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September 1, 2014

Ginny Good is an okay book. It's easily as good or better than any book published anywhere in the world so far this century, but that's not saying much. The Multimedia Audio Book of GINNY GOOD is among the best works of literary art ever made. That's saying a lot. Naturally, you're going to think I'm some crackpot but I'm not. Don't take my word for it, click a link or two and see for yourself. Here are five short chapters to start with: Chapter 7 (North Beach), New Year's Eve, 1962, Chapter 18 (Ocean Beach), Winter 1965, Chapter 23 (Golden Gate Park), Fall, 1967, Chapter 27 (Sutro Heights), Summer, 1969 and Chapter 35 (I-5), Spring, 2004:

If you're feeling more ambitious, try Chapter 19 (La Honda), May, 1965, aka "the acid chapter" and/or Chapter 31 (Sacramento), August, 1973, aka "the heroin chapter."

You can read and/or listen to Ginny Good (ISBN: 0972635750) in its entirety on any device for free.

The link includes the index to The Multimedia Audio Book of GINNY GOOD, which is free, too—everything I do is free. Click the "Listen (Multimedia)" links to hear ten more chapters. If you want the whole fifteen hour extravaganza on .mp3 CDs, give me a mailing address and I'll send you a copy. Thanks.

Gerard Jones

May 12, 2004

Hey, I decided maybe I need to win me some prizes in order to get people to read GINNY GOOD, so I'm gonna stick up a list of things people can win for writing books. In order to find out what prizes there are that are worth winning, I've been sending this e-mail out to people who might know about grants and prizes and awards and stuff, like book review guys and other people who wrote books and creative writing teachers. I didn't get many responses, but I got enough. Here's what the e-mail said:

I made up this website called Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing a couple of years ago. It's a thousand pages long and has listings for 2,200 of the top literary agents, editors and publishers in the US, UK and Canada, along with a bunch of literary works in progress. It's also free. You might want to pass it along to anyone you know who has a book he or she is trying to get published:

I made up the EWA website 'cause I wrote this narrative nonfiction book (a "nonfiction novel" Truman Capote might have called it) by the name of GINNY GOOD for which I was trying to find a literary agent and a publisher. I managed to find one of each, but it wasn't easy. I spent ten years writing the book in the first place and it took another seven years or so to finally get it published—but the book kept getting better and better the whole time so that was okay. It's turned out to be an amazing book, arguably the most important book ever written about the decade of the sixties. Read it. Argue. Go ahead. Try to think of a better book about the sixties. I very much doubt that you will be able to. Ginny Good makes that Tom Wolfe Kool-Aid thing look like an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon stuck inside a classic episode of The Simpsons and makes T. C. Boyle's Drop City look like child's play, like fiction, like make-believe. The sixties was sort of a slick, defining decade that took forty years to finally get put into perspective. Here's the latest Ginny Good press release:

Now I'm putting together a list of grants and prizes and awards I want GINNY GOOD to win, like the National Book Award and a Pulitzer and a National Book Critics Circle Award and maybe one or two of them PEN Literary Awards, etc., so people will read it 'cause people like to read things that win grants and prizes and awards and what I mainly want is for people to read the book. Then I'm gonna include a whole new page on the EWA website with a list of grants and prizes and awards books can win. If you can think of any cool prizes I should put on my little list for GINNY GOOD (or any other book) to win, let me know about them. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you feel like forwarding it to. Thanks.

Gerard Jones

Okay, so I sent that e-mail out to around a thousand people or so and here are the prizes I came up with. I just did main prizes. You can find a bunch of other things you can win at:

Oh, and here's about a billion mostly UK Prizes and Awards:

I did get some sage sounding comments on the whole notion of the winning of prizes while I was compiling my little list which were pretty much summed up by the guy who said this:

"My own feeling about the whole commercial writing scene such as it is now is that though it was ails tough to impossible for writers it's now just mostly insulting. Awards and prizes are just a shameless way of publicizing books. You don't smell like money to a money shark; you don't get a prize."

He might be right and he might be wrong but the only reason I want GG to win a bunch of prizes is to get people to read it and the other the stuff I write and people read books that win prizes so I'm gonna try to win me some prizes. I might be repeating myself. I do that. As with all other aspects of this little directory, the prizes I chose to include and the order in which I chose to list them is more or less whimsical. Thanks again.

