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July 3, 2023

"On or before July 14, 2023" the host of my website is bagging it for lots of exquisite reasons. So am I. You can see the last 20 years or so here: (stick in the box).

They're getting rid of my email address, too. Use this:

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Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones

Hachette Book Group

Note: Hachette Book Group has blocked my email address too! ("550 Administrative prohibition - envelope blocked") First Google, then HarperCollins and now these bozos. I have no idea why. Are they afraid I might send them something worth reading...for the first time anyone's ever done that? That's got to be it. At least they (unlike HarperCollins and Google) told me they blocked my ass. That was sweet of them. G.


Michael Pietsch

Sophie Cottrell

Tim Holman

Joe Mangan

Ben Sevier

Daisy Hutton

Susan Weinberg

Eve Rabinovits

Grand Central Publishing

Beth DeGuzman

Sean Desmond

Krishan Trotman

Nana Twumasi

Colin Dickerman

Karen Kosztolnyik

Suzanne O'Neill

Amy Pierpont

Leah Hultenschmidt

Alex Logan

Karyn Marcus

Maddie Caldwell

Seema Mahanian

Madeleine Colavita

Hannah Robinson

Junessa Viloria

Kirsiah Depp

Elizabeth Kulhanek

Sam Brody

Sabrina Flemming

Amina Iro

Rachael Kelly

Jacqueline Young

Natalie Bautista

Lauren Bello

Grace Fischetti

Zohal Karimy

Little, Brown and Company

Bruce Nichols

Ned Rust

Judy Clain

Tracy Behar

Michael Szczerban

Joshua Kendall

Talia Krohn

Emma Brodie

Alex Littlefield

Asya Muchnick

Tracy Sherrod

Jean Garnett

Ben George

Vivian Lee

Marisa Vigilante

Helen O'Hare

Ian Straus

Denise Roy

Lara Heimert

Brian J. Distelberg

Thomas Kelleher

Brandon Proia

Emily Taber

Emma Berry

Marissa Koors

Michael Kaler

Mary Ann Naples

Michelle Aielli

Lauren Marino

Brant Rumble

Renee Sedliar

Ben Schafer

Dan Ambrosio

Carrie Napolitano

Mollie Weisenfeld

Alison Dalafave

Niyati Patel

Monica Oluwek

Clive Priddle

Ben Adams

Colleen Lawrie

Melissa Raymond

Peter Osnos

Workman Publishing

(Algonquin Books)

Lia Ronnen

Algonquin Books

Betsy Gleick

Kathy Pories

Grove Atlantic

Morgan Entrekin

Julia Berner-Tobin

Peter Blackstock

Joe Brosnan

Emily Burns

Natalie Church

George Gibson

Zoe Harris

Judy Hottensen

Amy Hundley

Katie Raissian

Elisabeth Schmitz


(Counterpoint Press, Softskull Press)

See also: Propagandaville Part Four

Elizabeth Koch

Alyson Forbes

Kendall Storey

Alicia Kroell

Summer Farah

Elizabeth Pankova

Leigh Newman

Julie Buntin

Carly Tagen-Dye

Stella Cabot Wilson

Counterpoint Press

Dan Smetanka, Catapult/Counterpoint/Soft Skull

Jack Shoemaker

Jennifer Alton

Dan Lopez

Yukiko Tominaga

Megan Fishmann

Laura Berry

Soft Skull Press

Mensah Demary

Cecilia Flores

Yuka Igarashi

Allie Wuest

Sarah Lyn Rogers

Carmen Gimenez

Katie Dublinski

Chantz Erolin

Yuka Igarashi

Anni Liu

Ethan Nosowsky

Jeff Shotts

Fiona McCrae

Melville House Publishing

Dennis Loy Johnson

Valerie Merians

Taylor Sperry

Michael Goldstein

Michael Lindgren

Athena Bryan

Molly Donovan

Seven Stories Press

Note: None of my emails bounced so I don't know who exists and who doesn't. They must be using the same "spam" filter as HarperCollins (and The New Yorker). Why some little podunk publisher thinks he needs a spam filter, I couldn't tell you. Oh, well. G.

Dan Simon

Crystal Yakacki

Meg Lemke

Theresa Noll

Lars Reilly

Tom Driscoll

Ashley Roberts

Shayan Saalabi

Jon Gilbert

Greg Ruggiero

Elisa Taber

Oona Holahan

Allison Paller

Claire Kelley

Nicole Dewey

Ruth Weiner

Silvia Stramenga

Nion McEvoy

Jack Jensen

Tyrrell Mahoney

Christine Carswell

Rachel Hiles

Melissa Manlove

Ariel Richardson

Rebecca Hunt

Mirabelle Korn

Lisa Bach

Sarah Billingsley

Olivia Roberts

Beacon Press

Gayatri Patnaik

Amy Caldwell

Joanna Green

Susan Lumenello

Catherine Tung

Maya Fernandez

Haley Lynch

Nicole-Anne Keyton

Alison Rodriguez

Ruthie Block

Marcy Barnes

Helene Atwan

Skyhorse Publishing

(Arcade Publishing)

Tony Lyons

Abigail Gehring

Jason Katzman

Cory Allyn

Tad Crawford

Mark Gompertz

Herman Graf

Jennifer McCartney

Joseph Sverchek

Jason Katzman

Ann Treistman

Steve Price

Rowman & Littlefield

Jed Lyons, President and CEO

Tom Koerner

Jonathan Sisk

Traci M. Crowell

Natalie Mandziuk

Julie E. Kirsch

Jana Hodges-Kluck

Robert Marsh

Oliver Gadsby

Jason Brockwell

Jacqueline Hicks

Michael Steere

Amy Lyons

Judith Schnell

Rick Rinehart

Suzanne Staszak-Silva

Elizabeth P. Swayze

Chicago Review Press

Cynthia Sherry

Yuval Taylor

Jerome Pohlen

Lisa Reardon

Allison Felus

Michelle Williams

Devon Freeny

Ellen Hornor

Alicia Sparrow

Ben Krapohl

Frances Giguette

Open Road Media

Jane Friedman

Paul Slavin

Monkfish Book Publishing

Paul Cohen

Anne McGrath

Dominique Raccah

Todd Stocke

Shana Drehs

Anna Michels

Meg Gibbons

Erin McClary

Diane Dibiase

Kate Roddy

Rachel Gilmer

Jenna Jankowski

Judith Gurewich

Janice Goldklang

Alex Poreda

Gage Desser

City Lights Books

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