2003

July 31, August 2003

Rebecca Traister wrote a little blurb about my site in the NY Observer. Here it is:


I've incorporated all the responses I got to this e-mail I sent to everyone on my little list in July, but will continue updating as further responses trickle in:

Dear Joseph Blow:

Wow. Who would have thought a whole year could have gone by so fast! It's already time for a Second Edition of Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing. The update process is simple. Type your name in the "SEARCH" box at:


Click on the link to the page you're on, do Ctrl+F, find yourself, check for inaccuracies, make additions or amendments, list your interests, policies, likes and dislikes, etc.—anything you want to relay to the thousands of people who look at this directory every day—then forward your corrections and comments to me via a response to this e-mail and I'll take it from there. Thanks.

The fully revised Second Edition of EWA will include over 2,000 of the top literary agents, editors and publishers in the US, UK and Canada for whom I could find e-mail addresses, and around 600 websites all in one convenient location. I've listed them in order of their relative size and significance. It's the most complete, candid, useful, up-to-date directory of executives and companies in the publishing industry available...anywhere, as far as I can tell.

During the past year I've sold one book, GINNY GOOD, which is coming out in the Spring of 2004 from Monkfish Book Publishing Company. It's gonna be one of the most unique, substantial, enduring and successful books published in the 21st Century—if you think I'm exaggerating, get a copy from the publisher, read it and see for yourself. But don't despair, I also have a total of four more books, including this directory, which are equally compelling and timeless, although quite different in tone, style and content. If you want to talk to me about buying or representing any or all of them, let me know.

Lastly, you're welcome to include a link to this free (no advertising, no registration, no pop-ups, etc.) directory on your own website—or bookmark it and use it yourself, for that matter. Tens of thousands of writers and even a few of the more enlightened agents, editors and publishers have found it to be an indispensable resource. Thanks again.

Gerard Jones

Gerard Jones

First Edition
August, 2002

July 31, 2002

My name is Gerard Jones. There's another Gerard Jones. I'm not him. He writes comic books and media commentary. I've been writing some weird combination of fiction and nonfiction on and off since 1959 and have never made a nickel at it. That's okay. Although it's true that I would have liked to have made some money along the way, I like what I write and I like the people who like what I write and I basically wouldn't trade places with anyone on the planet.

In the process of trying to make a nickel or two off of what I've written, I've had all sorts of exchanges with agents, editors and publishers and it dawned on me sometime in June of 2002 that it might be sort of cool to stick some of them into a book or onto a website—if for no other reason than to share with other writers how difficult it is to find a good agent or get a good book published. Here's a chapter of a book by William Germano about the publishing industry called What Do Publishers Do?

So. With all that in mind. I sent the following e-mail out to around a thousand agents, editors and publishers of adult trade books. (Adult trade books have nothing to do with pornography, by the way. The term refers simply to fiction and nonfiction books which are sold to adults. Random House, for example, is the most humongous adult trade book publisher in the world.)

Dear Joseph Blow:

I'm putting together a book and a website which will include all the pertinent information I can find about Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing in the US, UK and Canada. So far I've identified 731 literary agents and 516 editors and publishers.

Is there anything you'd especially like included about you or your interests or your company?

If you are not anyone in adult trade publishing, please let me know and I will remove your name and e-mail address from the project. Thanks.

How this all started is that I have a couple books I've been looking to sell. One's a literary fiction masterpiece masquerading as a psychological, sexual, spiritual, political thriller; the other is a memoir in the mode of E. L. Doctorow set primarily in San Francisco during the years 1959 through 1990. If you want to take a look at either or both of them, let me know that as well. Thanks again.

Gerard Jones

The responses (or in most cases the lack of responses) to that request for information and to other query letters I've sent out over the last couple of years are what have resulted in the directory which you're welcome to use and enjoy. Where I didn't get a response, you may find out more about individual agents or editors by clicking on their websites (if available) or by typing or cutting and pasting an individual literary agent or editor's name into a search engine. A Google search on the agents Molly Friedrich or Amanda Urban brings up these links. If you stick in Morgan Entrekin or Jonathan Galassi, you get these.

The search thingy at Publisher's Weekly or the Bookseller in the UK are also good places to stick in the names of individual agents and editors about whom you wish to find more information. You're still gonna have to do a little research on your own, in other words, but this directory will provide at the very least a useful starting place.

I've organized the thing very subjectively, generally in order of the relative significance of the literary agencies and publishing houses I've listed, although I also just did it the way I did it. Individuals within each company are organized in the same way. I'm sure I got a lot wrong. If anyone feels he or she or his or her company is more important or less important than is reflected in the listing, let me know and I may or may not change it. I also invite further comments or corrections and will happily include them...or not, depending on how germane I may think they are at any given moment.

That means it's not alphabetical, however, but you can use the SEARCH function and when you find who or what you're looking for, use Cntrl+F to go directly to it. (Wait for the page to load first, or it won't work.)

As I was gathering information I noticed that lots of agents, editors and publishers say stuff in blue ink, so what they've had to say I've put in blue. Like these sentences, for example.

What I've had to say I've left in black ink. Like this. Slick, huh?

As you poke around you will no doubt stumble upon several references to the two books I've been trying to sell: ASTRAL WEEKEND and GINNY GOOD If you want to buy either or both of them, let me know. Oh, forget about GINNY GOOD; it got sold. Ha! But you're still welcome to read about it and buy whatever rights may still be available.

Okay, so that's where the thing stands up to this very moment. I think I may also be inventing a whole new Andy Warhol, Marshall McLuhan kind of art form—publishing my rejection of the publishing industry. J'eschew! Ha! I'm sure it'll go over just as big as all my other books have. Danielle Steele and Stephen King are no doubt quaking in their boots.

Here are some Articles, Reviews and Links and here are some Quotes and Comments.

Agents and editors move around a lot. I'll try to keep up with them and would appreciate any help anyone can give me in that regard, so if I've got something wrong, let me know.

Unless I die of starvation in the gutter, which is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but which you can help prevent by Giving Me Money, this directory is intended to be an ongoing project.

It's also limited to people with e-mail addresses, although I did stick in a few old dogs like Theron Raines, Bill Henderson, Gunther Stuhlmann and Grace Paley just 'cause they're cool. If you wish to be included in this directory and are not some schlock book doctor or vanity press, let me know.

I will also gladly correct any inaccurate information. I will not, however, remove the names or e-mail addresses of people who merely consider themselves too hoity-toity to be bothered with writers. What these guys forget is that it's writers who write the books—all agents, editors and publishers do is represent, buy and sell what is in their best economic interests to represent, buy and sell. I have no hope of altering that incestuous arrangement by any means, but that ain't gonna keep me from trying to alter it. Ha! Thanks.

Gerard Jones


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