Gerard Jones

Nobel Prize in Literature

The Nobel Prize in Literature

The Man Booker International Prize 2008

Colman Getty PR
Middlexex House
34-42 Cleveland Street
London W1T 4JE

National Book Award

National Book Foundation
90 Broad Street, Suite 604
New York, New York 10004
(212) 685-0261


Goldberg McDuffie
444 Madison Ave., Ste. 3300
New York, NY 10022

Lynn Goldberg

Camille McDuffie


Harold Augenbraum, Executive Director

Meredith Andrews, Senior Program Officer

Leslie Shipman, Senior Program Officer

Sherrie Young, Senior Program Officer

Rebecca Keith, Program Assistant

Adah Nuchi, Development Assistant

Katie McDonough- Marketing Media Manager

National Book Critics Circle Award

National Book Critics Circle
360 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010

Board of Directors, 2010

Jane Ciabattari, NBCC President

Craig Morgan Teicher, NBCC VP/Technology

Barbara Hoffert, NBCC VP/Awards and Media Contact

Rigoberto González, NBCC VP/Treasurer

Mary Ann Gwinn, NBCC VP/Newswire Editor

Eric Banks, NBCC Chair, Blogging Committee

Karen Long, NBCC VP/Secretary

Steven G. Kellman, NBCC VP/Membership

Mark Athitakis

Colette Bancroft

Greg Barrios

David Biespiel

Stephen Burt

David Haglund

Carolyn Kellogg

James Marcus

Scott McLemee

Laurie Muchnick

John Reed

Carlin Romano

Elizabeth Taylor

David L. Ulin

Art Winslow

Linda Wolfe

Board of Directors, 2007

John Freeman, Freelance Critic, President

Rebecca Skloot, VP/Technology and Internet, Popular Science

Marcela Valdes, Newsletter Editor, Publishers Weekly

Valerie Boyd, Freelance Critic, University of Georgia

Lev Grossman, Time Magazine

Ellen Heltzel, Book Babes

Maureen McLane, Freelance Critic

Celia McGee, Freelance Critic

David Orr, Freelance Critic

Eric Miles Williamson, Boulevard and American Book Review

Margo Hammond, St. Petersburg Times & Book Babes

Laura Miller,

Sybil Steinberg, Freelance Critic


The Pulitzer Prizes
Columbia University
709 Journalism Building
2950 Broadway
New York, NY USA 10027

2006 Pulitzer Prize Board

Lee C. Bollinger, President, Columbia University

Jim Amoss, Editor, Times-Picayune, New Orleans

Kathleen Carroll, Executive Editor, Associated Press

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., W.E.B. DuBois Professor of Humanities, Harvard University

Anders Gyllenhaal, Editor, Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul

Jay T. Harris, Wallis Annenberg Chair, Director, Center for the Study of Journalism and Democracy, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Southern California

David M. Kennedy, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Stanford University

Gregory L. Moore, Editor, The Denver Post

Paul Tash, Editor, St. Petersburg Times

Sig Gissler, Administrator, Graduate School of Journalism

PEN Literary Awards

PEN American Center
588 Broadway, Suite 303
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-1660

Steven L. Isenberg, Executive Director

Stacy Leigh, Readers & Writers and Open Book Director

M. Mark, Editor, PEN America

David Haglund, Managing Editor, PEN America

Linda Morgan, Development Director

Antonio Aiello, Web Site Editor

Robyn DesHotel, Director of Finance and Administration

Alena Graedon, Manager of Membership and Literary Awards

Sarah Hoffman, Freedom to Write Coordinator

Kristin Holcomb, Author?s Evenings

Meghan Kyle, Development Associate

Charles Leung, Associate Web Site Editor

Laszlo Jakab Orsos, World Voices Festival

Jessica Rotondi, Executive Assistant

Tim Smalls, Prison Writing Mentorship Program Coordinator

Larry Siems, Freedom to Write

Stefanie Simons, Literary Awards Associate

Jackson Taylor, Prison Writing Program Director

Annmarie Granstrand, Writers? Fund Associate

Elizabeth Weinstein, Public Programs Associate

The Story Prize
41 Watchung Plaza, Ste. 384
Montclair, New Jersey 07042
(973) 932-0324

