Film School Boys and Girls,
Part Six: Canada

Ginny Good, A Mostly True Story:

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July 3, 2023

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Donna used to come over to my house. I used to go over to her house. We sat in the car. We didn't care where we were. She had a big mirror in her basement. The mirror had a bar in front of it. There was a couch across from the mirror. We used to sit on the couch and watch ourselves hug and kiss and neck and pet. We cut school and took the streetcar to downtown Detroit—sat on benches by the Ambassador Bridge, snuck into Briggs Stadium and wandered the marble hallways of the golden-domed Fisher Building, talking and talking and necking and talking—we talked and necked ourselves silly. And even when we did go to school, all we ever did was write each other love letters. She had a favorite pen. It was a fountain pen with lavender ink. Later on, whenever anyone talked about "purple prose," I always thought of Donna and the lavender ink in her fancy fountain pen.

Ginny Good, Chapter Four, Fifteen Mile, Summer, 1959

Capilano University
Motion Picture Arts

Michael Thoma, Chair

Abigail Kinch

Andrea Klipp

Brian Ganter

Claire Queree

Danny Nowak

David Brisbin

David Geary

David Hauka

Debra Rurak

Doreen Manuel

Dwayne Beaver

Earl Kjargaard

Jack Silberman

Jari Osborne

John Penhall

Jordan Hall

Karl Herrmann

Kat Montagu

Ki Wight

Lewis Bennett

Lisa Kolisnyk

Nick Kendall

Nick Ogden

Scott Weber

Zitong Gong

Concordia University
Cinema, Film Studies


Rene Fontaine

Sofia Brockenshire

Jean-Claude Bustros

Daniel Cross

Roy Cross

Guylaine Dionne

Richard Kerr

Louise Lamarre

Marianna Marta Milhorat

Marielle Nitoslawska

Mary Ellen Davis

Andrew Lima

Francois Miron

Roland Pollak

Wiebke von Carolsfeld

Michael Wees

Ivan Gekoff

Film Studies

Luca Caminati

May Chew

Terri Ginsberg

Martin Lefebvre

John Locke

Erin Manning

Rosanna Maule

Joshua Neves

Peter Rist

Masha Salazkina

Haidee Wasson

Ishita Tiwary

Troy Michael Bordun

Johanne Larue

Donato Totaro

Irene Rozsa

University of Toronto
Cinema Studies

Kay Armatage

Kass Banning

Stephen Broomer

James Leo Cahill

Nadine Chan

Corinn Columpar

Lauren M. Cramer

Angelica Fenner

Amanda Greer

Charlie Keil

Daniel Laurin

Bliss Cua Lim

Patrick Marshall

Alice Maurice

Mike Meneghetti

Brian Price

Scott Richmond

Ganga Rudraiah

Sara Saljoughi

Nicholas Sammond

Diana Sanchez

Rakesh Sengupta

Brett Story

Meghan Sutherland

Bart Testa

Jillian Vasko

Elizabeth Wijaya

Alberto Zambenedetti

Toronto Metropolitan University
RTA School of Media

Charles Falzon, Dean

Kathleen Pirrie Adams, Chair

David Bouchard, Director

Kristopher Alexander

Mark Argo

Alexandra Bal

Lori Beckstead

Marusya Bociurkiw

Marion Coomey

Michael Coutanche

Steve Daniels

Charles Davis

Nicole Forrester

Richard Grunberg

Richard Lachman

Ali Mazalek

James Nadler

Laura Nenych

Laurie Petrou

Lila Pine

Ramona Pringle

Hossein Rahnama

Karen Sebesta

Afsoon Soudi

Tatyana Terzopoulos

Henry Warwick

Charles Zamaria

Michael Murphy

Lee Henderson

Dan Misener

Kenn Scott

Brian Withers

University of British Columbia

Stephen Heatley, Department Head

Antoine Bourges

Brad Powers

Christine Evans

Ernest Mathijs

Igor Drljaca

Leora Morris

Lisa Coulthard

Mila Zuo

Shannon Walsh

Alessandra Santos

Sharon McGowan

William Brown

Chelsea Birks

Humber College
Media and Creative Arts

Catherine Carnovale

Garrett Kerr

Ivo Solan

Jeff Winch

Jessica Wolfe

Steven James May

David Caron

Lindsey Reeder

Nathan Whitlock

Allen Zuk

David Bezmozgis

Joseph Kertes

Richard Scrimger

Antanas Sileika

Kathy Friedman

Meaghan Strimas

Alissa York

Paul Cross

Kristopher Ohlendorf

Cody Pentzos

Eva Ziemsen

Gordon Burkell

Kathleen Climie

Michael Glassbourg

Steven Toepell

York University
Cinema & Media Arts

Manfred Becker

Mary Bunch

Evan William Cameron

Hector Centeno Garcia

Patricio Davila

Moussa Djigo

Francisca Duran

Seth Feldman

Barbara Evans

Morgan Fics

Caitlin Fisher

Jim Fisher

Scott Forsyth

Chris Gehman

Laurence Green

John Greyson

Sharon Hayashi

Gillian Helfield

Philip Hoffman

Ali Kazimi

Antonin Lhotsky

Brenda Longfellow

Janine Marchessault

John McCullough

Matthew Miller

Taien Ng-Chan

Vladimir Paskaljevic

Kazik Radwanski

Marie Rickard

Bill Robertson

Kenneth Rogers

Chris Romeike

Michelle Szemberg

Temenuga Trifonova

Ingrid Veninger

Colleen Wagner

Renate H. Wickens

Howard Wiseman

Suzie Young

Michael Zryd

Simon Fraser University

Joseph Clark

Claudette Lauzon

Laura U. Marks

Mauricio Pauly

Christopher Pavsek

Eldritch Priest

Judy Radul

Simone Rapisarda

Noe Rodriguez

Nadia Shihab

Queen's University
Film and Media

Scott Mackenzie, Department Head

Gary Kibbins

Dorit Naaman

Emily Pelstring

Karine Bertrand

Keren Zaiontz

Ali Na

Gabriel Menotti

Alex Jansen

Jenn Norton

Sojung Bahng Mapp

Philippe Gauthier

Ian Robinson

Dan Vena

Ryan Randall

Tamara De Szeghed Lang

Susan Lord

Matt Rogalsky

Sunny Kerr

Alicia Boutilier

Helen Lee

Qanita Lilla

Nasrin Himada

Blaine Allan

Peter Baxter

Frank Burke

Clarke Mackey

Frances Leeming

University of Western Ontario
Film & Writing

Christopher Keep

Ivan Coyote

Michael Fox

Kathleen Fraser

Aaron Schneider

Janelle Blankenship

Chris Gittings

Tobias Nagl

Michael Raine

Joe Wlodarz

Constanza Burucúa

Fanshawe College
Contemporary Media

Charlie Egleston

Abe Kelledjian

Scott Doerr

Brian Nuttall

Lisa Green

Gina Lorentz

Laurel-Ann Hardie

Toronto Film School
Film Production

Jordan Walker

Dusty Mancinelli

Jeffrey St. Jules

Craig McKay

Phyllis Newman

Leah Walker

Andrew Thomas Hunt

Alexander Carson

Richard Fung

Andrew Cromey

Sonia Kappaya

Andrew Chung

Ash Catherwood

Paul de Silva

George D'Amato

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