Larry Dark, Director (see more)

Independent Publisher Book Award

Jim Barnes

Hey, Ginny Good won itself one of these IPPY things for Best Aurobiography/Memoir of 2004. It would've won best whatever from all the other prize and book award places on this little list if anyone with any brains at any of those other places would've read it...but, alas, none of them have any brains or none of them read it 'cause they only read the money-grubbing twaddle publicists tell The New York Times to tell 'em to read. Oh, well. If you think I'm lying, I'm not. Check out this review: Gerard Jones: Ginny Good. When The New York Times reviews a better book than Ginny Good, I'll eat The New York Times. G.

National Endowment for the Arts
Creative Writers Fellowship

Application Processing
(Creative Writing Fellowships)
National Endowment for the Arts
Nancy Hanks Center
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20506

"Creative" Writing Teachers

Eavan Boland

W.S. Di Piero

Kenneth Fields

John L'Heureux

Tobias Wolff

Adam Johnson

Tom Kealey

David MacDonald

Mike Magnuson

Dear Dipshit: I see my name on your Nazi creative-writing-teacher list, and, yes, I'm inclined to say fuck you, and I'm inclined to say this because you're blowing smoke when you should be doing something more useful with yourself. Jerking off, it strikes me, would be an improvement, provided you are able to jerk off, which, based on the evidence your provide, I doubt you can. Your head, son, is a marvelous thing to take out of your ass. Let your work speak for itself, and consider shutting the fuck up. Mike Magnuson p.s. Shut the fuck up.

Yo! Mikey! It's precisely the giddy, girlish gibberish guys like you churn out that greases the wheels of the all-pervasive Nazi propaganda network. Boys just wanna have fun, right? My work speaks for itself. So does yours. I've got lots of "creative" writing teachers on my little's a term that's not terribly strictly defined. Thanks for your thoughtful words. G.

You're still a dipshit. If you think I'm girly, asshole, guess again. I'm smarter than you, and I definitely can kick your ass. I probably can't suck dick as well as you, though. And if you think I'm greasing some bullshit Nazi propaganda network, good gravy, how fucking lost are you in space? You think publishing that bullshit hippy memoir-slash-pudding-whipping of yours for not much money at a bullshit press qualifies you to rail on American literature? Read some, I'm telling you, and shut the fuck up. Magnuson

That Nazi twats don't know they're Nazi twats is partly what makes 'em such Nazi twats. I'm the best writer alive. You're a silly Nazi twat. G.

Dipshit, I'm a silly twat. And you're the best writer alive? Shit. What searing intellect we have on display at all times! If only the drunks at the corner bar could do so well. Dude, get a restraining order because I'm finding you and kicking the living snot out of you. That's all there is to it. Procure friends; you'll need them. Call me a fucking Nazi: Fuck you. I repeat: Shut the fuck up.

You are a silly twat, yes. Anyone who thinks "literature" is defined by how much money the writer got is a silly twat. Find me, kick whatever you want out of me. What a civilized response. Burned any good books lately? You can't help being a giddy, giggly, silly little girlish Nazi twat, I realize that. All you've been allowed to know is Nazi propaganda 'cause it's the only thing anyone will pay to publish, publicize and promote and what gets "paid for" is the only thing of any value, so of course you're gonna be a knee-jerk Nazi twat. It's not your fault. You're an innocent victim. Most everyone in America gets brainwashed beyond belief from cradle to grave. Oh, well. People have to make a living, right? Go read everything on my little website (including the e-mail exchange we're having right now) and listen to my free, fifteen hour audio book ("the greatest literary achievement of the 21st Century"), then get back to me. Take your time and maybe in the future you'll stop, look and listen for a second or two before you spew your puerile Nazi twaddle like a puerile Nazi thug. I forgot more than you'll ever know before you were born. G.

Dipshit, I'm supposed to be civilized when you're calling everyone in the publishing industry a Nazi? Fuck you. You don't know shit. You haven't learned anything to forget. Magnuson

Everyone in the publishing industry is a Nazi...and the media industry and the entertainment industry and the academic industry, etc. I have proof, documentary evidence, tons of it. Here's the chapter of my beautiful book I'm listening to at the moment. G.

September 8, 2006

Hey, man. I like it. Totalitarian works perfectly! I hereby lower my shields and regard you in good stead. Your fan, Mag

I'm bagging the thing in another day or two 'cause it's gonna be done. Yippee! You're not my only fan but I forget who the other one is. G.

December 9, 2007

Hey, man. I plan on printing copies and dropping them from airplanes over major cities. mag

Yeah, yeah, start a whole new publishing company, Pigeon Shit Press. Wait. It's been done. I sent out 1200 "press releases." One guy told me to take him off my list, some chick told me I was hilarious, and then there was you. G.

Ethan Canin

Lan Samantha Chang

James Alan McPherson

Marilynne Robinson

Ama Ata Aidoo

Robert Coover

Brian Evenson

Thalia Field

Forrest Gander

Michael S. Harper

George Lamming

Carole Maso

Peter Gale Nelson

Aishah Rahman

Meredith Steinbach

Keith Waldrop

CD Wright

E. L. Doctorow

Paule Marshall

David Bradley

Cai Emmons

Karen Ford

Ehud Havazelet

Tony Ardizzone

Alyce Miller

Scott Russell Sanders

Maura Stanton

Jenny Factor

Eloise Klein Healy

Alma Luz Villanueva

Nancy Zafris

Wendell Mayo

Sharona Muir

Karen Craigo

Michael Czyzniejewski

Theresa Williams @ (see more)

Douglas Bauer

April Bernard

Annabel Davis-Goff

Mark Wunderlich

Martin Donoff

Rene Steinke

Joan Mellen

Mark Farrington

David Everett

Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson

Bill Lenz

Sheryl St. Germain

Andrew Holleran

Richard McCann

Kermit Moyer

Myra Sklarew

Robert Polito

Jackson Taylor

Courtney Brkic

Alan Cheuse

Stephen Goodwin

Susan Richards Shreve

Beverly Lowry

Kyoko Mori

Michelle Carter

Maxine Chernoff

Robert Glück

Joyelle McSweeney

Orlando Menes

Valerie Sayers

Sonia Gernes

James Walton

Tom Grimes

Roger Jones

Steve Wilson

Melissa Pritchard

Jewell Parker Rhodes

Jay M. Boyer

Cynthia Hogue

Paul Morris

Paul Cook

Karla Elling

Leslie Epstein

Aaron Shurin

Stephen Beachy

David Booth @

Catherine Brady

Lewis Buzbee

Norma Cole

Lisa Harper

Nina L. Schuyler

Karl Soehnlein

Jane Anne Staw

Susan Steinberg

Tony Hoagland

Christopher Kennedy

Arthur Flowers

George Saunders

Michael Bergstein

Mary Caponegro

Robert Kelly

Susan Fox Rogers

Jeanne Larsen

Susan Harris

S. L. Wisenberg

Jesse Lee Kercheval

Ron Kuka

Judith Mitchell

Ronald Wallace

Roberta Hill

Richard Knowles

Kelly Cherry

Heather Dubrow

Penelope Pelizzon

Lynn Z. Bloom

Sam Pickering

Fran Shaw

Davyne Verstandig

Barbara Bogue

Mark Neely

Thomas Cooney

Graham Foust

Rosemary Graham

Christopher Sindt

Lysley Tenorio

Steven Cramer

George McWhirter

Bryan Wade

Linda Svendsen

Peggy Thompson

Andreas Schroeder

Meryn Cadell

Marilyn Chin

Harold Jaffe

Sherry Little

David Matlin

Mary E. Bush

Mel Donalson

David Gold

Lauri Ramey

Timothy Steele

Tom Barbash

Gloria Frym

Joseph Lease

Carol Burke

Jerome Christensen

Michelle Latiolais

Michael Ryan

Barry Siegel

Geoffrey Wolff

T.C. Boyle

John Rechy

Aram Saroyan

Sidney Stebel

Kenneth Turan

Susan Mc Cabe

David St. John

Daniel Tiffany

Langdon L Hammer

Harold Bloom

Steven Brill

Amy Bloom

William Broun

Anne Fadiman

Donald Margulies

J. D. McClatchy

Caryl Phillips

Fred Strebeigh

Wai Chee Dimock

John Crowley

Emily Barton

Amy Hungerford

Anthony Varallo

Bret Anthony Johnston

Jamaica Kincaid

Jorie Graham

Matthew Kaiser

Chang-rae Lee

John McPhee

Paul Muldoon

Edmund White

Kimberly Blaeser

George Makana Clark

Susan Firer

Maurice Kilwein-Guevara

James Hazard

Sheila Roberts

Marilyn Taylor

Carolyn Kott Washburne

Thomas Bontly

John Goulet

Christopher Abani

Christopher Buckley

Michael Jayme

Judy Z. Kronenfeld

Maurya Simon

Susan C. Straight

Charles Whitney

Andrew Winer

Dwight Yates

Stephen Minot

Christopher Cokinos

Jennifer Sinor

Rachel Simon

Joe Schuster

Michael Janeway

Sam Lipsyte

David Plante

Alan Ziegler

Leslie Woodard

Mary La Chapelle

Vijay Seshadri

Gerry Albarelli

Kurt Brown

Rachel Cohen

Carolyn Ferrell

Matthea Harvey

Joshua Henkin

Marie Howe

Thomas Lux

Mary Morris

Stephen O'Connor

Victoria Redel

Nelly Reifler

Joan Silber

Alice Truax

Eric Alterman

Moustafa Bayoumi

Thomas Boyle

Wendy W. Fairey

Amy Hempel

Marie K. Rutkoski

Alice Fulton

Lamar Herrin

Phyllis Janowitz

Michael Koch

Ken McClane

Maureen McCoy

Robert Morgan

Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

Stephanie Vaughn

Helena Viramontes

Alison Lurie

James McConkey

Edgar Rosenberg

Elmaz Abinader

Cornelia Nixon

Sarah Pollock

Stephen Ratcliffe

Kathryn Reiss

Daniel Alarcon

Cristina Garcia

Ginu Kamani

Micheline Aharonian Marcom

Eleanor Vincent

Peter Ho Davies

Nicholas Delblanco

Laura Kasischke

Eileen Pollack

Sydney Blair

Stephen Cushman

Elizabeth Denton

John Casey

Deborah Eisenberg

Alan Howard

Brian Kelly

Jeb Livingood

Eric Lott

Raymond Nelson

Debra Nystrom

Lisa Russ Spaar

Christopher Tilghman

Daphne Athas

Michael Chitwood

Marianne Gingher

Randall Kenan

Ruth Moose

Michael Mcfee

Bland Simpson

Daniel Wallace

Lee Abbott

Kathy Fagan

Michelle Herman

Andrew Hudgins

Lee Martin

Erin McGraw

Michael David Brown

Joan Connor

David Lazar

Jack Matthews

Zakes Mda

Darrell Spencer

William Hallberg

Luke Whisnant

Edward J. Brunner

Jon Tribble

Joe Haldeman

Steven Strang

William Corbett

Regina Buccola

Joe Fedorko

Frank Rogaczewski

Lisa Stolley

Janet Wondra

Porter Shreve

Sharon Solwitz

Amy Quan Barry

Bich Minh Nguyen

Brent Spencer

Jonis Agee

Gerald Shapiro

David Carkeet

Amy Hassinger

Charles Wyatt

Meghan Daum (see more)

Richard Dooling

Sue Silverman

Suzanne Strempek Shea

Alan Davis

Leslea Newman

Michael White

Lynn Freed

Jack Hicks

Pam Houston

Clarence Major

Joe Wenderoth

Alan Williamson

Jill Ciment

David Leavitt

Padgett Powell

Martin Corless-Smith

Mitch Wieland

Lillian Faderman

John Hales

Liza Wieland

Steve Yarbrough

Ben Brooks

Christine Casson

Maria Flook

Gian Lombardo

Margot Livesey

R. M. Berry

Robert Olen Butler

Joann Gardner

Elizabeth Stuckey-French

Virgil Suarez

Jane Bernstein

Sharon Dilworth

Terrance Hayes

Hilary Masters

Jane McCafferty

Emily Raboteau

Herman Beavers

Lorene Cary

Anthony DeCurtis

Kathleen DeMarco

Albert Dibartolomeo

Greg Djanikian

Lise Funderburg

Diane Mckinney-Whetstone

Dick Polman

Karen Rile

Robert Strauss

Michael Vitez

Kathryn Watterson

Mary Jo Bang

Gerald Early

Wayne Fields

Paul Rosenzweig

Heidi Kolk

Marshall Klimasewiski

Charles Johnson

David Shields

Maya Sonenberg

Shawn Wong

Karen Brennan

Francois Camoin

Katharine Coles

Melanie Rae Thon

Nathalie Arnold

Deborah Gorlin

Lynne Hanley

Constance Susan Kelly

Michael Lesy

Ellie Siegel

Elizabeth Dodd

Laura Mullen

James Bennett

Rick Blackwood

Rodger Kamenetz

Femi Euba

James Wilcox

Andrei Codrescu

David Madden

William J. Cobb

Charlotte Holmes

Brian Lennon

Toby Thompson

Noy Holland

Sabina Murray

Vikram Chandra

Thomas Farber

Robert Hass

Lyn Hejinian

Georgina Kleege

Bharati Mukherjee

Maxine Hong Kingston

John Campion

Geoffrey O'Brien

John Shoptaw

Susan Schweik

Carolyn Porter

Dorothy Hale

Elizabeth Abel

Hertha D. Sweet Wong

Hilton Als

Paul Alpers

Nancy Bradbury

Nora Crow

Lynn Finney

Dean Flower

Ben McClelland

Bruce Bond

Corey Marks

Barbara Rodman

John Tait

Barbara Moriarty,

Michael Adams

Laura Furman

Elizabeth Harris

James Magnuson

Margaret Dawe

W. Stephen Hathaway

Rick Mulkey

H. L. Hix

Vicky Lindner

Brad Watson

Robert Chibka

Elizabeth Graver

Suzanne Matson

Carlo Rotella

Lad Tobin

Steve Davenport

Philip Graham

Peter Cooley

Dale Edmonds

Paula Morris

Ken Foster

Melissa Malouf

Deborah Pope

Joseph Porter

Reynolds Price

Reginald Gibbons

Brian Bouldrey

John Keene

Mary Kinzie

Tony Earley

Mark Jarman

Lorraine Lopez

Nancy Reisman

Jim Grimsley

Joseph Skibell

Natasha Trethewey

Lynna Williams

David Wong Louie

Carolyn See

Mona Simpson

Barry M. Kroll

Ralph Lombreglia

Stephen D. McCauley

Joanna Scott

Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Faye Moskowitz

Jonathan Lowy

Jane Shore

Lara Payne

Mary Tabor

Mary-Sherman Willis

Leslie Kreiner-Wilson

Elizabeth Arnold

Maud Casey

A. Manette Ansay

M. Evelina Galang

Lester Goran

Maureen Seaton

Bruce Dobler

Lee Gutkind

Jeanne Marie Laskas

Patricia Henley

Micah Perks

Roswell Spafford

David Swanger

Karen Tei Yamashita

Paul Skenazy

Eric Goodman

James Reiss

David Schloss

Kay Sloan

William Howe

Alyson Hagy

John T. Irwin

Jean McGarry

Mary Jo Salter

Tristan Davies

Ann Finkbeiner

Greg Williamson

Antonya Nelson

Adam Zagajewski

Chitra Divakaruni

James Kastely

Kathleen Lee

Nick Flynn

Robert Boswell

Michael Byers

Ryan Harty

Edgar Dryden

Elizabeth Evans

Robert Houston

Amy Kimme Hea

Jonathan Penner

C. E. Poverman

Aurelie Sheehan

Ha Jin

Robert Pinsky

Chris Bachelder

Lisa Olstein

Judy Blunt

Kevin Canty

Debra Magpie Earling

Deirdre McNamer

Prageeta Sharma

John Dalton

Mary Troy

Lori Baker

Renee Gladman

Joanna Howard

Samrat Upadhyay

Donald Hays

T. R. Hummer

Martha Cooley

Igor Webb

Barry Kitterman

Amy Wright

Victoria Barrett

Peter Bethanis

Timea Szell

Mary Gordon

Georgette Fleischer

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